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  1. Excellent point dear brother! Yes, the horses were frequently targeted in combat. As I said earlier, when they could not hit the rider, they certainly did aim for the horse! Nico and I opted against making any Native American flatbows/short bows. They just didn't fit the aesthetic we were going for in Skyrim. We did consider them though. The one short bow we did model was Mirkwood which is a short recurve model. But, we did pay homage to the Native American archery culture in several of the quivers like the Forsworn, Dragonbone, Nordic and several others. Those are covered in leather, trimmed in animal fur and have various conchos and feather adornments, much like the native tribes of North America. Although the Forsworn bow is a composite design that actually predates the flat bow by a few centuries, at least in known history, Nico had the Native American tribes in mind as he designed their gear. I had always seen them as just another form of bandit in game. Nico showed them a lot more love which has since enhanced my own appreciation of their tribal culture. But, I'm still no fan of hagravens! Hahaha There are three primary bow types exemplified in Bowgasm, the longbow, the recurve and the composite. We chose the longbow for the simple design rather that the flatbow as they are already in the game. Variations of the composite and recurve have been showing up on Nirn for some time as well. Thanks for sharing, brother. Adventure on, Phat
  2. My point exactly, brother, they aimed. It was not the mindless volleys we see in films. The bows they use on film sets are very low draw weight and need to be elevated very high just to get the arrows out of camera range. Haha IRL, the targets were charging in on steed or foot. So, the archers would've been aiming just slightly above level, maybe five or ten degrees at most. At fifty or so yards out, one need only elevate the arrow by an inch or two, especially with such an incredibly strong draw to the bow. I believe at Agincourt the archers had the high ground, in which case they would've actually been aiming down toward their intended targets. On screen in films I see the archers aiming a foot or more above level. Shots like that with a longbow would sail well over the enemy and off into the woods. My point is these archers practiced hitting small targets in motion at various ranges. They could hit those small soft targets because it was do or die with every arrow loosed. Not all hit their mark so yes, they relied on being able to reload, re-aim and loose again on target quickly. They did work in tandem as well loosing organized volleys at first until the command to loose at will. But, each archer was selecting individual targets to loose death upon... that was my point. What they did took nerves of steel, iron will and eagle eye skill. I won't bore my friends here with all the charts and graphs explaining air speed velocity changes vs bow draw weight, arrow/draw length and arrowhead weight. Archers just know these things by feel having loosed thousands upon thousands of arrows with the same bow in a variety of conditions. We do not disagree in these matters brother. We are merely seeing the same point from slightly different angles. This tells me I most likely did not explain my point as well as I would've liked. Humble apologies for any miscommunication. You make very valid points. Adventure on dear brother, Phat
  3. The video was testing arrow vs armour rather than demonstrating battle tactics. The archers on the field at Agincourt would've been aiming for the soft spots, the belly, inner thigh, under the arm and at the neck. Those are the effective targets against that style of cuirass and most plate mail in general. The very first arrow loosed in that video was a kill shot to the abdominal artery. I think that may have been a point of pride for the archer and potentially a subconscious act. Like, if I'm going to bounce this whole quiver off the chest piece, I'm at least killing this thing first! Hahaha That curved plate design with the raised central ridge actually faired much better than I thought it would. It could potentially deflect modern firearms within certain caliber limits. I'm fairly certain that most rifle rounds could shred it but handgun rounds would likely bounce right off. Those archers DID take well aimed shots. This was not random occurrence. They took careful aim to the soft spots. If they couldn't get a decent shot on the rider, they'd shoot his horse. Horse goes down, man goes down. Now I have my shot at the rider while his legs flail about in the breeze as he tumbles. Loose, next target, loose, next target, loose... Yes... they used careful aim. I just shake my head when films make archers look like idiots, blindly loosing arrows into the air. Half the time they're aim is three hundred yards down field when the enemy is within fifty yards! So, no dearest... this was never intended as a tactics video. It was simply answering the question, "Can these arrows penetrate this armor?" That is all. What impressed me the most were two things, the armor's resilience and the archer's prowess in the art of archery. That bloke knew the stroke! That was a 160 pound English longbow. Now, longbows are a fair piece easier to draw than a recurve because the weight is stretched out over a much longer area. I mentioned above how the 65 pound longbow I had tried drew more like mom's 35 pound recurve. But, that was still 160 pound draw! There is no comparable recurve even at 90-100 pounds. They just don't make them AFAIK. Stiffest recurve I've ever seen was 75 pounds. So, I have to give HUGE kudos to that muscle backed Brit and his longbow. That was an amazing display. If it would've been a video answering "How did medieval archers combat plate armor?" We'd have seen a hellfire rain of neck, underarm, belly and crotch shots the likes of which few have seen before. I can actually hit more accurately, just with a much lighter bow. I currently have two 35 pound composite bows. With that bow I can pretty much kill anything that walks or crawls within about fifty meters. But, I would've looked pretty silly even daring to attempt to draw that 160 pound longbow. That is a monster bow and an even greater monster archer! Bowgasm: The vanilla bows are all still vanilla. All the custom bows have ebony base damage with slightly enhanced draw speed and lower carry weight. Except for the Daedric and Dragonbone custom models, Mehrunes Talon and Dragon's Bane. The most bad@$$ base bow in Bowgasm before upgrades is Mehrunes Talon. It has daedric damage without the significantly higher weight of the vanilla bow. It's a fair piece faster than Dragon's Bane so the one additional point of damage to dragonbone level is lost by the weight and speed differential. Pretty sure the dragonbone would've looked better with a larger carving. You can see all the amazing detail up close but it gets lost beyond arm's reach. They were really close during testing but the Talon has the slight advantage, especially after tempering and enchanting. I usually give one to Jenassa and Lenka when they tag along. Lenka is a custom dark elf that reminds me a bit of Barbi Benton. It's the big dark eyes and the hairstyle. Oh... and only you can see the runes glow. That effect is for the player, not the enemy. They only glow for you darling The ebony and custom Drow bow are the tuxedo in the collection. I'm still after Nico to make a matching quiver. I love the ebony quiver. It just doesn't match the tuxedo. However, the ebony bow does pair well with steel, daedric and dreadweave quivers as well as Nord Hero, Stalhrim, Glass and a few others. Nico likes the Orchish arrows with it. I prefer to go white tie with my tux choosing Nord Hero or Stalhrim for my tuxedo bow. TBH, the ebony bow is the same mesh as Rivendell, just a new shiny black skin with pearly white inlays. With that fine and lovely white gown I would recommend the Nord Hero Bow and arrows or the Stalhrim... Glass would look smashing as well. I do not have that gown. But, I do have images of Elisif in white equipping the glass bow and arrows... Take a look... I do have other images that have the glass bow as well as the glass arrows. This is the elven replacer, Tauriel's bow with the glass arrows above... TBH, I think the glass and dragonbone both look great with white, black, purple, blue and red. Quills... You don't need to find many. Just snagging the few laying about on writing tables is usually sufficient as one when combined with the other ingredients makes at least 50 arrows. I think it's actually 100 per batch. It may be Tauriel's arrows that do the 50 per batch. However, I do believe that Old Salty Croc is correct with the Rieklings being a good source for quills. They hoard all sorts of items most players consider junk until they need one There are at least a few laying about that should be guaranteed as well as there being a very high percentage for random junk in every container. Quills, rolls of paper, inkpots, iron pots, kettles, cups, plates... all that crap. So, looting a few Riekling outposts is an exceptional suggestion for quills Thanks Salty Oh... and I'm pretty sure that it was Nico who put a pile of quills on the hearth in Sleeping Giant. They're on the first corner near the front door, at least ten or twenty... I always grab those. If you have Phat's Purple Glass Arrows installed there are 100 of those on the dinner table in Delfiend's room as well... Just a couple helpful hints Tweaks: Trust me... they can and do still dodge, especially at range. But, in defense of my archer's honor, I did clear all of Valtheim with Nightshade last session... from the path. Yes, from the path... I thought surely at least one would hide, mais non! I was half way up the hill to the west when I realized I had not killed any but the soup guard first pass enroute to Annekke. So, I stopped before being spotted and entered stealth, drew my bow and dropped the new soup guard in one shot. Then we crept up just a bit closer to the south tower, just close enough that I could now make out the archer up top and dropped that one when three more suddenly appeared on the bridge. Dropped all of them in one shot kills after spending a few extra arrows to make them turn and go to my advantage. Then, finally, the archer on the far bank... It was right about 75 meters, give or take. I could hit that IRL, at least catch me a lung or guts if not the heart. But, I wasn't sure if I could hit him in game at that range, especially if he detected the arrow. Fortunately, Phat's OP sneak held. I aimed just above his head and released, hoping to be close enough to draw him to the bridge for a better shot. But, the arrow found it's mark center mass and ended the threat, location cleared. It was like fish in a barrel for me that day. But, in all reality, Tweaks makes tougher shots possible instead of "meh, why bother?" With vanilla arrow physics the arrows die and fall off about half that distance. Archery Tweaks supersedes all that vanilla derp. So, you arrow flies true. The enemies still hear those longer shots coming and dodge. There is no "gimme." You still have to hit that tough shot on your own. That is why I'm still patting myself on the back for that final shot at Valtheim! I impressed my own damn self You feel me? Mod Access: Not every mod I mention is challenge friendly. Phat's Purple Glass Arrows give the player a hundred ebony equivalent arrows in Sleeping Giant upon arrival, just open Delfiend's door and take them. However, all the mods I've suggested for you are all available for SLE and SSE on Nexus as well as bethnet for Xbox. They are all free DL's as well. I know where my beloved Adella lives and plays. Paystation sucks. So, they don't count. Anyway... all I suggested was the vanilla replacements for the challenge play and that you might wish to try Archery Tweaks, that you may actually like it if you tried it. It really is a level playing field until I add in my OP sneak cheats. Then look the hell out because Phat is a stealth killing machine! Resurrection... I'm not dead! I don't want to go on the cart! Hahahaha Resurrection... of a different variety... wink, wink, nudge, nudge... Since you have the ability to craft the dreadweave arrows, check the hearth in Sleeping Giant. There should be a stack of quills amid the various pots and pans laying about the hearth. Adventure ever on my beloved angel Kisses, Phat
  4. Hope you employed tgm for the landing!
  5. Hi Dragonblood I had the original Unread Books Glow installed for about a year. But, I was still picking up all the books anyway to fill my empty bookshelves in my player homes. So, it was removed and fell by the wayside. TBH, The mod did not need a rewrite. Not sure why anyone bothered publishing a new version. The old one always worked fine, doing exactly what it was said it would. Thanks for a good laugh earlier, even if it wasn't intentional, I thoroughly enjoyed that. I hope my reaction did not offend. What you said struck me as hilarious and I had a great laugh. I did take a look at the "Super" version and was not impressed enough to try the mod myself. For me, if the original works why fix it or make it over? I didn't get the purpose of the Super version. It just came across as a "Me Too" kind of thing. I really meant no insult. I genuinely found the idea humorous. I mean no disrespect. In all honesty, it's more something I might review. I work with Nico on weapons mods but I don't use combat mods. Combat mods are Adella's and Sah's thing, not mine. That is why I found the suggestion so funny. I've tested and reviewed many hundreds of mods, mostly just because I like to share good news to the authors that I like for the mods they made that I use in my game or at least enjoyed in my game for a season for a specific purpose. My kind of mods are followers, npc replacements, gameplay/cheats, weapons, armor, player homes and quest mods. There are some others too. But, I look into all the new mods of those types and try all that interest me beyond the description page. Apologies if you were offended by my laughter. It was honest and in earnest, not intended as a slight, just struck me as really funny. Since we are still discussing it, I'm getting even more crazy images in my head like Atilla the Hun as the new spokesperson for the George Foreman grill! My mind often gets running with a joke and doesn't know when to stop. So, old Phat will STFU now... the quit while you're behind kind of thing... Total facepalm on my part... Adventure on my friend, Phat
  6. Comparing book mods? With Adella and Sah, it would have to be combat mods. Also, Sah is on PC but Adella is on Xbone. So, Adella cannot access the variety that Sah can. I like the idea of seeing my two dear friends gain more support. But, book mods? IDK, Dragonblood... That's even tame for me and my last mod review was on More Giant's Toe Yes, Phat can be boring at times. But, even we pass on book mods... I hadn't even planned on making the Toe video... I just happened to hit the record during testing and decided to put it up, after a quick edit, just for friends and the mod author's use. I get your point though. Popular mod topics equal views. So, Huzzah for that Book mod reviews for Sah and Adella That's like asking Elenwen to campaign for United Way or Toys for Tots! Or... asking Wolverine to take over Mr. Rogers Neighborhood! Apologies... This is hilarious to me... I have to pee... Need to chill for a moment... Okay... finally caught my breath again... I certainly do not mean to laugh at you my friend. That just really hit my funny bone, hard. Great idea to get Adella and Sah more views. That is a winner of an idea. Adventure ever on, Phat
  7. Shad.... No worries darling... I do not dislike Shad or distrust his information. He's just a bit of a buffoon is all... In that regard he can be entertaining, hence my bursting into uncontrolled laughter at the mere mention of his name. And, what is Shad short for anyway, Shadrach? I'm all for Biblical names, especially considering I am attached to one, David. But, Shadrach is a bit of a clunker as Bible names go... great story... Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego standing in the flaming furnace and not being burned because they had faith in God... Yeah, great story... clunky name... I suppose it could've been Abednego. Hahaha As for Fihada, I was not trying to be critical and humbly apologize if I came across that way. It was not my intent... merely clarifying who makes what. TBH, I was more interested in pointing out that there are no bowyers in Skyrim than anything else. Fortunately, Nico took my many years of IRL archery experience and ran with them to great effectiveness. So, Nico is now my official bowyer, fletcher and bladesmith for the entire game. I still use other weapon mods like Swordsman's Assortment and Scimitar replacer by RonnieMagnum, Falchion by BillyRo and several others. But, Nico's gear accounts for around 90% of all the weapons my followers and I actually use in game. Huzzah for Nicoroshi! Speaking of Fihada... If you have never asked him for arrows that will fell a dragon... His response is priceless! Considering that Fihada is the only archery specific vendor in the entire game, we certainly do accept your "broader brush" dearest. Now, to fix that derpy aim... you may not like this as we've gone a few rounds discussing this mod before... Archery Tweaks... It really isn't as cheaty as you think it is. Archery Tweaks simply makes arrows and bolts fly more realistically for everyone, enemies included. In fact, the first time you storm a Forsworn camp or tomb full of draugr archers after installing the mod you may actually regret having done so! That is, until you draw your bow to return the attack. The description on the mod page actually seems to brag it up as a cheat mod. But, for me 'tis 100% immersion. Archery Tweaks does two things primarily, arrows and bolts fly at a much faster rate, much closer to actual arrow speed IRL. So, the arrows fly faster and farther than with vanilla arrow physics. Having loosed thousands of arrows on target IRL, I can honestly say between Nico's archery mods and Archery Tweaks, the only thing missing is the feel of the wind on your face as you draw the bow preparing to loose death upon your enemy. The other function of Archery Tweaks is that it repairs the utterly broken Neo/Matrix type dodging of enemies. They no longer magically appear six feet from where they were when you loosed your arrow. They can and do still dodge your arrows, especially at greater range. They just do so in a far more realistic fashion with a simple side step or head bob type maneuver rather than the Matrix moves. So, I've always considered Archery Tweaks as an immersion/realism mod more so than a cheat. It will straighten out your physics related archery ails and, like Nico's archer gear, is available for Xbox as well as SLE and SSE on PC. I'm no longer arguing the point of including it in challenge play. You said no and it is your challenge, your rules, 100%. But, I still say that if you try it, you might actually like it. It's a good mod and it works. It's just the author's description that makes it sound cheaty, like "try my mod!" kind of verbiage. When I compare Archery Tweak to IRL arrow flight, it's the closest match I've seen in a game... ever. Back to the bows... If you were on PC you could take only certain bows you like rather than the whole set. However, only the All In One is on Xbox AFAIK. As to "skinny" bows? Well, what you see in Nico's mods is the closest to real bows ever made for Skyrim. The entire geometry of the vanilla bows is totally off. They are heavy, clunky and totally unrealistic. Most are thick front to back and skinny side to side, when in reality that should be opposite. If you notice what Nico did, modeling IRL bows, the width is left to right as you look across your drawn arrow yet they are quite thin when viewed from the side. That is how proper bows are made so they bend naturally. Most of the vanilla bows, if made as designed in game, would curl up sideways and snap, especially that silly looking daedric thing! IRL, it's the bow that bends, not the string stretching... The string length is fixed and constant. The bow is what bends. Nico's daedric is a stylized fantasy bow yet still follows proper archery design. The limbs of the bow must be able to freely bend front to back from strung to full draw. As proof, take a piece of paper and bend it back and forth along the flat side... moves freely, right? Now, attempt to bend it toward either edge without crumpling or folding it... it doesn't work, does it? The same is true of bow design. The flat sections work similar to the leaf springs in a carriage. They bend with the flats, not across them. The elven replacer is Tauriel's bow, made to the same specs as the film version. The WETA Workshop bows err a bit on the fantasy side yet still follow the basic principles of a well made bow. Tauriel's bow is a carved recurve that would be awfully stiff to draw but would function if made as modeled on screen and in game. That is the bow that started all of this. I made a simple and polite request to have Tauriel's bow become my elvish bow replacement. I was using the same vanilla bow replacer that Sah still does at the time, Real Bows. There were a few nice bows in that replacer set, the ebony and daedric in particular look rather nice... until you draw them in third person... ugh! But, the elvish bow in that set is a huge Asian style asymmetric monster that clips with EVERYTHING! So, I was desperate to replace it, even if it meant going back to the vanilla elven bow! The vanilla elven bow is pretty in appearance at least, even though it defies physics IRL. But, Nico wrote back advising he would be happy to show me how to make a replacer and would gladly allow me permission to publish my resulting creation! Well, if I still had the same quick study mind for tech that I did thirty years ago, that would've been perfect! However, after several head injuries that occurred during the accidents that left me fully disabled, I'm just not as quick to learn new tech as I once was. Nico and I discussed some thoughts on the matter after which he agreed to make Tauriel's bow into an elvish replacement. I think some creative muse bit him in the process because as I began to share my IRL archery experience with my friend, all the lights came on and he began to create. I told him what was wrong with the vanilla bows as well as the Real Bows mod and he soaked up every ounce of data I shared. He then poured it all back into his creations, lovingly, patiently and laboriously meticulating every minute detail until they were all perfect. From Tauriel as elven replacement, Nico moved to the arrows next because of all the inherent problems with them affecting every bow they touched. He had already made some improvements in Tauriel's arrows to repair much of the vanilla derp. But, we literally spent many hundreds, maybe thousands of hours between us over the next five months resulting in a fully remade archery system for this wonderful game we all love and play so faithfully All those messed up arrow and hand positions have now been repaired and the bows arc naturally when drawn. It's a thing of true beauty You may also enjoy the custom bows for your late game as well. Most have ebony damage and smithing perk requirement, just lighter carry weight and slightly improved draw speed. They aren't at all cheats like my Faster Bow Draw mod that accelerates to four times vanilla draw speed at skill 100 for archery. These are just slightly enhanced with the vanilla plus 10% type variance allowed within the challenge rules. I've told Nico many tales of my challenge friends and their endeavors. In fact, the new shield mods Nico made are also challenge friendly with glass stats for the light and ebony stats for the heavy models. He was making shields for himself. That is how all of his mods start, something he wants to see in game. But, he also takes reality and fan input into play as well. So, he made the shields challenge friendly just for our dear friend Sah, the original shield maiden I'm hoping now that Nico has his new machine up and running that he'll take some time just to enjoy his gameplay. Then, once he's ready, we'll return to the digital forge once again to finish the remaining shields he has planned then we can get back to Bowyer's Blades once more. As much as I would love to say that you would enjoy what we're making there... they are all on the cheaty side... not god tier weapons by any stretch... But, just as an example, Hadhafang has a carry weight of 4 and swings more like a glass dagger than a saber and my favorite, Viper's Kiss has a carry weight of 5 and swings more like an ebony dagger than a short sword. They all have ebony damage and smithing perk required. So, not some demigod cheat until I get my crafting cheat hooks into them. But, they are rather quick to cut, thrust and block. Those were all my requests that Nico liked as well... Hell... Aragorn's dagger has a carry weight of only 2 and swings like an iron dagger! It's really fast! I love that blade! But, those are all custom items rather than vanilla replacements. For other weapons as vanilla replacements, Nico has I Want Better Weapons Iron and the latest IWBW Steel that he published as a B-day gift for me. I'm hoping that we can do the Dwemer weapons next... maybe by Christmas. I'm hoping that over the next few years that we can replace a few more vanilla weapons sets in addition to whatever custom madness we can dream up. And, yes darling... you may "resurrect" me anytime, as often as you wish. Adventure on my precious angel, Phat PS: Try the dreadweave arrows from craftable arrows. I love all of Nico's arrows. But, those are really nice! Daedric equivalent damage without requiring a daedra heart. You'll need a few quills though Nico has a penchant for including interesting ingredients in his crafting recipes, many take firewood, deathbell, nirnroot, horker tusk, mammoth tusk and other interesting combinations. Fun stuff Vanilla recipes are 100% vanilla. But, he has fun with the custom recipes Like wisp wrappings to make Sword of Thranduil BTW: Arrows vs armor... by true experts...
  8. The Dragon longbow and the standard longbow use the same model. There are two main files in Bowgasm, the vanilla bows and the custom bows. The vanilla bows and IWBA are textures only, the custom bows are an esl. So, you can add all three files to your game with zero plugin cost. If you have questions regarding any of the additional files, just ask. The Eldergleam, she's custom only, like Lothlorien, Rivendell and Mirkwood. And, without the file I attached here, the Dwemer, Glass and Stalhrim are only vanilla. The Longbow always looks like the Dragon longbow. But, the Dragon longbow has ebony damage, lighter carry weight and slightly enhanced draw speed. Oh... and if you just want to try one or two of the bows before or in place of installing them all there are individual files for all of the bows. Eldergleam and the the other three vanilla recurve models have their own mod page as do all of the other bows. Just like the bows, there are a variety of quiver shapes and unique textures for every arrow. The only bow NOT covered by Bowgasm vanilla replacer is Auriel's bow. Nico and I both agree that even though Auriel's bow is over the top fantasy, it is just to pretty to change. Eldergleam is Kyne's bow and appears in Kyne's sanctuary next to Eldergleam tree. There are a few longbows throughout Bowgasm but the standard longbow is the only vanilla variant, there's also the Dragon longbow which has the same skin as the vanilla longbow with the fine engraving and sexy horns, just adding the custom upgrades. The other two longbows are a bit more hybrid as they are both based on the longbow with more of a fantasy spice flair. They are Lothlorien and Rivendell bows. There is one other hybrid longbow based on Rivendell which gets a gloss black finish and a lovely interlacing pearl white inlay to become both the ebony replacement and custom Drow Bow. So, there are several longbows from which to choose. The one that is the best fit for the traditional English longbow is certainly the Dragon longbow and the vanilla longbow counterpart. Like I said earlier, there are four types of bows in Bowgasm, Composite, Recurve, Longbow and hybrids. The Mirkwood short bow also appears throughout the collection as the custom Mirkwood and recolored and retextured to also be the vanilla replacement for the Nightingale bow as well as a new version that replaces the hunting bow aka the steel bow in CK as a part of my birthday gift from Nico, I Want Better Weapons Steel which also has a brand new shield The Mirkwood is technically one of the hybrids as it is both a recurve and a short bow. The LotR/Hobbit designs are direct emulations of their onscreen counterparts from the film adaptations of Tolkein's infamous novels. Just one last thing... All of Nico's weapons are perfectly safe to add mid-playthrough. They have no scripting at all, just vanilla replacement textures and new stats/name/recipes for the custom bows. You can drop them in anytime. None of these files have a plugin either. Photoreal 2K textures that are both lag free and plugin free. Photoreal image quality with zero performance loss. Phat needs a nap! See you when I wake brother. Adventure on, Phat No worries about the spelling brother.
  9. Bambi... And... The minigun... There are more earthy models to choose from should you prefer a more rustic appearance and those that are simply elegance personified. I highly recommend everyone at least try the vanilla replacer. Most of Nico's mods were still on bethnet for Xbone last I checked. Just type Nicoroshi in the search field and click on the mods tab to the left. They'll all come to the top for you. Here are a few other bow models from Bowgasm with some matching and contrasting quiver selections from IWBA. Enjoy Artaois custom and Nordic replacer... Mehrunes Talon custom and Daedric replacer... Bloodkin custom and Orcish replacer... Dragon Longbow custom and basic longbow replacer... Custom Eagle Bow and Forsworn replacer... And, the one that started all of this, the custom Tauriel's Bow and Arrows that became an elvish replacer because Nico is as kind and generous as he is talented. There are many more in the total set. I probably should've shown off the Falmer bow and quiver as well. I actually love that bow now There are essentially four types of bows in Bowgasm, Composite, Recurve, Longbow and a few hybrids. Every one would function rather well if made IRL to the in game specs. These are the most realistic bows ever made for Skyrim, hands down. Just look at how well they bend in a natural arc and all of the hand and arrow placements perfectly align where they should've been on 11-11-11! Nico had to completely rework how archery works in Skyrim just to make the bows bend properly without corners. Tauriel's Bow was the first in Late June of 2020. Bowgasm did not publish in full until late November the same year. That's five full months of love poured into these instruments of beauty and death. Apologies for gushing. I just really could not be happier Bowgasm, I Want Better Arrows and all of Nico's mods are available on Nexus for both SLE and SSE. Most are also available for XBox on bethnet as well. Nico has some loyal fans there that make the Xbox ports. So, most are available there as well. Since my beloved Adella is a challenger using vanilla stats gear, I highly recommend the vanilla replacement version of Bowgasm and I Want Better Arrows. Those mods are texture replacements only. They fix the archery animations as well by redoing every hand position, arrow alignment, bow bend and all of the vertices to move naturally. Early on Nico commented how awful the bow draw system was in Skyrim... So, he fixed it! He used much of what he had learned making bows for Oblivion as the bow draw was different and more natural than Skyrim's. So, Nico went through every step of the draw and remade everything to actually look and move like real gear. You really have to see them in action to know what I'm talking about. Look at the vanilla bow draw animation with the longbow and compare it to Nico's. You'll instantly see what I mean. The vanilla longbow shows obviously visible corners when drawn, the draw hand is several inches behind where the string is draw, the arrow stops at the string bend and none of it reaches the draw hand... also, the arrowhead pulls behind the bow hand rather than stopping before the bow. It is AWFUL! So, Nico fixed all of that, the arrow length, smooth bow draw, proper hand and arrow alignment... ALL of that! All of this is in the basic vanilla replacers as well as the custom gear. There is no affect on the vanilla performance at all. The arrows still follow vanilla rules and do vanilla damage. The custom bows draw slightly faster and most do ebony damage with ebony perk required to craft. Even the custom bows aren't cheats, just more advanced. I'm certain that the slight increase of bow speed would fall well inside the vanilla plus no more than ten percent margin. However, You get all but the custom Eldergleam bow with the vanilla replacers. IWBA is a vanilla replacement for all the vanilla arrows. Arrow flight and damage are not affected at all but they do work just fine with all of Phat's favorite archery cheats as well Anyway... really rambling on now. It's about 2AM... Good night my beloved angel Kisses, Phat Adventure on
  10. To just which bit of wickedness are you referring darling? If it's what I'm thinking maybe we best continue in private, hmmm?
  11. This is Sparta! [Boot!] All good brother. Talking follows in two conversations.
  12. Been following you since I first showed up brother! Pretty sure you were the first
  13. Shad... Surely you jest. Shad only thinks he knows a few things. I have over 45 years IRL archery experience and fully back every single bow and arrow in Bowgasm and I Want Better Arrows as 100% authentic. They are all patterned on real world designs and are highly detailed to the finest minutia. They bend and move like real bows, they look like real bows and they act like real bows. The arrows are the same, ultra realistic. Are they fancy? Hell yes! I only craft the very best! And, for the record darling, Fihada is a fletcher. He makes the arrows. The bows come from Beirand. Fihada just makes the arrows. That is what a fletcher does. However, he also has bows for sale. There are no official bowyers in Skyrim. The blacksmiths make the bows. However, IRL bows are produced by a bowyer. Arrows are made by a fletcher. Nico just started on a new mod back at the beginning of the year and ended up taking a break from weapons. So, we still have a ways to go on the blades. But, he does have a decent start on what will eventually be called Bowyers blades. The mod proposes to add custom blades an archer would carry as a backup melee weapon. So, there will be several daggers, short swords, sabers, maybe a tomahawk and some other blades that a Bowyer might have available in his/her shop along side the bows, just as Fihada the fletcher carries bows to sell along side his arrows. So far the set has Aragorn's dagger, Hadhafang, Orcrist and my personal favorite a kopis sword similar in pattern to the one carried by Alexander the Great called Viper's Kiss The kopis was my idea for an ultimate short sword in SSE. Here are a few images of the kopis known as Viper's Kiss
  14. It's from your Skyrim. I can't think of any reason not to post her. Your Lydia is rather lovely I see why you like her I still prefer my Bijin Lydia as she was what got me interested in using mods in the beginning along with the Asteria player home. Adventure on brother, Phat
  15. Thank you Pseron My first bow was my mother's 35 pound draw Bear Archery bow. I graduated to dad's 55 pound draw Bear in my teens. I've tried many different bows through the years, even a couple of those compound bows with the pullies. Never really took to them but my seventy something year old cousin still uses one for deer, elk and even bear in the western Pennsylvania Allegheny mountains These days I'm back to a 35 pound draw weight, this time with a couple of modern takes on the ancient composite bow. It's still bound together like the old school counterpart. But, uses fiberglass, hardwood and a fair amount of epoxy The earliest examples from the steppes of northeast Asia were made completely from animal parts, horn, antler, bone and sinew. Atilla didn't have access to enough wood for bows. So, they used what they had to lethal effect! As the design moved west through the centuries more wood was added. There are versions of Hunnish, Turkish and Hungarian composite bows in Bowgasm. The Orsimer bow is one of Nico and my favorites, especially the custom Bloodkin Bow. It uses a Scythian design from Hungary. You can tell that design by the drastic curves in the "ears" of the bow. On a composite the very tips where the string attaches are called the "ears." That same part on a recurve or longbow is called the horns. But, this is just a sample of the the knowledge I brought to the table when creating Bowgasm. Nico did all the hard work... remaking all the vertices, moving all the hand placements, arrow nock points and more than I can even share here. Nico remade Skyrim archery from the ground up and put it all into two mods, Bowgasm and I Want Better Arrows. If you want REAL bows and arrows in your game... accept NO substitutes Okay... enough with the sales pitch... apologies..... I just love this gear so much I can't help but gush. Our targets were pretty basic growing up. But, the arrows all had real feather fletching back then, none of the synthetic stuff. But, these days I have carbon fiber shafts with screw in heads to swap between target heads and the ones made to kill things. And, they all have synthetic fletching... I wonder... is it still considered fletching if it isn't feather? Hmmm... IDK for sure. But, I've always called them by the term fletching so to change now seems weird. I can fully relate to picking out arrows and bows as well. We lived in the suburbs of a mid sized Indiana town. So, we went to the park. They actually had target ranges back then. Had hay bails all set up and ready, just hang your target and go I was visiting our local archery store in my home town and had a friend with me that knew I had archery training but was clueless as to my actual skill level... Yeah... I'm flipping Robin Hood, man. So, we're there at the shop and I'm looking at some amazing bows when I came across the very first yew wood English longbow I had ever seen! Well... I HAD to try it! Its some ridiculously low price too, like a hundred bucks! Same bow now would be five times that price easily. So, I spoke with the store owner and he strung the longbow for me. He gave me five decent arrows in my preferred 30" length and right as I toed the line to begin loosing arrows, I turned to my friend and said, "I'll bet you ten bucks that I can hit that deer target in the eye within these five arrows." To which he replied, "Three." So, I accepted the bet and drew the first arrow. I could smell the rich aroma of the yew wood. It was intoxicating It was a sixty five pound draw but felt more like mom's old thirty five pound recurve. It drew smoothly and easily. I lined up my target, exhaled and released. The arrow hit right on the edge of the eye, breaking the plane of the target and technically winning the bet. However, I was so impressed by the bow that I immediately drew the second arrow which landed dead center in the eye. What an amazing bow! I can't remember if my friend ever coughed up the ten bucks or not. But, I won the bet all the same. I can basically stand at 25-30 paces with a dozen arrows and lay one atop the other until the bull is full. Same target at fifty yards and there might be one or two strays, at 100 yards about half make the bull with no misses, all hit the target but there is a bit more spread. I've never hunted game although I do know how. Living in the city we never needed the meat. So, I've never killed an animal larger than a mouse or rat. I don't share living space with vermin, Hahaha Yes... that goes for you too Mr. Dragon! Anyway... Phat is officially rambling... Thank you for sharing dear friend. Adventure on, Phat
  16. Nico's reply when I advised him of my posting this file here... Sent Today, 08:29 PM Faithful poster Premium Member 1,460 posts Location:The state of confusion....California Currently Playing: Skyrim SLE and SSE. Favourite Game: Morrowind Perfectly cool You do have permission to share that with friends. Hope they enjoy it. These things were made for everyone to use and enjoy. Mainly made for me first but I'm not greedy or a hoarder who wants to keep things to himself. I would rather share them for everyone to enjoy like all the mods I use which were freely shared with me. Keeps the wheel of gaming love rolling.
  17. Hello all Papa Phat here with a little something to share. I had the wonderful opportunity last year to be IRL Archery adviser as well as research monkey and testing minion to my amazing friend Nicoroshi while he remade Skyrim archery from the ground up to be more realistic, natural and certainly more beautiful than it has ever been. Well... Nico and I don't always agree. We always talk it out like gentlemen and it's his mod, his call, 100%. He will occasionally make a special file for old Phat so he can publish the mod as he likes it and keep Phat happy too. One such area where we disagreed was on the recurve bows in Bowgasm. There are four of them in all, each comparable in shape and function to the Bear Archery recurves I learned on with Dad from age 9. In game there are three vanilla recurve bows; Dwemer, Glass and my favorite in all of Bowgasm, Stalhrim. The fourth is the custom recurve, Eldergleam which has it's in game model placed like a shrine to Kyne on an alter beside Eldergleam. I wept when I first saw her, she is just that beautiful with richly figured walnut and gorgeous inlay work. Eldergleam has ebony base stats with significantly lighter weight and enhanced bow draw speed. Not a super cheat by any means as it does require ebony smithing to craft. But, she is a bit faster on the draw. Now here's the rub... Bowgasm has just what I described above, three vanilla replacements and one custom bow. Well... old Phat wanted custom Dwemer, Glass and Stalhrim too!!! Hahaha So, this is the add on file that Nico made for me to add Phat's Dwarven Bow, Phat's Glass Bow and (the precious) Phat's Stalhrim Bow The attached mod add on requires the vanilla replacer version of Bowgasm. It will function with or without the other custom bows. But, I have them all. So, here is where to find the original mod: Bowgasm SE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/42929 While you are at it you may want a copy of I Want Better Arrows SE as well I Want Better Arrows/IWBA: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/39494 These mods are photo realistic quality that will not cost you a single fps lost with performance friendly 2K photoreal textures. BTW: Nicoroshi has fully authorized me to share the files he's made for me with friends. The other files are links to Nico's postings on Nexus. So, there are no worries about permissions. Every file linked here is authored by Nicoroshi. I just helped. We're all friends here so I'm sharing Eldergleam is already a custom bow with enhanced stats. The Phats Bows 7z mod add on for Bowgasm creates a craftable custom version of the three vanilla recurve bows as well. These are in addition to the vanilla replacements. The three new custom recurve bows are equivalent to the Eldergleam bow with ebony base damage, lighter carry weight and enhanced draw speed. I love them. I switch hit between many of the bows in Bowgasm. My current Khajiit is using the Rivendell bow. I've used all of them during testing and have gone back to most of them. Hell, even the basic longbow has beautifully carved engravings that must be seen to be appreciated. The LOD is amazing, the performance is superior and as you may have seen in some of the images here, no corners on the bent bow, gone are all of the hand and arrow misalignments... These are the bows that should've been in Skyrim from day one. Sharing this file is Nicoroshi approved. Adventure on my friends, Phat Phats Bows SE.7z
  18. Red dots! They are coming for you! Watch your six my friend!
  19. Found the gallery Thank you for sharing I inserted a few of my own for similar topic/subject matter in the side bar for your viewing enjoyment Adventure on dear brother, Phat
  20. Nice view I snapped a few of BFB on the way back down the Throat from High Hrothgar
  21. Great view of WR in the background. Love Reyda's bright green eyes
  22. I can relate. With my disabilities I spend 99% of the time stuck in bed. So, if it weren't for games and friends online there wouldn't be much else to do I have a laptop stand that I pull right up to me in bed. Once I set up my new to me PC it will be the kb and monitor stand Have fun with the new toon and post a few images to show her off when opportunity allows Adventure on dear brother, Phat
  23. Greetings brother. Hope you are resting well and recovering. Are you per chance playing on a higher difficulty? Moving to master or legendary can easily get to level 3 to 5 fresh out of Helgen if you take all the opportunities like you just reported. You should level up on the spiders and possibly the sneak attack on the bear as well if on legendary. Anything below expert and you are lucky to get one level up in Helgen Keep if that on the lower two settings. Just a thought... Anyway... why are you up stressing over mods right now? You should be medicated and snoozing Adventure on, Phat
  24. I can fully relate as I was "permanently banned" not all that long ago myself over a total misunderstanding. I had to read the "offending" post three times before it finally occurred to me just what was being taken totally out of context and just how badly it was misinterpreted. By the time it actually dawned on me what THEY were suggesting I had said... I was physically ill, literally. I almost lost my lunch. So, I wrote an official apology, explained the situation and essentially begged to be allowed access. TBH, I had done nothing wrong. I was barely allowed back in for the finale' of the whole sh** show. But, I ate twelve tons of crow just so I didn't miss out on my friends whereabouts going forward. I've had the phatbassanchor handle since there has been an internet. It was one of my first non-aol email addresses (the other being under my birthname for employment and other non-musical business contacts) and has been my screen name since myspace. I have a twenty plus year reputation as a free thinking yet respectful professional adult attached to that moniker that bethesda attempted to trash in an instant by saying some trumped up BS. Still SMH over that nonsense. It makes me sick that so many folks are ready to make a federal case out of a misunderstanding these days. I would not want to be a comedian in this environment, that is certain! All it takes is one angry person to start blogging or tweeting and next thing you know someone's career just got trashed over a misunderstanding or a less than classy comment. It's madness IMHO. Adventure on dear friend, Phat
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