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  1. Thank you for your response. I would REALLY hate to start over with MO2 IF I don't have to (I've got more than 600 mods). I know there's a solution to this specific error, as I got a response that resolved the issue a couple of years ago, when I migrated to Wrye Bash 307, Beta 5, and got the same error. Unfortunately, now that I've installed Version 308, and it generates the Error, when i go back to 307, Beta 5, it TOO is generating the identical error. I am running Wyre Bash as "administrator", so I know that's not the issue. DRAT!! Thank you anyway...maybe I should just to play Mass Ef
  2. I uninstalled Wrye Bash 307, Beta 5 and installed Wrye Bash 308. I'm using Mod Organizer for Skyrim LE (not MO2). And I have Wrye Bash added to MO as a Helper Operation. Now, when I try to execute Wrye Bash, I get the following error: "failed to inject dll into 'WryeBash.exe': failed to access thread context. Please note that Mod Organizer does not support 64bit binaries! (The parameter is incorrect. [87])" I uninstalled 308 and tried to go back to 307, Beta 5, but now, it TOO gives me the same Error. I had this identical problem a couple of years ago when I updated Wry
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