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  1. Oh yeah, I forgot about that way. Thanks.
  2. That explains it then. It's been quite a while since I updated Skyrim (and USSEP to match).
  3. So I downloaded the update, decided to pass on the AE bundle, and started a new game. I'm doing a Vigilant of Stendarr run this time. Currently level 6 or 7 and figured I'd head over to Stendarr's Beacon. I installed the 'Stendarrs Beacon Enhanced' mod and wanted to have a look at it. Got to Riften and decided to spend the night at the Bee and Barb. Go up to the gate, talk to the guard, tell them their tax is a scam, and fail the persuade check. I didn't know you could fail that check. I can't remember ever failing that check on oh so many characters over the years. Huh, something new for me. Neat.
  4. Getdisable came back as 1, so it looks like he's been disabled by something for some reason. Try typing the prid command again then hit enter. Then type enable, and hit enter. See if that brings him back.
  5. It's the first one, 2 lines.
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