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  1. I am using LOOT on Skyrim SE. I get these warnings: In both cases I can't find a patch
  2. I believe that I said that I had already read LOOT's documentation, and the questions were questions that LOOT's documentation did not answer. If you know the answers, or have any background using LOOT and a modding guide that requires a fixed load order, then please answer back. What I do know is that if I use LOOT's sort - and - apply with MO2's locked load order, it will overwrite MO2's load order. Plugins.txt I am referring to. So how can i use group editor to 'lock' a lot of plugins into a fixed load order? Does LOOT sort within a group? And does a user-made group overwride the default group? I would prefer the guides mods before any others I might add on... Thank you.
  3. " The "weighting number" was priority. Priorities were replaced by groups, which provide roughly the same feature. " Do you see what I am trying to do? I have a fallout 4 modding guide, and one of the requirements is that the load order is sacrosanct. Your PC will implode if the load order is not correct. So,how would groups let me do this? Do I make just one group, and then insert the whole load order or what... Is there a good manual / tutorial on how best to use groups so I don't take up all of your time? If the group editor in LOOT's documentation is the best you know of, then a few questions, please... 1. are plugins sorted within a group? 2. Do groups have priority over the default group? 3. Is my best option 'load after'...?
  4. I am hearing rumors on a discord channel that LOOT 'breaks' FO4 load orders... It is the BiRaitBec FO4 Modding Community channel, BTW. BiRaitBec's mod list "requires" a certain mod order, and LOOT will re-sort that order... On another note (sort of a continuation, really...) If memory serves wasn't there a way to give mods a 'weighting number' so you could make a mod's number, say, 1024 and then give a mod you wanted to follow 1025..? Is that option still available and how do I access it if so?
  5. Chock full of questions I am... 1. I installed some groups using the group editor and when I uninstall LOOT and reinstall LOOT I still have these groups. How do I get them off of my system? 2. Currently my groups metadata links go from 'default' to 'core' and then to 'low priority'. I want the links to go from 'default' to 'low priority' THEN to 'core'. But I cannot remove the existing links.
  6. That tells me nothing... How do I go about fixing this issue? I have uninstalled 3.16, then re-installed 3.14, which worked yesterday. Now, after installing 3.16 no version works. Or are you going to say it is an MO2 issue...? Nevermind... It seems that it was the group editor thing.
  7. You mean this? " General Information Masterlist Revision 21a8d5b Masterlist Date 2018-11-30 Warnings 7 Errors 4 Total Messages 29 Active Plugins 225 Dirty Plugins 0 Total Plugins 227 Latest LOOT thread. Your SKSE64 is up-to-date. You have not sorted your load order this session. A new release of LOOT is available.
  8. Just installed 13.6. (Loot told me to!) Now I get " Error Failed to sort plugins. Details: see general messages for details. " This may very well be the first time I upgraded using MO2, but I have never seen this before and have no clue where general messages are.... (Or, what I did wrong!) (I did the upgrade OUTSIDE of MO2...)
  9. Silverlock don't have a newer SKSE64 than 2.00.08 on their website front page. Is the one for 1.5.53.x the 2.00.09 in the archives? Looks a bit fishy as it has the same timestamp as the 2.00.08... Edit: Silverlock's website updated and indeed the 2.00.09 is good to go.

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