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  1. Haha, yes he will. And on his new computer too!
  2. Hi everyone. My character in Skyrim is an Imperial, Erika. My friends here all know and her sister from FO4. She's total Dargonslayer just moving through Skyrim doing what she needs to do. Also mostly archery and bladeed weapons. In this playthrough, she is currently in charge of the Companions, Thieves Guild, and has defeated Alduin. Now going after the Vampires. Here she is getting a dragon soul.
  3. Being an x-box player, I need access to those mods!
  4. So we can still get mods. Good. Would modders still port new ones over?
  5. Just the forums, from what I gather
  6. Last time I saw anything from pookie was back on the BGS forum.
  7. Hey, slink! Fancy meeting you here Edit: ok, this was supposed to go up after slink's post. Still getting the hang of things
  8. Hey Gents! Thought I'd check out the site. Need a new photo
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