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  1. Found this on Nexus this morning.  Hopefully this a more balanced perspective on the upcoming Skyrim AE...


    It seems that Skyrim AE will be a paid option after all and not rolled out to all SSE users.  However, they will need to update Creation Club to accommodate this new version.  So, if you use SKSE and do not wish to have all your extensions broken, please set your SSE in Steam accordingly to avoid breaking those extensions.  

    Excerpt that supports my reason for not liking this idea...  You do not need to agree...

    The downside

    In tandem with the release of Skyrim AE, Skyrim SE will also receive an update including the above mentioned free mini-DLC. While that is great, at the same time - as a side effect of that update - the current version of Skyrim Script Extender will no longer work with the game version and will need to be adapted by its developers.

    Skyrim Script Extender (shortened to SKSE) is a requirement for many popular mods, especially for some that came out in the last couple of years (SKSE plugins / native code plugins). As a result, many if not all mods that depend on SKSE will no longer function until SKSE has been updated to work with Skyrim AE. Some examples of mods that may break due to this change include: Sky UI, Race Menu, XPMSSE, True Directional Movement - to name a few. Other mods may even need additional tweaking, so they might not start working again as soon as SKSE is adapted but will require more work from their authors to be compatible with Skyrim AE and the Anniversary Update.

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    2. Adella


      Ah my dear Phat, yes it has been too long sweetie!

      Now, I feel the need to comment on Creation Club as a whole and especially pertinent to the recent additions.

      You see, Bethesda owns TES, and anything Bethesda adds in is therefore automatically lore, like it or not! Some of the Creation Club offerings are not thoughtfully added to the lore, but rather just some mods Bethesda thought a good idea and part commissioned, part simply endorsed as a ‘Creation’. 

      This means your game, which you want to be faithful to its original concept is now bastardised by the very company that makes it.  Inexplicably, some features that SHOULD be lore are omitted.   I am going to blow Arthmoor’s trumpet a little now (and not because we are in AFK).  His little town additions of Oakwood and Granite Hill are absolutely lore and should have been in the base game. Indeed Jarl Siddgier even mentions Granite Hill in his ramblings to Steward Nenya.  So why oh why are these not ‘Creations’, and in the event Art should choose not to hand them to Bethesda…Well, then Bethesda should make their own version of these towns…..because they are lore…right!   I will not get into the omission of spell making, suffice to say another lore feature simply ignored.

      Yet! Many ‘Creations’ or lore additions as they are, make no good sense.  Armoured Mudcrab for one…who the hell would Dwarven armour a crab?…and how would it survive the process? It is nonsensical.  Then..adding in various items from TES iV and even III.  The armour of the Crusader for example…yes it would likely still exist two hundred years later, but why add it in to Skyrim?  The latest Creations forced upon us include multiple items from Oblivion and the Shivering Isles expansion…so suddenly we have a whole slew of ‘Rare Curios’ which were not previously in Skyrim and would have been very unlikely imports to a freezing climate.  As for fishing…I am ambivalent, but there seems little point even as a freebie.

      In conclusion I feel Bethesda has handled the entire issue of changing lore features very poorly, in fact thoughtlessly, with little to no sound justification or explanation for most of it.

      I shall not be surprised if a Dwarven armoured Thomas the Tank Engine suddenly become base game lore at some point.  Bethesda are milking a cash cow, but making a seriously conceived brilliant game into a joke in the process.

      Tailpiece: I did enjoy the ‘Saints and Seducers’ Creation….although it was initially very disappointing until certain books and letters explained what was going on.  I did want to see more of the real Daedra though and perhaps have Sheo’s  ‘ladies’ back stories fleshed a little more.  I have no direct prior experience of Aureal or Mazken since it was all before my time, but my inept host did spend rather a long time in the Shivering Isles and was quite excited to see them again.

      Well, time has flown, and so must I.  My Plutonium trial challenge is well underway and lots of fun, if not still somewhat dangerous as Dead is Dead challenges always are!

      Let’s catch up again soon sweetpea hmmm.

      A. :wub:


    3. phatbassanchor


      Beloved Angel...

      I've pretty much ranted myself dry over this debacle.  So, there is not much to add from my side.  However, I do agree with you in full.  It is good to hear this commentary from the Xbox side as many of my complaints stem from CC content breaking my SKSE extensions and trashing my game.  I learned that lesson the hard way and will not allow those updates through any longer.  When I discovered that AE had an update for everyone in addition to the AE paid version, I scrambled to DL the pre-AE version as I had yet to install SSE on the Falcon, only Horizon Zero Dawn, Outer Worlds and Greedfall were installed at the time.  So, I am pleased to report that on 11/8/21 I was successful in setting up SSE with SKSE from before the AE update and have a working copy of SSE that does not contain any of the AE crap.  Huzzah! 

      I still need to install all my mods.  However, I have enough installed that launch SSE via SKSE without accepting the update.  I'm still awaiting my CC content opt out button, Mr. Howard.  I prefer to keep my SSE with the content that I want and not be forced to take content that I do not want and do not need in my game.  I do like the new Indoril armor.  I just got a look at that in Talyn82's recent image post in the gallery here.  It's rather impressive, the best armor of that type I've seen to date.  But, I'd prefer to have it as a stand alone armor to add to my Solstheim without being forced to take all the other crap.  Again, it all comes back to choice.  Being forced to accept all this content is wrong IMHO.  I don't like the idea one little bit.  I carefully hand select and test every mod I use.  I keep what I like and uninstall the rest.  If it works I endorse it, even if I don't keep it, and give positive feedback to the authors concentrating first on what I liked and occasionally making suggestions.  Nico liked quite a few of my suggestions so we worked together on several mods, including a full redesign of archery in Skyrim for both vanilla preferences as well as custom options.  So, I'm always trying my level best to contribute to this wonderful Skyrim modding community.  Nico's wanting to teach me to make my own mods.  So, we'll be starting that very soon.  My son's been helping me get my room in order so I can remove the Falcon from her perch in the front room and bring her in here.  So, this is happening:highfive:  Nico and I are both still running the pre-AE SSE.  So, we're still on the same version, which will help.  I'm really looking forward to that.:wub:

      My humble condolences to your Xbox SSE, having to accept the AE update.  I've been coaching a friend on using mods for her SSE on PC.  She missed my advice for preventing updates before being ready for them with updated mods that overcome the challenges of new updates.  So, she's stuck with the AE update.  I've been helping her as best I can but there are still problems.  She's had multiple crashes and at least one complete game failure thus far.  She has been able to get back into previous game saves with her previous characters yet cannot use most of the slider options in Racemenu to create new characters yet.  So, Racemenu isn't working properly and will likely need an update.  I won't even bother firing up SSE if Racemenu isn't going to work.  I enjoy my beautiful characters most of all.  Some of my vast array of mods should work just fine with AE because they do not require script extensions.  However, the SKSE dependant mods are keystones that allow my enjoyment to free flow.  Not having them would block my joy entirely.  Some examples are SkyUI, Racemenu, Bodyslide, XPMSE skeleton and many others.  I have a ton of mods that require those basic SKSE dependent mods just to be able to function.  So, the failures have a domino affect.  SKSE gets broken by CC, then Racemenu and Bodyslide break which means no custom characters which includes many of my followers as well. 

      My last LO was well over 400 mods.  Breaking SKSE would remove at least 100 of those... maybe more.  So, Phat is in no hurry to allow the AE update through... Maybe in six month or a year from now... maybe...  I'm in no hurry to go fishing and I will NEVER, EVER, EVER chose Survival Mode.  I do not need or want that sh** in my game! 

      Well... that was quite a gusher of a rant from what I thought was a dry well!  Have a towel, dearest... Apologies for the spray there...  :lmao: 

      I think I'll quit while I'm behind here...:fear:

      Beloved Adella, you are always most welcome.  Please drop in anytime.  Maybe next time we can simply retire to the aft lounge and have a drink or 12, hmmm?  I'd enjoy that immensely.:hug:

      Adventure ever on my sweet angel:wub:

      Hugs and kisses, Phat:hug:

    4. phatbassanchor


      The mention of gusher, towel and spray reminds me of a true story from my childhood...

      My grandmother moved from her native, western Pennsyvania home to Florida in the early 1970's.  So, I was fortunate to be able to visit the "Sunshine State" on many occasions... including the year we thought Disney World was already open and turned up to find just an information booth in front of an expansive construction site!  Hahaha:lmao: 

      Well... Grandma was centrally located in a town called Orange City near Silver Springs.  So, we saw Disney World in it's inaugural year, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Six Flags en route and made many trips to Daytona Beach... 

      About the time I started to notice girls, we were at Daytona Beach, cruising the streets behind the extensive boardwalk searching for a place to eat and a good spot to lay out our beach towels.  Unbeknownst to us at the time, the driver's side windshield washer nozzle had gotten twisted somehow and pointed not at the windscreen but out to the side instead.  You get a film build up on your windshield from the heavy salt content in the air near the ocean.  There was a car to the side of us at a red light when Dad decided the salt spray was a bit too much to see through and hit the washer lever...  The fellow sitting next to us looks at Dad and straight as an arrow asked, "Do you serve towels with your showers?"  Hahahahahahahaha:rofl: 

      Fortunately, Dad's squirt gun, glass wash spray victim was a good sport.  Dad offered him a stack of paper towels from our picnic bag and even offered the guy a beer.  We were all laughing... both car loads of us... 

      I miss my Dad and my grandma.  Both passed over 30 years ago now, Dad went just six months after grandma... He made one last trip to see his mother before she passed and gave up the ghost barely six months later.  It's like he was living just to see his mother one last time. 

      Apologies... didn't mean to go all maudlin there... 

      Likely needless to say but I have many cherished memories of our family road trips to Florida.  It was our vacation every year.  My last visit was just Dad and I.  We saw a NASA shuttle launch, live.  I'll never forget that. 

      Adventure ever on, Phat:blackhand:

      PS:  RIP Jack and Margaret...  Rest ye in heaven with all the other saints.  I'll be along soon...  All my love...:hug:

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