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  1. Can I still use a vortex
  2. I have special addition so the SE one right.. and honestly I just look and still can't see where to put this topic.
  3. Thanks for your help! IM a new guy and to all of this always been a plug and play guy. I have been trying to learn modding and have probably logged 10+ hours reading and watching videos on this subject Why did I end up here I have no ideal except maybe I was reading about the patch followed it here. Then went on to something else then something lead me back to here to the forum I left it open on browser. Then sometimes I forget why I went into the other room, but after all it is the bathroom so it's a easy fix.. All kidding aside can you move it or should I..
  4. and how do I add it as a tool in Vortex?
  5. is this the one I need FNIS Behavior SE 7_6 XXL? Date uploaded 19 Feb 2020, 11:10AM File size 3.6MB Unique DLs 131.6k Total DLs 216.8k Version 7.6
  6. I have been watching Gopher VORTEX - Beginner's and have down loaded two MODs and SSE unofficial patch. A Vortex popup told me I need to put a FNIS in it's tool box. So to try this I had to click out of the box so I can't say if it said why and also I've sleep since then. Thanks I'm new at doing stuff like this and I appreciate your help. Also the knowledge some people have to create thing like this amazes me..
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