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  1. Quest ID: DB05 Quest Giver: Astrid Prerequisite Quest: The silence has been broken (ID DB04a) Hello, I hope all is well. There is a rare bug that has never been patched in the Dark Brotherhood quest line. For years, I have occasionally run into it on some play throughs. This time I have exhausted the extent of solutions that I know to work around it. None of them work. At the end of DB quest “The Silence Has Been Broken” Astrid is suppose to give the next quest which is Bound Until Death, however after her dialogue, the quest line doesn’t initiate. Upon speaking to her, it doesn’t initiate. I have tried to use the quest bugger, but it will only work for quests that are within the journal. I am playing on Xbox One so I cannot use console commands to advance the quest line. Reading the wiki on the quest, it is stated that “it is possible to not obtain the quest after “The Silence Has Been Broken.” The reason being unknown. I have encounter this bug without mods and with mods. I have the unofficial Skyrim Patch installed and I have the Debugger. I can’t seem to find a way to force start a quest. I will await you all’s answer. If more information is needed, I will gladly provide more. I hope this is worthy of you all’s time and attention. Thank you.
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