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  1. I was hoping that someone here (Arthmoor perhaps XD) could tell me what steps USSEP takes to address the faulty scripting in the Break of Dawn quest where the player has the potential to fall to their death from the sky and potentially explain the issue further to me. More specifically why this issue can reappear in the presence of other mods that don't overwrite the DA09Script. From my limited research into the problem, it seems that it's being caused by the use of the utility.wait() function and is either a result of an overloaded game or an error in the calculation of the player fall time. Or a combination of those? In any case, if this is the case (which it very well may not be) why doesn't the USSEP replacement script edited in such a way to prevent the fall entirely instead as that seems like the more solid fix in my humble opinion. Thanks! <3
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