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  1. Through obsessive determination and review of the program error and accessible settings along with pc terms and mod type info I had been acquiring the past few days I fixed the issue myself. The fix was far more simple than I expected. Within Loot's Settings After the game between Masterlist Repository Branch and Install Path Registry Key is a completely empty column called Install Path, on the line in this column next to the game you are trying to use Loot for type in the proper Install path all the way to the game name just before and not including it's .exe file. Now your Loot works again
  2. [10:15:36.903159] [error]: Game-specific settings could not be initialised: Cannot set the current game: the game with folder "Skyrim Special Edition" is not installed. I'm new to modding and have been going through pages of google threads, youtube videos and now a step by step manual on MO2 setup at LoversLabs. I've been absorbing knowledge for 2 days now, but not all sources recommend the same Procedural steps or file save locations. I had installed my game before looking into anything that had to do with how to get the mods and found I needed to move my game out of Programx86 file. Aft
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