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  1. @Beermotor Thanks! I'll add those cleaning reports shortly. As for the Relev tag for JS Armored Circlets, we do actually have that tag already, but it doesn't look like it's appropriate. It only adds entries to leveled lists. As for Become Jarl of Ivarstead, I can't find anything forwarded by Stats, & the C.Location-related changes look like they might be wild edits (there seem to be a lot).
  2. @Beermotor Thanks for the report, I'll add it & tags/wild edits info in a bit. @0mukade@Dreifels Thanks for the reports as well, but we have cleaning data for all of those mods already. Although, I'm not sure how you're getting hundreds of ITMs in USSEP @Dreifels. I only get 7 when cleaning USSEP v4.2.5a with xEdit v4.0.3, & 0 with v4.0.3g (the currently preferred version for cleaning).
  3. @Pantheon @Malonn Please make sure to link to the mods you're providing cleaning reports for. Please also denote which version(s) of the plugin you cleaned & for which game (just to be sure).
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