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  1. Another thing I liked about Oblivion was the Shivering Isles expansion. In my opinion it's the best expansion they ever made.
  2. While not my favorite rpg I agree the landscape is beautiful, and each town has it's own unique architecture and feeling. Though I enjoy Skyrim more, aside from Solitude and Windhelm the cities feel small and confined. Even Morrowind had bigger sprawling cities like Balmora, Vivec City, and Sadrith Mora to name a few.
  3. Yeah, the updates only affect select SKSE64 mods. Luckily all the SKSE64 mods I use except for one have been updated.
  4. I recently did some research on SMP and found if you run many npc's that use smp it causes lag and stuttering. Are there any npc's in your game that are wearing clothing that is SMP based, or hair that is SMP based?
  5. I know I'm late but RaceMenu has been released for AE on Nexus.
  6. Got to be a mod conflict then. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Forgive me if this has been mentioned before. But since upgrading to AE I've been having some weird graphical glitches, like horses missing their bodies, or sometimes npc's will be missing their bodies, or sometimes entire buildings would be missing leaving only the door. For the most part everything I mentioned except the horses can be fixed with a simple reload. But has anyone else had this problem?
  8. The ENB is called Natural View Tamriel. I use it in conjunction with the Vivid Weathers mod. The ENB is very performance friendly.
  9. Hey friends, the armor is from the 'Ghost of the Tribunal' dlc included with the Anniversary Edition. As for Leburn's question: It is the Dragonborn dlc and it looks like that because I am using a enb.
  10. I am huge fan of the 'Legacy of Kain' video game series, and the first entry into the series is now available at GoG.com for the first time ever. This is the first official release since 1997. The game is a top down rpg and has been called Zeldaesque. You play as Kain a nobleman turned vampire. In his lust for revenge he uncovers a plot that will forever change the world. The graphics are dated but who cares graphics aren't everything. The beauty of the game is the incredible voice acting and it's Shakespearan dialogue. Featuring the likes of Tony Jay and Simon Templeman. Luckily when Crystal Dynamics got the rights they kept the stellar voice acting throughout the series. Kain has an assortment of weapons and spells to choose from. There are some puzzles, but nothing like the Soul Reaver series. The game is old there is no auto save and no saving anywhere. You will find altars that let you save scattered throughout Nosgoth. Anyway it is only 7 bucks and it's a great game. Here's the link: https://www.gog.com/game/blood_omen_legacy_of_kain
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