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    : Wiltshire England
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    At the estate: Painting, dance/ballet, classical music, riding, hosting parties, croquet, afternoon tea with Vicar and supporting the local villages.

    In Skyrim: Questing, killing/torturing bandits (and anyone I choose), beneficiary to the homeless/orphans and temples, bear hunting, collecting artefacts and self improvement.

    Preferred vices and treats:

    Double distilled quality Skooma - arranged Khajiit import.
    7”x34 Lancero cigars - medium blend, imported.
    Triple A+ quality Beluga Caviar.
    Cabernet Sauvignon (by the case Lol).
    Dom Perignon vintage.
    Winter Black truffles.
    Dark Chocolate - anything expensive, but 70%.
    Bedtime Cocoa.

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  1. For those who may be interested in testing their metal…

    I have added my new “Gemstone Series” challenges at the top of post two in Adella’s Survival Challenges.

    The Gemstones are a very different approach and work on the basis of Skyrim combat, but with not levelling up.  This provides for simpler rules and much less grind.  There are four to choose from with increasing difficulty from Sapphire to Black Diamond.

    If you are bored with regular play for a bit, want a stretch or just curious, pop over and take look.



    1. Adella


      ‘Metal’ being a pun because of my metal series ‘natch….in case anyone points out the correct term is mettle of course <cough>;)

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