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  1. I have another one for you. What is dead may never die!
  2. It's sad how politics have taken such a dominant part of our lives and has sneaked into our language. Unfortunately the only way to fix this so that we can walk safely on neutral ground is to do exactly what Sigurd suggests and try to be conscious of it. I know for sure that it has happened to me over the last few years, I often find myself going off into some political topic with my real life friends and although I understand that I'll not fix the world, voicing my opinion seems the right thing to do. And all it does is add more noise to what feels an already noise polluted world. Maybe we are headed into a unity, maybe we are destined for tribalism, but whatever the case may be it would be nice if we don't have to have this political environment follow us everywhere making its way into something as innocent as a gaming forum. With that said, sorry if I've offended anybody. I re-read what I just wrote couple of times, I cannot see it, but if it's there please let me know.
  3. You misspelled swearing as sweating in your post above and I was laughing my ass off. lol EDIT: Well, that would be what I would be doing if I was to moderate. I sometimes find myself mistyping subconsciously words based on what I'm thinking, so I just found it funny is all. Probably not the case here, and why would it be if you are already a moderator, but I just found it funny.
  4. I think this is the first time I've read a forum's rules. It feels a bit restrictive, like the collapse of the imaginary sense of freedom once you consider that you can't take a dump in the middle of Walmart. Sorry for the ugly metaphor, but it's needed to illustrate the ugliness of the carelessness with which sometimes the word freedom is wrongly used in some parts of the world. To be honest, I'm a bit surprised this thread is still going. It feels like a badly conceived ode. But many people were hurt on Bethesda, and I think the reason why this thread is still going. I don't think the community there was very large, it might have been at some point years ago, but it was a vibrant one. I was certainly not one of the active participants on there, but from what I've seen there were threads where I don't want think how many hours some people must have spent in there writing posts. Point number five states "No posting of libelous claims against another party." The definition of the word libelous according to a dictionary here states: "containing an untrue written statement that causes people to have a bad opinion of someone". I'm reading up and trying to find somebody writing untrue statements against another party. Seems to be general remarks, pretty self evident without needing further clarification, unless I'm missing something. I'm all for having more rules, rules can lead to a path of inner freedom, but if somebody has overstepped it would be nice to understand where. Thank you
  5. I've had NPCs chase me through doors that change areas. Mine and Sah's last deaths were because of this. As for NPCs randomly dying, I've had once Belethor die without seeing it happen. He does venture outside Whiterun, so it must have been there. Normally though, very few NPCs are scripted to run around in Tamriel, usually the ones that do are either essential or protected. As you can imagine there is logic behind this, but then some NPCs are scripted to not even leave one room, so logic seems an elusive mistress. Normally NPCs will not simply die randomly in the game, getting killed by other NPCs or deciding to rock climb. They might if you occupy their active cells and activate enemies. They will also not fall from the sky unless you are nearby. So the "realism" in Skyrim is mostly limited to the area that your character is currently occupying. I haven't noticed NPCs dying in Solitude, so my best guess is that one of your mods or a combination of them is causing this.
  6. In Photoshop there's an automation tool that allows you to do that. I also found a way to convert a batch of files online here https://cloudconvert.com/png-to-jpg. It even allows you to resize the images and specify the compression quality, but I just tested it and the default quality is great, about the same as what Windows Paint is using. So you can just select your files and then convert and download all the converted images at once.
  7. Both gloves on both the .png and .jpg files look about the same on my screen here. If you are using a non IPS monitor and have both images one above the other when comparing them, the slight difference in the vertical viewing angle can cause a slight shift in color and brightness. The two images are not identical, at 400% some .jpg artifacts can be spotted if both images are viewed next to each other, but probably most people won't do that
  8. Adella does not want to use mods to resolve the problem. I've made a mod that addresses this exact issue a few weeks ago: Nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/49667/ Xbox: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/skyrim/mod-detail/4213788/ And I agree that such mods should not be used and there shouldn't be a need for them, but sadly this is Skyrim. NPCs occasionally fall from the sky, just like animals do. There are folks around here who can explain better why this happens, but yes, it happens. Luckily protected and essential people don't die when it happens to be them, and so you can still finish major quests, but the rest are free to take a flight every now and then and die when they hit the ground. A while back I saw a Giant that somehow landed on top of a dragon and flew on it while the dragon made a circle.
  9. OK, after posting the images above a few observations can be made. The downsizing algorithm used by the website when doing the thumbnails is doing a fairly good job regardless of the original image size, but the only way to get perfectly sharp images is to upload them at a size smaller than 800x600 to make sure that the thumbnail is the original image. So if you are happy with an image with the size of 800x600 or smaller then that's the best size to use because the thumbnail inserted into a post will be the sharpest it can be. If a larger size is desired, it doesn't really matter what size it is. The thumbnail will look good if a bit soft regardless of the size. EDIT: To sum it up, if you are happy with 800x600 or smaller, use that size, otherwise use whatever size you want and make sure to save the images to .jpg file format.
  10. Yep. Although I just did some testing with Paint on Windows 10. Normally I never use it for anything, but when it comes to image resizing it does a great job, I believe it uses a Bicubic algorithm resulting in excellent quality images. Also when saving .jpg files the default JPG compression quality seems be of very high quality, a great balance between image size and image quality, I'd say optimal. It seems Windows Paint might be limited in functionality, but the things that it does, it does well. Unless somebody already has another image editing software, for resizing and saving .jpg images at least, I'd say Windows Paint will do the job. I made all the images below using Paint for some comparisons. 853x480 .png 990 KB: image deleted 800x450 .png 868 KB: image deleted 800x450 .jpg 195 KB: more than 4x smaller size while visually the same quality: image deleted 1280x720 .jpg 479 KB: image deleted 1920x1080 .jpg 932 KB: image deleted 2560x1440 .jpg 1.5 MB: image deleted
  11. EDIT below: There are a few things to consider if you want your images to be sharp and take less space. First you want to use .jpg file format. Your images are in 24-bit .png file format, which is great for image quality, but with higher .jpg compression quality you can get visually the same results for less than half the file size. Second, images posted inside a thread will be resized to 800x600 pixel for their thumbnail. When downsizing you want your original image to be at least 1.5x and ideally 2x the size to get a good quality result, otherwise your downsized image will look soft. So if you want the thumbnail to look sharp it is best to post either an image that is not more than 800 wide and 600 high (able to fit inside a 800x600 rectangle) or an image that is at least 1.5x the size of one of the dimensions, so at least 1200 wide or 900 high. Some examples: If your original image is 1920x1080 you can either: resize it to 800x450 resize it to 1280x720 since the original is 1.5x by 1.5x larger, if somebody was to click on the thumbnail they will see a high quality sharp image also because 1280x720 is 1.6x by 1.6x larger than the thumbnail that will be generated inside a post, the thumbnail will also be sharp upload the original size, since it's 2.4x by 2.4x the size of the thumbnail it'll be more than enough for a sharp thumbnail that shows inside a post and whoever views it will also be able to click on it to see the original higher quality image The images should be compressed to a .jpg file format. Although not the best tool to do this, Windows Paint is able to both resize images and save to a .jpg file format.
  12. Agreed, especially mods that don't make sense. Glowing books, give me a break.
  13. He came up with a better one, double colon plus space, preceding the location. lol
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