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  1. My ‘Rank’ has increased to Brother, the site bot says.

    Brother!  Me…a brother?  I think not sweeties.  How annoying!  Sister is more appropriate don’t you think?

    I would also accept Goddess, Queen, Empress, Highness and Exalted Lovliness.


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    2. Adella


      Hmmm…”initiate”.  Well, I suppose at least I might feel like a Dark Brotherhood acolyte :)

    3. DayDreamer


      You didn't set your Profile gender? Apparently, the software defaults to male.

    4. phatbassanchor


      She joins the Darkbrotherhood with nary a peep about the name but call her brother and she is upset?  IDK beloved...  It's kind of like using man to represent all of mankind including Man and Woman alike, is it not?  You are now part of the brotherhood of AFK.  Welcome:hug:

      Is it weird that I now want to kiss my new "brother" full on the lips until her toes curl up into little fists?:wub:

      Adventure on my fair angel, Phat:blackhand:

  2. For those who may be interested in testing their metal…

    I have added my new “Gemstone Series” challenges at the top of post two in Adella’s Survival Challenges.

    The Gemstones are a very different approach and work on the basis of Skyrim combat, but with not levelling up.  This provides for simpler rules and much less grind.  There are four to choose from with increasing difficulty from Sapphire to Black Diamond.

    If you are bored with regular play for a bit, want a stretch or just curious, pop over and take look.



    1. Adella


      ‘Metal’ being a pun because of my metal series ‘natch….in case anyone points out the correct term is mettle of course <cough>;)

  3. At long last my Plutonium Challenge is ready :starwars:if anyone feels brave enough to attempt it :frantics:

    This is the toughest and longest of combat survival capability endeavours.  With zero healing, magic, followers, potion drinking or horses, doubled enemies and a zero skills start whilst completing over forty quests and quest lines all on Legendary, under Dead is Dead rules…It is the most arduous and thrilling to survive Challenge yet.  

    Only the  best Skyrim combatants stand a chance…Are you up to it? :dancing:

    Check it out in Adella’s Survival Challenges…it sits below the Platinum trial.

    I shall be attempting it myself soon…Maybe videoing it too



    1. Adella
    2. phatbassanchor


      Yes my beloved... some video would be rather nice.  End this dry spell please:wub:

      Adventure on with big kisses, Phat:hug:

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