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  1. I would also like to add something to this, History is done you can't change it, you can how ever study it and learn from it and try to do better.
  2. It is growing on my as long as you keep your group small and invite only
  3. In the 50's and 60's the world started to get more freedom on all fronts, the 70's was ok too but in the 80's and 90's blue meenies started getting more power simply because the powers that be did not dare to say get a life when people started complaining about things they mostly did not know anything about or understand. taking things out of context and wanted to rewrite history just because it did not fit their mind set and could not understand that these things evolve, what is acceptable behaviour in one century is not what future centuries accept that's just the way it was. that does not m
  4. Nice one Fenrus, made me smile this morning thanks fore that.
  5. I don't like the management in Markarth in my current play through I might try and assassinate the whole bunch of them and see what happens.
  6. In some ways in am becomeing carfully interested but I’ll wait until after launch and see how it is recieved by the community.
  7. Don't remember seeing them do that, but for some reason I don’t spend much time in Markarth
  8. Least y Least you tried mate, Thanks for the effort it is appreciated.
  9. I’m taking a wait and see stance on this one, want see some independent game play from some one like Sah I can trust. By independent I mean some one who bought the game after launch with their own money, not an early access freebie sponsored by developers or publishers.
  10. Well you always read or watch my stuff so I could do no less or your stuff. And to be honest some are not very long so I can watch more tan one at a time.
  11. I’m trying to work through your videos there are more than I thought so it will take a while. You have been very prolific, so far the qualty has been very good.
  12. I suppose it could be that the PS work might only be on the back burner. As Beth is now a member of "The Microsoft Family" They might keep it PC X Box exclusive then release PS maybe six months or a year latter.
  13. Could not agree more, been a bit hectic here but not have a couple of days off and a fortnight Thursday II retire then things should be more relaxed. Will be getting some new stuff out soon ASAP. No the whip will not be nessercery it will only distract me.
  14. I’ll be on my last legs with my present PC by then and have no money for a new one,assuming I’m not dead by then.
  15. Hi Helga, sorry I’ve not been to your discord much it’s nothing personal I just don’t like discord as a communication method. At the moment I have not got the patience to learn its controls properly or get used to its format. That may change after I retire soon and have more time for that sort of thing.
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