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  1. Fenrus, none of them sided against the Minutemen, or for the Institute. I always finished with the Minutemen. The first few times I was careful to include the other two factions for a maximally populated and peaceful Commonwealth. Eventually I got tired of Danse's ranting about BoS being the only real people, even after I saved his hide from them. The Railroad was just tedious after a few times through, and when I could get Ballistic Weave without them I did so. Nowadays I sometimes skip meeting the Railroad at all. I have a mod that lets me decode the courser chip without them. The Br
  2. One starts the game with a mod that changes the Vault 111 suit (both new and used) to give very high INT, and that is automatically applied when you put it on during the introduction. I make my characters with maximum allowed (8?) in PER, LCK, and AGI, and the rest 1s. They can then easily kill the radroaches on the way out, and the experience is phenomenal.
  3. On the PS4, I had a couple of dozen but most were lost in one way or another - either to a bad mod which destroyed every character I was playing at the time, to user error when deleting files before I found out I could store them on a thumb drive, to Playstation's absurd naming of file saves which created duplicate names and caused me to overwrite some of them on the thumb drive, and finally to a hardware failure of said thumb drive. Only four names remain of those, and I have no dates for when I played them except that it was before i moved back to the PC world for gaming. Rachel Tiny
  4. I thought we couldn't link to Lover's Lab on Bethesda.net because it contains graphic adult stuff.
  5. LOL about "Dick van Dyke". Censorship on that forum was pretty ridiculous, wasn't it.
  6. Somewhere I read that the mods section would still be up, but there would be no mod comments allowed. The Discord channel is supposed to replace the mod comments section. So, just a download area.
  7. Hey harleyone! Any sign of pookie?
  8. Well, I landed here for now. I joined their discord, too, since I have an account there.
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