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  1. "Phat's Lovely and Lethal Elisse and her Tribe share Book of UUNP style" is a collection of images from my play of long lost Elisse whom I dearly loved. There are far too many images to share all of them. So, these are the best of them. There are quite a few that feature my favorite dragonscale armor from that set. It takes me three different mods now in CBBE SE to get half the armor options that are included in Book of UUNP! Spice Girls gives me that same bikini "cuirass" if you can call it that... In the CBBE it's the dragonbone model. Go figure. So, here's a little reminiscing
  2. I had to insert at least one image from a file. The real gallery is in the comment section. Dova and Eerika are both wearing the Book of UUNP dragonscale boots and gauntlets as well as the elite rogue armor while Jenassa dons the red barbarian explorer. Adventure on dear friends, Phat
  3. No worries brother I enjoyed the humor and pop culture references in the older Fallout titles. It ranged from the deepest, darkest gallows humor to all out silliness. So, I'm actually looking forward to the humor myself. I expect that kind of thing from Obsidian and enjoy it. However, I'm hoping for something completely different from Starfield. I love sci fi as much as fantasy. I live for both. Yet, the only titles that have really interested me in sci fi gaming in a long time are the Outer Worlds and this new Starfield. Horizon Zero Dawn is more of a fantasy game with sci fi e
  4. Fallout has been my primary sci fi game since dropping CnC, Half Life/Blue Shift and Doom 3. I still have those old CD's. I just haven't played any of them in many years. TBH, most sci fi game titles just don't measure up to my expectations. I recently purchased a copy of the Outer Worlds. I'm looking forward to playing that and Horizon Zero Dawn very soon. I need to set up my new to me PC. I gave HZD a spin on the old laptop here... Can you say severe frame rate stutter, children? I knew you could RIP Fred Rogers. Adventure on dear friend, Phat
  5. Todd has said many things before, most of which were fallacies, half truths and utter lies. It just works my phat assets! Haha Todd can make a sun baked dog turd sound like prime rib. I believe it if I can see it for myself and sniff the wind for shite! Thanks mate, cheers Adventure on, Phat
  6. The more options the merrier I say I don't mind playing some games that have predetermined characters like Geralt of Rivia in Witcher games or De Sardet, a noble of the Merchant Congregation in Greedfall. As long as there are different ways to play as the character Phat is happy. However, I play that type of game once in a while with much less frequent replay than totally open world environments... I live in Skyrim. I'm hoping that Starfield will allow me to make a Han Solo meets Malcolm Reynolds type leading a gang of misfits that work together with freakish efficiency. But, the
  7. Cheating Chests https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/8769 and Crafting Supplies - All In One https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/2359 These mods have both been in my game so long that I forget which one adds what... So, I'll try to remember all that they add together. The locations are primarily in RW and WR. However, there are some others about like an additional enchanting items chest at Calcelmo's enchanter and a container full of all the items added by Dragonborn next to Glover's smelter. I'm unsure If I've found them all. Between these chests there i
  8. Greetings friends Y'all know that Phat cheats... a lot! I'm always talking about it and get a lot of requests to share what mods I use. So, here they are... all that are currently in my active LO. These all work together very well. Some you will see are not entirely cheats in and of themselves, they just have a few cheaty aspects or fall into that ever grey area of debate as to whether they are cheats or not. The way I figure it... I played the game as it was intended to be played, now I play the game how I want to play it, heavily modded! I inserted a brief description by each mod
  9. As an old school RPG player since 1980 I can totally dig the RP aspect.
  10. Phat in Combat... Vassa Tuz Lovaas takes on Ustengrav... Oz Zahkrii Lovaas hunting giants to demo More Giant's Toe by dann1telecom I'll see what else I can dig up to edit. I have well over an hour of video from battling through Vodahmin Qoth by Gr8Zomb. But, editing that mess is literally death by a thousand cuts! Adventure on dear friends, Phat
  11. Y'all know Phat cheats. So, I'd have to say the "Don't hurt me" setting sounds about right for me too
  12. Greetings dearest Adella I only have one character that I did as a Dead is Dead run. He died in Helgen at the fangs of Alduin and none shall remember his name... Adventure ever on my beloved angel, Phat Kisses
  13. You are always most welcome darling
  14. Need to borrow LeBurns favorite toon for that. Sam has a temper but vents it without saying anything offensive. Hahahaha
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