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  1. PS the animal rights activist you mention should have been educated as to the danger to wild life these feral animals represent and government should be ashamed of their knee jerk reaction and obvious lack of knowledge of the situation. If possible these problems should be solve humanely but there are times when drastic measures are nessercery.
  2. I disagree neutering house hold pets that belong to responsible owners who make sure their pets do not get the chance to mate. Its the fault of the a- holes who should never be aloud to own any animal of any kind, and dump them when they become a to much trouble to look after, the kind of thing you are describing just does not happen in anything like the level you describe in the part of Europe I live in. Feral dogs are almost non existent, cats on the other hand are a different story. The birds and small mammals suffer a lot, to counter that there are many charities that catch these cats and rehouse them if possible or sterilize then then release back to the wild which is showing a decrease in the problem as the birthrate is lowered. Its not perfect but I get the impression that the problem is far worse where you are than here. So the two situations are probably not comparable.
  3. I have had dogs most of my life, and as you say a female in heat can leave quite a mess and for that reason we have had the few female dogs we have had spayed for that reason. One thing we have never had is a male that marks inside the house and they have al kept their equipment. We teach them to mark outside. The other problem you mention of over full pounds is I admit heart breaking but the cause is owners who do not make sure that their dogs do not mate except when they want them to and never just for the hell of it, or abandoned or free roaming dogs that run around on their own without supervision from their owners.
  4. yes he has all his shot up to date and I am not having his dangly bits removed, my take is if you cant control your dog with his balls you cant do it without them either.
  5. on the way in post production.
  6. I made a new video last night hope you guys like it. https://youtu.be/SWQy97nV8Aw
  7. glad I'm not on survival difficulty it's miles to that dam settlement Preston sent me to, to hell with it I'm fast transporting my arse out of here.
  8. and Brahmin fat crème to protect you delicate complexion.
  9. and why would that interest me.
  10. Uncus


    if you cant find what you are looking for she don't work here any more. (if you are female substitute "he")
  11. Uncus

    There it is.

    anyone got a septem for the glow meter.
  12. I've been throwing rocks at that nit wit for the last ten minutes trying to get him to trip this trap, I'm going to go all Yosemite Sam on him any minute now.
  13. no got nothing for this one, the one that comes up with the best comment gets a gold star.
  14. Who put pepper sauce in my mead, when I catch that Kahjite clown I'll split him from crown to crotch.
  15. Its always a bummer when those little hooks at the back get stuck, here I'll help out and slit it on the front.
  16. Uncus

    Poor Mammoth...

    We really need to clear up this place the rotting cadavers are attracting way too many skevers.
  17. Ok you two just talk amongst your selves I'll go look at some more screen shots.
  18. One day we will be millionaires son and own all this. Just need to get that lucky break.
  19. Benny thinks, "I wish she would lay off the juice, She could be really great if she was more focused".
  20. nothing up this sleeve and nothing up the other sleeve.
  21. to nights broadcast of the Voice has some thing special for you. Following the Skaldic traditions of northern Skyrim Benny and Agneata will be giving you their arrangement of "Ragnar the Red".
  22. thanks for this, I do have the full upgrade and it seems to work fine. However I would have liked the option to toggle individual packages on or off in the same way you can toggle dlc's in the older games until you are ready to play them.
  23. Last Seed - Primary Needs Wellness Disease at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com) just found this its the survival like mod I was talking about above. its also available for old rim and has been posted twice first by chesko in 2017, released as a test mod. Then later by Aytrus in 2021 which appears to be a full release not sur how legal it is I have not played the latest version yet.
  24. yes I watched that video a while back think you showed it in a similar discution on Beth net. There is a way round that either buy it or the original author gives a free licence to allow Beth to use it to fix their game. Or some other legal mumbo jumbo beneficial to both parties. Or best of all hire the unofficial patch team and just pay them handsomely to do their thing. PS where do you think the fishing CC mod came from, it's almost identical to Chesko's mod. Check out this mod for old rim from chesko Art of the Catch at Skyrim Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com) As is survival mode very similar to a mod proposed on Chesko's own web site, in fact I would not be surprised if Chesko is not employed by Bethesda in some way be it on staff or a consultant, of course I have no hard evidence so make up your own mind about it.
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