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  1. The hair is made by another modder who asked me for help setting it up in game. They will be releasing it soon on nexus. The eyes are from the mod Lamae's Gaze by Pandorable you can get it also on nexus.
  2. Well I did what Old Salty Croc said, and it worked. I went into the area and the game did not crash. But I did make a backup of the mod if I run into any problems I will do as you say.
  3. This worked like a charm. Thanks!
  4. Lol, okay no problem, thanks!
  5. Lol, okay you've convinced me I'll try it later on today, and post the results.
  6. I've forgotten how to make onehanded weapons into twohanded weapons. I set it up in the CK, but when I go in game and equip the weapon the character assumes the dual wield position, and not the twohanded position. So how do I make the weapon twohanded?
  7. Thanks for the help, but I'm not gonna mess with the triggers.
  8. Here's a better pic of the character I posted. This time the light from the Live Another Life mod is not on.
  9. Yeah I'll just follow your advice. I don't want to mess with triggers or anything script related. I thought it would had been something simpler like switching the faction, which by the way I've forgotten how to do it. Let me state I use to mod on a regular basis but retired from the scene around 2016 so I've forgotten quite a lot, but I am slowly relearning.
  10. You got a warning? I've never read any negative posts by you. Although I've not read every post, but the ones I did read were positive.
  11. Third Rock from the Sun was great. One of my favorite sitcom's of all time. Loved the cast especially Dick and Harry.
  12. How do I make Gargoyle Statues not attack the player? For example when one sides with the Volkihar Clan the statues outsiide of the castle do not attack the player. I am tweaking a mod I downloaded for personal use, it's a dungeon I wish to turn into a player home, but there are Gargoyle statues in it. How do I stop them from attacking the player?
  13. It's 5:47am and I just finished fixing a hair mod for a friend. Here is my character with a new hairdo inspired by Dracula from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2:
  14. I too got my first warning in 19 years of being apart of the Bethesda community for talking politics. Well I learned my lesson I'll make sure to keep my mouth shut about anything political in the future. I like this forum and have many friends here so I don't want to get banned for something I could have prevented.
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