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  1. Ooooh right well this issue might be affecting my game too (XB1S player). I have set my timescale (via a Cheatroom option) to 13 and have played this way for a long time (several years) with no symptoms….until recently. Now to be clear, I have added…and taken, a few mods in my LO….so….. Well, anyway, what has started happening is sometimes…upon a fresh save load in, a black border begins creeping across from the left…its edge is uneven, not a straight vertical line. I can still move, but if the creeping death overtakes me the entire screen ends up black…even though features like white action text to open a (blacked out) door still show up. Entering the door will load a pristine interior….but going back outside will be into the blackness again. If I run….in the visible bit of screen, before the blackness gets me…I can leave it behind. But then…Turning around the view is normal and the creeping death has gone. I thought it was GPU chip failure…like being cooked, but if that were the case it wouldn’t load a normal interior…the black death would be everywhere, right? So….being associated with the loaded cell makes most sense. But why now? I am guessing a mod is at the root of it….especially since I have also recently had a few animation failures with wood chopping, not getting off a chair, not completing the pipe smoking ani and sometimes being stuck on a spot after dialogue (turning and camera are fine, but I can’t walk!). Thoughts? (Other than stop monkeying with my LO Lol)
  2. 30 Aug 21 Gosh, what a nice big story advancement…new places discovered, but getting rather too close to those awful Falmer things I think. Uncus was lucky to defeat a Troll and yet stay safe from it. Thankfully they are slow of course, but a single hit from those rending claws is often fatal. Again, nicely written sweetie 👍😃
  3. Aw, sweetie, no need for that <chuckles> Maybe I’ll simply go with “Contessa Adella’s stuff” …. Punchy, direct, clear and concise…I like it 😂
  4. Back in the day, when the Duke boys were running ‘shine…..Cath had her legs insured for over a million bucks. I insure my oppai assets at 1M Septims….Each! A girl can’t be too careful when tomb raiding huh! A.
  5. AE is a cash grab by Bethesda plain and simple. They know enough fans will be eager to pay yet again for another very slightly different version. So….Lets see then….10 million customers x 30 bucks a throw = Shedloads of easy cash! Well, ok they might not hook 10M this time around, but it will be more than enough to make the bait worth making. Mods: I doubt we can simply eject the SE disk and load in the AE disk without affecting our current LO or mod Reserve on console. And no….A console user can not simply reload the desired mods again. Most of us who have played Skyrim on console for years have a large number of treasured, but now ‘greyed out’, mods which are unavailable for re-download. I won’t be destroying my game for the ability to use CC stuff I never wanted in the first place…. A.
  6. No! The building shaked the moment you came in…😂
  7. Adella

    Adella’s Art

    This is what happens when my host takes a snooze on the job!
  8. All my videos (currently 600+ of them) are on my YT channel “Contessa Adella”. Or just do a You Tube search on “Skyrim Adella” and that will pop them up Thank you for asking A.
  9. Hmmm….I can’t ‘Live stream’ per se, but I am making a complete, consecutive, back to back video series of my entire “Black Diamond” playthrough. It has plenty of thrilling fights and very close calls. This is effectively the same as for anyone watching live stream material after the stream session has ended. However, before anyone gets excited….It is a genuine Dead is Dead play….and no one wants to get invested in the unfolding action if it is going to shockingly end in tears huh? Therefore, let me finish it first, then if I survived right through, I will upload it. What it covers: The Skyrim Main Quest and probably the Companions, CoW and Bard’s plus full Lakeview build. Why is it hard? Because it is level one right through…no perks, no health level ups, no magic 2x foes and on Legendary. Plus it is difficult to improve the build at all once underway. Believe me when I say this IS tougher than any normal (levelling up) Legendary play through I have attempted in all these years. A.
  10. Neither! The invisi walls just halt your movement often with that message, “You can’t go that way”. However, they seem to be joined in sheeted panels…exactly like fencing. Sometimes where a wall goes over a join in textures you can slip between, along the seem. Invisi walls also seem to have a height. I have managed to climb a tall rock near a wall that allows me to jump over it. Of course getting back can often be impossible. Another time I was on the wrong side of a wall when I slid down a steep incline. Suddenly I was stopped and could not go forward. Imagine a sheet of glass rising vertically from the foot of a steep slope…I was trapped between the glass and the rock face. Running against the rock texture eventually after like half an hour got me back to the top and free….still on the wrong side of the barrier of course. Another time in Sovngarde (with Alduin wheeling around the skies), I found the top of an invisi wall high up a mountain…I was able to jump onto the wall top like a narrow invisible plank, and walk along in the sky for a way….Then it came to an (invisible) end, dropping me to another painful demise!
  11. Ha ha ….Yes I did this also when “No Borders” was available on XB1…..Sadly, I lost it and it has since been withdrawn. I have made it something of a personal challenge to find ways to defeat Beth’s ‘invisi walls’ by climbing to seemingly unreachable locations where there are gaps in the walls. You can’t see a gap of course, but persistence pays off and I have managed to get outside of the intended loaded areas on many occasions without mods. Notably: In TES4: I got out of Rythe Lysandas’s ‘painted world’ into the desert beyond. Also outside of Frostfire Glade. In Skyrim: Outside of Skuldafn and outside of the normal bounds of Sovngarde. I still keep looking for a way into Cyrodiil to the Imper City and also into HighRock…without mods/Border disablers. On PC it’s easy with tilda commands….but try it on console😜
  12. Guess I’ll just call it “Not Uncus’ Stuff” then…. or “My Stuff not Your Stuff”….
  13. Are you sure that's not the VLDL guys doing their PUBG sketch? . I think I could do with a place to put my stuff too….I’ll just call it My Stuff…to avoid confusion…..
  14. Ah….I don’t recall seeing any of this! So I just checked the read-me with the OC mod in Bethnet. As I thought…..The Bethnet read-me is an abridged version, but it does not warn you that any info is missing! I did also know about the Windhelm portal…but not the extra one in Solitude near the Bard’s college Anyhow, on the one hand it is nice to now have the full picture, whys and wherefores. On the flip side, I am disappointed that these rock portals are pre-planned and not some fascinating quirk of the mod construction. The npc behaviour in using them is at least still quirky and amusing…..
  15. Hmmm….As far as I can ascertain ALL the vanilla quests are available in the Open Cities (OC)…but you seem to be saying Arthmoor created these portal zones deliberately…odd then they are not ‘signposted’ or explained huh! Yes, as I said I think ‘Immersive Citizens’ could be pathing npcs to the right location in the wrong city. The odd thing are those who travel back and forth. Adrianne spends most of her time in OC, but visits CC from time to time….Like she’s frikkin alive and deciding for herself Oh one further quirk…..In Riften Aerin was missing, so Mjoll stood silent and not moving in OC Riften. I found him in CC Riften and get this….When I spoke to him, he then followed me back to OC Riften and took up position with Mjoll triggering her dialogue correctly….AND he is now remaining in OC Riften even starting a new game. So how he got himself into CC Riften, or why, is a mystery. Hopefully Art will pour some light on this for us…or me at least
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