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  1. Well done! Ask him where he’s been….Lazy lizard A.
  2. Ah…..Ok I do have one possibly relevant suggestion: Shout “Aura Whisper” it will show if Derkeethus has slipped under the floor or been trapped inside a wall. Adella
  3. I do not speak PC, so if this sounds stupidly ignorant please excuse and move on…However, you keep talking about Derkeethus and Darkwater Crossing, but the screenie is a dead bear on the bridge to the Seven Thousand Steps which is a total mismatch of npc and location! Confused!
  4. Aw sweetpea I will pop round and cheer you up….Lots You need some activity you can do without getting up, to take your mind off those nasty aches and pains. Fortunately for you nurse Adella knows just the thing See you soon poppet A.
  5. General comment… I already stopped mentioning Bugfesta a little while ago as their antics no longer interest me, and they shall remain on my ignore list until TES6 comes out….so at least another half decade then! Ref. Ikon and Libel: I am always careful here. Only false fact claims are actually libellous of course. Opinion is not, providing one is clear it is opinion. Neither is the truth, no matter how unpalatable the target party finds it, but sometimes a court must decide and no one wants that….Well, unless a large financial gain is envisaged hmmm. Forum rules and such….
  6. Lovely! Well described and the screenies help hugely. This amounts to a lot of work sweetie, so much appreciated hmmm. I know when I had my journal written up years ago….it was a hour in-game and two hours writing it up with dialogue and drama. It's an enjoyable tale to follow. A.
  7. I rather like the look and shape of the Hunting bow. Being short makes it seem reasonable for mounted combat. The sort of thing Greeks favoured when galloping about on Centaurs Lol. Of course it proves woefully weak very early on. You know what….I am tiring of this Ranger attire (The rough leather and mail modded one). It does look realistic…fair enough, but the trousers are ‘boiler suit’ and those clumpy boots ugh! I can’t bear the ‘welder look’ gloves either. I need some elegance in my life, beauty, refinement and sexual allure…hmmm! So, I am contemplating my white Elven Wedding
  8. Well naturally poppet . Action can only occur in a loaded cell (thankfully) meaning you are fairly nearby, although not necessarily visible. I presume scripted/game or necessary action further away is set by some kind of engine managed timer so the game knows to activate those events as you approach, but that is not for minor npc comings and goings huh. Thank you for confirming npcs follow you through loadable doors…npc deaths: You are likely correct about mods being the cause…at least in the subjects roaming around outside, since a mod or two adds realistic daily routines. As to cause
  9. Hi Phat, <chuckles> I wouldn’t say I wanted the ban per se, but I wanted to say a few things, which I knew would result in a ban. I would have been content to remain un-banned in the immensely unlikely event they overlooked the transgression, because then I could have added more…. A.
  10. Well, that can not be ruled out of course sweetie, but even years ago with different mods, I had npcs follow me through loading screen doors…in fact as you may recall, I can lure Frost trolls to High Hrothgar and get them to follow me inside…and that means through a loading screen door. Now if you consider, Open Cities effectively merges inside and outside the city into a single cell, which means npcs can enter the city without difficulty…and certainly all attacking ones will enter if the city gates are open. So the only loading screen door the bandits had to cross was the Inn door itself.
  11. Thanks for all the responses everyone I tend to think that, in my game at least, falling from the sky is not the culprit…For these odd reasons: Random npcs dropping occasionally from the heavens would leave bodies scattered across Solitude in many disparate locations. However, I have found bodies only in two places. Firstly, in the bailey zone between the two main gates. Secondly, just outside and a little to the left of the city side gate (under the windmill) on the stone road. In the second case, out on the road, there is usually one or two dead guards too. At both locati
  12. Ah ha! Thank you….So quills were a Dragonborn addition and they are all on Solstheim. That would explain much….
  13. Oh sorry Dragonblood….You must think me dreadfully ignorant. I only just spotted your comment. To be fair my mod use really revolves around combat based non advantageous effects which do not change vanilla mechanics. I do enjoy an unreasonably tough game…Always 3rd person, Typically, Legendary, Dead is Dead, no healing, no magic (unless specifically being a sorceress), no followers, doubled vanilla enemies, no aiming cross hairs for ranged attacks and no ‘slow time’ effects. For me surviving Skyrim whilst questing is the name of the game.
  14. Oooooh just look! All those books covered in green goop…..Have you let afflicted in? (Lol…just tugging your tail hmmm)
  15. Yes, I have started my old thread here….because it is still happening! I just visited the Solitude catacombs once more in my latest playthrough and found the serial killer has struck again. Roggvir is the permanent resident of course, but in addition we now have coffins for: Ildi Irnskr Jala Are the city guard just ineffectual nincompoops….or are they part of the problem? Where IS the mysterious killer…and who? Adella
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