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  1. Thank you all for responding. Hmmm, so this flag does nothing but allow ruined armour to self repair when the shout expires? Which is not what I am seeing, so I have something else going on. When an npc is extremely low on health and on their knee..it is usual for all npcs to heal to about 5%, then they stand up and attack again…right, we all get that! So shouting MfD at said weakened npc would continuously deplete the last of their health and finish them….This no longer happens. The MfD shout makes no difference to the npc self healing. So you can not kill with MfD now. Shouting at a healthy npc simply reduces their health a total of a couple of per cent until the shout expires…*MfD no longer does damage over time*. In my game at least. I don’t know if it still even temporarily ruins armour rating, but it is moot since many foes have no armour anyway (eg. spiders) and use ‘damage resistance’ instead. This is extremely disappointing…MfD no longer even kills a basic skeleton. Is this because I have not installed AE?
  2. Hello everyone, I’m not sure where to ask this question. Idk if it is USSEP thing or a Bethesda ruination. Marked for Death was woafully weak…but it could kill a skeleton or base bandit on Legendary. Suddenly it has been changed it seems, and no longer does any health damage at all. What you get now is a pitiful approx 1% health drain effect on npcs which fully recover once the shout wears off. It can’t even counter a Troll’s natural health regen rate. It is now a completely pointless and useless shout. I’d like to know if it is a USSEP change or some nonsense Bethesda has pulled. Any info gratefully received…Oh and I am on XB1S, SE not AE A.
  3. That close up gnarly White Elk Woman is fabulous….and you know what, I imagined her very much like this. Wonderful.
  4. I finally realised after reading the mod description in detail OC needs a patch to work properly with Immersive Citizens….I had been using it without duh! Now I did wonder if the IC patch fixed my “Mysterious Murders in Solitude” issue…it has not, and npcs are still slowly adding to the coffins in the Solitude crypt…creepy huh? If a friend gets Mysteriously Killed I get the inheritance letter and gold delivered by courier. I think it kills one or two everytime the city loads in…no direct proof though. The last victims this time were Evette San and Jorn, found dead just outside the main gate. On a brighter note…the IC patch for OC has (almost) completely fixed npcs pathing taking them into the non-OC reality via the ‘rock portals’. So almost all npcs are now correctly in OC and stay there…which helps npc interactive dialogues no end! One failing…After rescuing Esbern from the Ratway…the Thalmor Spy female Khajiit who normally attacks as we try to flee Riften, was missing. I set Esbern on ‘wait’, went into non-OC Riften via the rock just inside the main gate and there she was…correctly aggressive as normal. After dispatching her I returned to OC Riften, collected Esbern and completed normally. Am I the only one these odd things happen to?.?.? Is there something obvious I am doing wrong? Any thoughts appreciated… A. (XB1S)
  5. I am not convinced this is not essentially FO4 in space! Obviously you’d expect some development in char appearance over the (many) years. Char speech, the old guy was good and well modelled, but that woman, jeeze. Not even British Army Officers normally use such manicured received pronunciation. I do hope the CC screen offers more facial variation than just skin colour…to interest me, I need to be creatable (is that a word?..it is now) pretty close to my avatar here. Oh look!…it has new monsters. Yawn! That is not mind blowing since mod authors can (and will) be working faster than Frankenstein to cobble up new shapes and textures for the code to manipulate right! Although, I’m sure a few new Ani will get invented too. Ah….fantastic graphical reproduction and stunning views…sorry, but even irl, stunning views get old pretty fast when you keep seeing them. Low gravity combat..well yes…but frankly in a space game I’d EXPECT that…it is not a marvel! How about high g combat tho’ where you can’t run far and projectiles hit the ground much sooner….maybe it will feature somewhere? Talking of FO4…machine guns. REALLY? Is that the standard of weapon development over many decades into the future….machine guns! Where’s my phaser/disrupter/plasma cannon/gravity collapser? Crypto in “Destroy all Humans” had a more inventive arsenal…and that was made years ago!!!! Explosions in space…oh dear! Yes, there should be no sound…and no shockwave either. Irl all you get is a spherical burst of light and shrapnel. Not making it realistic proves once again, despite any ESRB rating…Beth are catering for the 13 YO market demographic requiring noise, coloured flashes and whizz bangs….again. Crafting…I was really hoping for something different…anything! But no…we have more of the same just tinkered around the edges. So, collect X amount of materials Y,Z etc improve your crafting skill to level N, and with quest item tool K, produce new super weapon which does the same as your last weapon with a +10% damage modifier. Does this sound jaded??? Kinda FallRim ‘ish…it sure does to me (I sound a bit Murican there Lol). Ok…planet landing…what? First warning bell…on Beth’s discord the hearsay indicates Godd Howard retracted the ‘Land Anywhere’ statement and you’ll get a cutscene plonking you down in a nice spaceport. By Talos I hope not! AND I don’t want any cutscenes on this…I want the full “Aliens Dropship” experience with an atmospheric plasma cone, buffeting, engine roar, storms/cloud and full player control all the way down to your crash site…er’ chosen landing spot! Sadly I suspect it ain’t happening. Edit in: Just to say, absolutely agree that screen clutter, and keep being reminded it is ‘just a game’ by irritating XP notifications grinds my gears immensely. Either be realistic and immersive Bethesda....or make Rachet & Clank do space! Well that’s enough optimism from me…I guess after it launches I’ll be in a position to be somewhat more cynical. chin chin Adella
  6. hey girl you still around not seen you in a while, there is new Uncus material I have finally introduced White Elk Woman. Missing your wit and elan dear contessa.

  7. Although tangential, I thought I should clear up that in England trespass can still be an offence under a couple of caveats. Firstly, trespass on Railway property and Crown property IS an offence in law. This includes for example unauthorised entry to Ministry of Defence property and Buckingham Palace (The Queen’s residence). Secondly…If the trespasser is informed of their trespass by the site owner or agent thereof and asked to leave, which they subsequently refuse to do…Then the police can be called and the matter is elevated to ‘Aggravated Trespass’ for which you can be arrested. Note also…preventing a trespasser from leaving, UNLESS they have also committed an indictable offence such as theft or criminal damage on the site, is itself also illegal…So they can’t be restrained to await police as an embarrassment measure or insist they remain to be berated just for their incursion. I gather in America…in some States, you can actually be shot and by implication, legally murdered, just for treading on someone else’s land. Incredible! Right! That’s enough sidetracking the old mod/distribution/copyright/piracy/sharing topic…Which was in its self entertainingly interesting. Carry on
  8. Hmmm, I echo the comments re: Hearthfire homes. I do build Lakeview because it is a canon method to produce bulk ingredients for potion making and thus coin…which is difficult to come by early on, if you have to rely on bandit kills for income huh! Secondly….The inconvenience of having to fund the build is an advantage to anyone who wants their game progress to feel earned. By the same rationale as you must painstakingly build your skills….so too your home. This is my issue with mod homes which simply spawn in complete with luxury fittings…it leaves nothing to aspire to. Even worse for my challenge based game play ethos…most mod homes come with far more advantages than you could expect in the vanilla game. This means your capability to survive the rigours of Skyrim might have depended to some extent upon the freebie extras that spawned in with your added player home….rather than say being how good you are as a player. I will say a simplistic Quaker type easy place to obtain is the abandoned worker residence at Mixwater Mill in Eastmarch Hold. You get a bed, chest, chair and clutter…a good early starter ‘home’ or rather, squat ! That is canon, and not over done. It would benefit from the ability to get the fire going and some simple lighting. Really…by rights…one should also pay the mill owner woman (who’s name escapes me) a modest rent hmmm! Its only draw back is outside, at low levels (on Legendary ‘natch) you are practically surrounded by lethal wildlife and bad people…so caution is the watchword there! Where am I going with this…um’….Oh yes! What I would like is the ability to make more Hearthfire homes, but with far better customisability and more locations. Time for tea! A.
  9. Uncus sweetie….Please do tell us you have not abandoned poor Uncus’ story…I shall be most disappointed and sad. I really want to see him escape the island! Hope this brief missive finds you well… A.x
  10. I should like to chime in here. Firstly, I am on XB1S….so no computery stuff, however I rather share Bambacha’s concern with all this AE CC content loading in. I am in two minds as to whether AE is a good idea or not. On the one hand, it IS Bethesda’s world and CC stuff is endorsed/created by Bethesda…making it canon. So you do not have the full TES experience without ALL the CC stuff. On the other hand imo many of the ‘additions’ are poorly conceived from a lore stand point and are a clear cash grab rather than a deep and meaningful upgrade to the game world. Bethesda have the technical right to make any changes they see fit…our purchase price merely confers the right to play with their toy. However, as my old friend and sage Paarthurnax wisely says “Just because one can do a thing does not mean one should”. A.
  11. Shamefully I must admit defeat in my Black Diamond Challenge. This one prohibits levelling up at all, and is Dead is Dead on Legendary. Level one gives you low health, poor magic resistance, poor equipment and few ways to significantly improve anything…..In theory your foes are also stuck at their lowest levels too…but several of them are well above your capability, not counting bears, sabrecats and ice wolves, a few of which do exist even at player level one. Anyhow, I tried and tried, but the odds are so stacked, even my best care and guile were no match. I did get to release Esbern, but those Forsworn at Karthspire camp were too much no matter how many attempts I made (and Delphine with Esbern did most of the work). So <big sigh> there comes a point where one has to be pragmatic. Later I may revisit the rule set and see if there is some revision I can make that tips the balance without making the challenge unworthy. For now….I am going to put my neck into a different noose and attempt my super hard metal series top challenge….Plutonium. Should take about a year if I don’t get my likeness killed A.
  12. It got me again! Esbern standing at the wall…Delphine waiting back down the corridor. I even Fus Ro Dah ‘d Delphine all the way to her regular spot at the wall…but she remained dumb as a rick. What fixed it this time was going outside to the upper temple buildings…then back inside to Esbern whereupon he resumed his script.
  13. Fascinating! So many curious instances answered here. As for the Cultists…it never occurred to me to see what would happen if I left the note alone…ha! Well now I know! Thanks guys A.
  14. Hello sweetie. Hmmm, well White Elk Woman will need to be a custom skinned npc follower I think. So you might be looking for some generous help from an accomplished mod author, unless it is within your capability of course. Best of luck with that, I do hope it works out as envisaged. As for myself, well, still surviving my Black Diamond Challenge (as provided here under ‘Adella’s Survival Challenges’). I had to practice the Thalmor Embassy run through a few times before committing to the video’ed, Dead is Dead, run. One slip there would have meant a restart back in Helgen with Ralof some 50+ hours back. Quite the butt pucker’er 😂. On the plus side I gained an Elven mace…significant because at level one you can’t make better than iron gear. So next, when I have a swell of bravado, I shall be attempting to liberate Esbern from the Ratway. I can not sustain more than two hits from Thalmor or more than a few seconds of their magical attacks and summons. However, I can shout and shoot…and run…and hide. I hope that will be enough….It will have to be. I must learn to add my YT video links here…All my recordings are carefully produced to be completely SFW <cough>. I think you and others might find them entertaining hmmm. Future aspiration: I have yet to embark upon my absolutely huge and insane ‘Plutonium Challenge’ which will be satisfying fun. Essentially, as with all my toughest trials it is Dead is Dead with no healing, magic or followers..BUT..in this one you have to survive ALL 9 major full quest-lines, obtain ALL 13 Dragonpriest masks, ALL Daedric Prince artefacts and a forged Aetherium item. Without a single death of your character…THAT in my view deserves the title of ultimate Skyrim combat survivor huh! Well, I wrote rather more than intended. I do get carried away..Lol. We really must keep in touch more hmmm! Warmest regards A.
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