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    : Wiltshire England
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    At the estate: Painting, dance/ballet, classical music, riding, hosting parties, croquet, afternoon tea with Vicar and supporting the local villages.

    In Skyrim: Questing, killing/torturing bandits (and anyone I choose), beneficiary to the homeless/orphans and temples, bear hunting, collecting artefacts and self improvement.

    Preferred vices and treats:

    Double distilled quality Skooma - arranged Khajiit import.
    7”x34 Lancero cigars - medium blend, imported.
    Triple A+ quality Beluga Caviar.
    Cabernet Sauvignon (by the case Lol).
    Dom Perignon vintage.
    Winter Black truffles.
    Dark Chocolate - anything expensive, but 70%.
    Bedtime Cocoa.

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  1. My ‘Rank’ has increased to Brother, the site bot says.

    Brother!  Me…a brother?  I think not sweeties.  How annoying!  Sister is more appropriate don’t you think?

    I would also accept Goddess, Queen, Empress, Highness and Exalted Lovliness.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Adella


      Hmmm…”initiate”.  Well, I suppose at least I might feel like a Dark Brotherhood acolyte :)

    3. DayDreamer


      You didn't set your Profile gender? Apparently, the software defaults to male.

    4. phatbassanchor


      She joins the Darkbrotherhood with nary a peep about the name but call her brother and she is upset?  IDK beloved...  It's kind of like using man to represent all of mankind including Man and Woman alike, is it not?  You are now part of the brotherhood of AFK.  Welcome:hug:

      Is it weird that I now want to kiss my new "brother" full on the lips until her toes curl up into little fists?:wub:

      Adventure on my fair angel, Phat:blackhand:

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