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  1. i found files with those names, but .psc not .pex. Tried deleting them and playing the game, no change. as for order i just uninstalled all them and took the collection and the order is: skyrim dawnguard hearthfire dragonborn highres played the game, things seem to be ok now. so the order of things fixed it...... love these mods, fixed so many problems i had, and i am happy this is resolved. but why does the order they are loaded matter?
  2. for some reason the unofficial skyrim mod stops me from being able to absorb dragon souls, it seems to be ancient dragons that are affected ( have yet to kill any others since i tried this mod) i tried many ways to fix this and found that taking this mod out fixed the problem... not sure why. the dragons that i killed are two random spawned ancient dragons in the town you go to after helgen (cannot remember name) and one at a dragon location that i had never been to before, safe with other characters. this was not happening before i installed this mod, and stopped after i turned it off. the other unofficial mods are all installed, only this one seems to make the bug happen.
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