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  1. Talyn82

    Scenic Shots

  2. Talyn82

    The Witcher

    Recently played the Witcher trilogy for the first time and loved it. Geralt has become one of my favorite characters in gaming. I tried the first one years ago, but could not get into it due to Geralt's lack of emotion in that game. But during the course of the three games Geralt got some of his humanity back especially in TW3 with Ciri. The Witcher 3, Morrowind and Skyrim are my three favorite open world games of all time. Anyway I'll be posting my Witcher inspired screenshots here.
  3. It's mainly for pictures. I rarely play the game anymore. I just like to walk around and take pictures of beautiful vistas. As for this screenshot I am a huge fan of Warcraft 3 and Arthas is a favorite from that game. My second favorite is Thrall.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the links I will check them out.
  5. Talyn82

    Castle Volkihar.

    Thanks! I have some old ones that are of good quality.
  6. Hi everyone, I was wondering how do I make a new main menu for Skyrim AE? I know it's possible because I've downloaded some and used them. So can anyone help?
  7. Talyn82

    Castle Volkihar.

    Hey Phat! I've just been taking scenic shots. I got a bunch to sort through so I can upload them.
  8. Talyn82

    Cyrus III

    Cyrus the Great's great grandson ready to plunder.
  9. Talyn82

    Prince Arthas

    Bringing the light to Skyrim.
  10. Sorry for the very late reply, but if you're still wondering. Yes, you need both patches.
  11. Talyn82

    Mythic Dawn

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