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  1. It's okay brother... your secret is safe with me
  2. Says Sigurd, the magical Disney prince, as we all chuckle merrily at his mirth
  3. In all reality, I am part Mischievous Mer of indeterminable origin, Batty Breton Bard and Naughty Nord Nutter! Hahaha Pretty sure I lost my mind around here somewhere. Have you seen it? It is brain damaged yet I should like it back all the same, please. Please advise if you see it. Adventure ever on new friend, Phat
  4. Nicoroshi needed some input on his quest to figure out why only his smp cloaks were causing lag. ScarlettDays21 gave the answer in a WoW armor mod from Harry on patreon. It was a Syvanas, Queen of the Forsaken outfit that had a cloak that she advised did not lag. That was actually the case and allowed Nico to see why that mod worked better. The other SMP cloaks... all of the other smp cloaks had a high poly mesh attached, just to calculate collisions. Harry used a simplified body mesh to attach his collision points to the cloak. That answered the questions yet did not do the work. In the end, Nico opted to remove SMP from the cloaks in game rather than spend weeks changing the body vertices of every cape in every mod he uses, he opted to just allow his run/walk animation to add a bit of sway to the bottom of the existing cloaks... much easier considering he only equipped the cloaks during storms. Oh... Harry's actual handle is H2135. He offers the base mod free on patreon but only members get the multiple color options. And, apologies, I did not answer your question yet... Everyone was cloak enabled in Nico's game. I can't remember if he kept cloaks without smp enabled for npc's or not after his rather extensive testing. But, if anyone is looking for the best SMP cloak cloak for avoiding stutter, H2135... The mod is called Fantasy Series 6. These are the results... https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/videos/12785 Thanks for all the input. Adventure ever on, Phat
  5. Always good to hear from folks in Pennsylvania, brother. My folks are from there originally and even growing up in Indiana we made a lot of trips back home for family visits. So, put my sammy in a poke and give me a Schmidt's please
  6. Well, all... Nicoroshi is a rather private person and avoids social media entirely. So, he asked me to forward this thank you and update... "You can fill them in on what I have discovered or what I am working on It goes like this Using faster HDT non-cuda AVX2 day's code since after extensive testing it gave the best frame rate out of every code available there my processor can run (doeant support AVX 512). Using 3BA CBBE lite with all body physics handled by CBPC (my own xmls). I can run KS Hairdo SMP with Bijin KS hairdo SMP replacer along with practical pirate Physics skirt, 3BA vanilla clothes + dawnguard and Dragonborn without any stutter. Testing method: Using mist flight at +25 speed fly around Skyrim and look for any stutter. The issue: Add in one SMP cloak from either HDT cloaks and capes or Artesian cloaks and the game will get micro stutters during flight testing (happens also just walking around). So my questions are: Am I the only one that is OCD enough to care about these micro stutters? Do other people experience them with HDT SMP cloaks? Could this be a possible conflict with animation mods in my load order? Why only cloaks and capes? Any insight appreciated For the time being I am keeping body, clothing and hair and using 360 YY animations for some cloak flair but would love to keep a stutter free game and have beautiful flowing loaks and capes Thanks Nico " Hope that helps clarify the nature of my query for those who have yet to arrive at the party
  7. No worries, brother Moral support is always appreciated
  8. Yep! Those rads are hell on a girls skin!
  9. Hmmm... all I could hear when I saw this was...
  10. Free! At last! Free! Oh bloody hell! The world has really gone to sh*t, hasn't it? Oh well... let's go find out what's going on...
  11. Well played, dear friend This is exactly the kind of adventuring spirit and determination that I mean to encourage every time I say... Adventure ever on, Phat No surrender, no retreat, everyone fights, no one quits.
  12. Not sure why... but seeing this image made me hear this...
  13. BGS map markers get thoroughly confusing with multi-level destinations. "It's right there, dammit!" Hahaha You see it right in front of you and yet cannot tell what floor it is on until you get right up to the marker only to find the marker is now on the ceiling or even more confusing, right on the ground! Well... it looks like I need to find my way to that other floor... here we go! When I saw the multi-level maps in games like Greedfall and Horizon Zero Dawn it was like a bolt of light! THAT is how to do it! Hahaha Adventure ever on dear friend, Phat
  14. Hope y'all can help with one question... Are there any cloak mods for Skyrim that do not lag and stutter using SMP cloth physics? Had micro-stutter using SMP hair and cloth. Finally located the trouble mod to be Artesian Cloaks. Removed Artesian Cloaks from the mix and stutter vanished miraculously... Any ideas for a replacement that is easier on the frame rate? Many thanks in advance dear friends and adventure ever on, Phat
  15. Not I, general, ma'am! Shall I have the guards escort private Gravy Stain to the brig, ma'am, or would you prefer we string him up for lashes right here and now?
  16. Beautiful sky Just need the folks from the Walking Dead to come remove their creepy scenery and props! hahaha
  17. Wait... this isn't the dugout! It's Preston's Playhouse! hahaha
  18. phatbassanchor


    More of a Won't now... heehee
  19. Vault 111... sounds vaguely familiar... I'm getting chills all of a sudden for some strange reason... haha Yeah, fat load of good the location of the vault we escaped does us now... wait a moment... it must've been one of the synths that was assigned to Corn Flake... er... I mean Kellogg. Are you sure that there is no other info? Dig, woman, dig! Get me data! Hahaha
  20. So, you're saying you want me to babysit a fully grown, adult woman? Dude! I'm here to save the world! I have better things to do! Well, she is hot and knows how to fight... What do you say, Cait? Team up? I doubt that is your normal modus operandi but I guess you could lend a hand... Cait: Modus what? What did you just call me? Modus operandi... your method of operation. Cait: Alright. But, I've got my eye on you
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