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    : Wiltshire England
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    At the estate: Painting, dance/ballet, classical music, riding, hosting parties, croquet, afternoon tea with Vicar and supporting the local villages.

    In Skyrim: Questing, killing/torturing bandits (and anyone I choose), beneficiary to the homeless/orphans and temples, bear hunting, collecting artefacts and self improvement.

    Preferred vices and treats:

    Double distilled quality Skooma - arranged Khajiit import.
    7”x34 Lancero cigars - medium blend, imported.
    Triple A+ quality Beluga Caviar.
    Cabernet Sauvignon (by the case Lol).
    Dom Perignon vintage.
    Winter Black truffles.
    Dark Chocolate - anything expensive, but 70%.
    Bedtime Cocoa.

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  1. hey girl you still around not seen you in a while, there is new Uncus material I have finally introduced White Elk Woman. Missing your wit and elan dear contessa.

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