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  1. And another update to this weeks experimentals, a few of the fixes on this list have needed fixing for ages .. Experimental Branch Update 26/02 Fixed an issue that caused Cuboid Roof Caps to snap to the floor, rather than the roof, of Cuboid Rooms. Added a chance to find cargo pods at derelict freighter space encounters. Fixed an issue that caused extra, incorrect inventory tabs to appear when comparing ships or freighters. Fixed an issue that caused frigates not to award cargo. Water reflections have been removed in PC VR (matching PS VR) to improve visual quality. A toggle has been added to the General Options menu to disable Auto Torch. Fixed a number of issues that prevented Atlas words from being learned correctly.
  2. Experimental Branch Update 25/02 Slightly reduced the time taken for Living Ship components to mature, so that they do not exceed 24 hours. Implemented a recovery fix for players whose Starbirth missions failed to locate an appropriate planet or building at the coordinates steps. Fixed an issue which duplicated the default filter in photo mode. Fixed an issue that caused pinned instructions involving Atlas Stones to suggest that Atlas Stones could be collected from factories. Fixed an issue which affected the portable refiner when picking it up with one too few inventory slots available.
  3. Experimental Branch Update 21/02 Fixed an issue that caused too much warp fuel to be consumed when warping in VR. Fixed an issue that caused HUD elements to be incorrectly displayed during warp. Fixed an issue that caused ships to judder and disappear when landing in multiplayer. Fixed an issue that caused players to miss the landing pads when landing at an outpost. Expedition holograms now turn green when the expedition is complete. Fixed an issue that caused 'Hostile Ships Defeated' audio to play when combat frigates arrive to assist in a fight. Fixed a rare crash when collecting cargo from a frigate. Fixed a rare crash that could occur when streaming in the Space Anomaly. Added the ability to use nanites to evolve upgrades that have been installed inside Living Ships. Fixed a small visual glitch that could occur when exiting mission dialogue interactions. Fixed an issue that allowed re-interaction with a living ship that was flying away. Fixed an issue that caused stats to be named incorrectly in the descriptions of upgrade modules. Prevented the Starbirth mission from starting in the middle of a multiplayer Nexus mission. Experimental Branch 21/02 Fixed a number of minor visual issues with the Living Ship cockpits. Fixed a visual issue with the contrails from the Living Ship. Fixed an issue that caused shuttle-class starships to change appearance. Fixed a rare crash that could occur when handing in a Nexus mission. Fixed a crash that could occur when pinning directions for Frost Crystals. Fixed a number of small mission flow problems in the directions for various substances. Fixed an issue that allowed two living ships to spawn at the same location. Fixed an issue that could cause portal warps to fail, resulting in players being returned to their previous system or pushed under the terrain.
  4. Experimental Branch 20/02 Fixed a rare softlock in the final stage of the Starbirth mission. Fixed an issue where players who reloaded after completing the Starbirth mission but before claiming the Living Ship could lose the ship. Fixed a rare mission problem where one of the later stages of the Starbirth mission would fail to find an appropriate star system. Fixed a series of problems that could occur when trying to begin the Starbirth mission on the other side of a portal. Fixed a console-only issue that caused grass colours to change. (This issue was present on PC experimental, but was fixed before the full release of 2.3 on PC.) Fixed an issue that could allow players to claim a distress beacon as a starship when seeking a second Living Ship. Fixed a number of crashes when loading savegames that had a distress beacon as a starship. Fixed a crash related to loading the cockpit space map.
  5. That Lo2k Asteroids mod looks like just the thing for me, thanks Arthmoor I have it bookmarked for when I start modding the game eventually (unless Hellogames listen to us and update the frequency of asteroids themselves at some point) ---------------------------------------- The Living Ship update .. https://www.nomanssky.com/living-ship-update/ .. Though at time of writing, steam depots still need updating and gog files, its still only supplying the Experimental 18/02 update (probably in the next couple of hours / days) Here's the fix list in the spoiler below, but have a good look at the link above, this update is a lot more than just fixes Sean Murray has also been tweeting : "This last week or two has been a lot of fun for Hello Games and hopefully the community. It all started with a mystery egg... Our weekly community mission was to unlock a mysterious egg shaped object (instead of our more normal weekly content drops) and then things got weird If you bought an egg and kept it in your ship there was a tiny chance it would begin to whisper, piecing those whispers together led to a planet where the community could find more clues to try and hatch the egg Late last night through their hard work players began to unlock new features in an experimental build. It was a super lovely moment for the team here and hopefully for the community too You might have noticed since Beyond we've been experimenting with something new - regular feature updates every month or so, along with community missions and new content every week In previous years we have focused the team around one large update, leaving maybe 8 months where not much happened. Sometimes there were fun features that were wrapped up in other things waiting for release Whilst we continue to work on more radical things longer term in the background, in the meantime we are experimenting with releasing content we know the community would enjoy as soon as we’re able. It's fairly organic, and we'll adapt as we go We're enjoying these more regular updates, and hopefully the community seems to too. This January had more players on all platforms than any previous year, with longer, more varied sessions too. Hopefully folks will be excited about what we’re up to next whatever form it takes" That note in his tweets mentioning putting the Void Egg in your SHIPS INVENTORY : I got this wrong and went with the reddit posts and just put it in my Exxosuit inventory = You dont get the Void Egg messages leading you through solving the coordinates. So I am going back to my pre-Experimental save to experience the whole thing Love this game, its developing waaay beyond what I thought it would become back in 2016. I also find in more recent updates since the Vulcan Experimental and Beyond Updates, I can't fault it on performance, the new NVidia drivers ability to cap FPS one below your monitor screen refresh rate has probably helped too, I have it at 59, and the game is set to max FPS of 60, so there are no latency issues anymore causing occasional micro stutter (which was a thing prior to the Vulcan update). The new laptop may have helped too .. Whatever solved it anyway the game has been smooth as butter since all of those, and whatever improvements Hellogames have just done in this update shoud help lesser machine specs. Edit : An Interview Sean Murray gave reference Living Ships update .. https://www.gamesradar.com/no-mans-sky-creator-sean-murray-discusses-living-ship-expanding-space-exploration-and-the-future/ .. Lord knows how long Hellogames will be working on this game, but it sounds like they will be working on it for at least another year.
  6. Experimental update 18/02 is up ..
  7. None I keep a clean install, and after beta testing I always roll back to the save I made before beta testing, so that there is no chance of residual issues from betas or mods to affect my bug reports to HelloGames. If I were playing with mods you then get into a waiting game of needing an update before you can play again so as not to potentially cause any save game issues due to out of date dependancies (although I dont think this game is as dependant upon what you have installed as much as say Skyrim was, but the procedural maths and effect of those in game if upset by mods including old game files I think could be a bit of a pain. I have seen people with mods installed which you would not think logically could have been the cause of the problems they experienced .. but as it turns out, bizarrely they were). When Hellogames have finished developing / updating NMS, and the modding community efforts have matured beyond that point .. Then maybe. I dont have any need for mods just now, I like the game the way it is as a chill relaxing game I can just enjoy and not be bothered about the possible complications mods can bring. HelloGames keep bringing mods of their own Reference base building I'm not really into it, at game start I make a basic one for the quest purposes and thats about it, rather be exploring / doing missions. I'm hoping HG will expand upon your freighter being more of a mobile base. I dont know what the effect of removing any base building restrictions will have on the game, either negative or positive. I still havent found my ideal Multi-tool yet, I have a good one but my ideal has evaded me so far. The search continues. Edit : Oh wait .. There is one thing I would like to mod, but not just yet for the above reasons : The frequency of asteroids. The amount of them and how often they occur could be reduced by about 50% imho, that would be about right, I wouldn't want to see them totally removed. Just when you thought you had called the anomaly into an open space, or your freighter / fleet, then when you come back out of those vessels you find yourself having to fly through solid rock which was not there before .. Aaaagh!. I get why they made them with no collision, but if the amount and occurrence was reduced this would not be a problem at normal drive speeds when mining, and they could make them none collision when you engage pulse drive. Maybe its a technical thing for other platforms .. idk. All I do know is 'roids bug me, they are the biggest immersion spoilers in the game
  8. The Egg has things to say .. Tip : Take notes :)
  9. @deaths_soul are you going to change all the names associated with posts that you copy, to something random? ( like gamesas do http://www.gamesas.com/vegas-pro-forum.html ) I'm not entirely sure I (for one) am happy with all my old content being copied to another site ( again, but at least in gamesas case they changed associated names ). What I posted at the old beth forums, though public, was only intended for that site given the T&Cs and data protection they had in place. I have not agreed to anything on your destination site wherever that is going to be. Will the destination site also be proof against google searching like the old site was? Do you have the finances to chase up and squash anyone else doing the same and copying your site? I am not against the idea of preserving modding history, and personally dont think I have anything particularly needs protecting .. Its just the idea that you are copying a lot of content wholesale that not everyone may be happy with, there may have been casual conversations about personal / family / profession / medical details for example which was not google searchable on the old beth site so people were more comfortable letting a few details be known within that community only (I am pretty sure I can remember a few such conversations). I'm sure you know that the internet has ways of figuring out through writing style or time of posts and content can be connected with another ID the same person made on other sites and link them for data gathering purposes. You also did not respond to Arthmoors mention of privacy concerns which surprised me, but instead you are going ahead with it. Thoughts?.
  10. That escape you have to do at the start of the game, I did the horse run about five times before I eventually noticed the text tip for double tapping the shift key to gallop. It was driving me nuts before I saw that, I must have been concentrating on looking for possible different paths to take so much that I was blind to the text tip popping up. That was my first getting used to the game play through, I later found out it also helps if you choose the horse with the light coloured tail which is a bit faster than the others
  11. Yeah similar for me, though I do like better immersion, the eat drink sleep is a shade more than I like initially. Same with survival mode on No Man's Sky, although with that game you get beyond a certain point of more inventory slots / resources / units received and survival gets easier. In both games cases though I got used to it and love both of them for the long term challenge which makes you feel like you have achieved more so they are more rewarding (a bit like the feeling you get when hiking up mountains in Wales and Scotland, its a haul getting up there but the feeling at the top is something else and well worth it). I think the timing of some of the combat moves in KCD will also feel a little bit like a chore for people coming from games like Skyrim, but for me that side of enhancing the immersion is something I always craved in bethesda games, which is why I always went for Spooky's mods (Duke Patrick). It was Spooky who mentioned the development of KCD back on the old Bethesda forums which got me looking out for KCDs release and development. Edit : Forgot to mention in this topic .. KCD 1.9.5 released. Last couple of patches have been minor fixes, I think the game is probably now as good as it is ever going to be.
  12. Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition (includes all DLCs) is now at version 1.9.5 (I think this is the final version of the whole game and DLCs). I am currently re-downloading all Offline Manual Install files from GOG .. patiently taps fingers And its now on sale on GOG https://www.gog.com/game/kingdom_come_deliverance_royal_edition (Not quite as good as free on Epic, but its worth it whatever you pay). Best game I have ever played (including No Man's Sky / X series / Bethesda games). Now that its final and all DLCs are polished .. Time for a restart and play the game to death.
  13. Paint.NET 4.2.9 now includes updated dds and webp plugins https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/115922-paintnet-429-is-now-available/
  14. Another patch update, v2.27 is public. Just a few fixes. https://www.nomanssky.com/2020/02/synthesis-patch-2-27/ Patch Notes Fixed a potential softlock with a weekend event mission. Fixed a small visual issue with jetpack trails. Fixed a number of issues with the Japanese translation of new Quicksilver items.
  15. NVidia Geforce drivers Version 442.19 WHQL has been released today Apparently its still using Vulkan 1.1, not 1.2 yet .. I guess it will be in the next release They tweaked the Max frame rate setting (introduced in the last version) so that you can set Frame rates as low as 20 or up to 1000 Release notes
  16. No need of it anymore, my only interest there was helping the community mod bethesda games, I no longer participate in that (well apart from popping in here to post anything of interest to AFK Mods members). Plus life has thrown a lot more responsibility on me recently, a close elderly relative needs a lot more support in addition to me looking after my immediate family / house and career. So I needed to prune some time absorbing activities which distract me from more important things. Thank you
  17. null54 has updated the dds filetype plugin https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/111731-dds-filetype-plus-01-24-2020/?do=findComment&comment=567501 "Added support for saving the uncompressed X8B8G8R8 and R8G8B8 formats. Fixed a visual glitch when previewing cube maps in some formats." No doubt the next version of Paint.NET will include this update, until then you can update the plugin manually as mentioned previously in this post Edit : Can someone please pop into Nexus forums and reply to ZAZAZ000000000000000000000 post, I think this update to the plugin will solve his / her problems (unless its a simple case of PEBCAK not using "Save as" and saving the resulting files in the correct dds format <shrugs>) .. https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/8057638-paintnet-now-supports-all-dds-formats-including-bc7-linear-etc/ I no longer have an account on Nexus.
  18. Version 3.00 Beta 5 (381470) - 2020-01-23 https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=192&t=405397&sid=8d9b6237fef9cf9080c6dbe9170d0100
  19. Its shop updates for weekend events https://www.nomanssky.com/2020/01/beyond-development-update-6/ "Development Update A minor game update to support the upcoming shop items has been released on all platforms today. We have another, more substantial update arriving in the not-too-distant future, and much more planned for 2020 that we look forward to sharing with you! Thank you so much, Sean"
  20. NMS 2.26 has gone public .. What happened to 2.25 I dont know, and wherefore art thou patch notes, so far I cant find any. I think its probably minor fixes and performance, maybe even Vulkan 1.2 related .. <shrugs>
  21. Vulkan API version 1.2 has been released : https://www.khronos.org/news/press/khronos-group-releases-vulkan-1.2 https://www.khronos.org/vulkan/ I believe it will be included in NVidia Drivers version 441.99 and above (not currently available for my machine in the WHQL releases, but is in the beta drivers .. So probably going to be updated soon for WHQL) https://developer.nvidia.com/vulkan-driver I think its already available for AMD machines .. https://gpuopen.com/vulkan-1-2-driver-available-latest-radeon-software-adrenalin-2020-edition-20-1-2/
  22. RenderDoc is now at version 1.6 Issues mentioned in the quote are now fixed in this public release.
  23. If you click the TESCOSI Main Page link, there are more links on the right of the page .. Where exactly the lists of mods are I dont know, but I do know not everything is linked on the main page and may take a bit of finding among all the pages .. .. As far as I know though, everything on the TAL WIKI is all that was recoverable. I wouldn't try following old TESIV POSitive links, those sites will probably have changed hands with porn / malware pushers since. UBlock Origins filter list is certainly blocking it as not trusted anymore.
  24. One more for you Sharlikran which you may not have seen before Someone from the old Bethesda site, Tomlong75210 did a site called TES:Positive, which evolved into TES:COSI. Tomlong left the community RL took priority .. And then Andalaybay contacted Tomlong getting permission to preserve the site over on TAL, and it was then moved to TAL WIKI : TESCOSI I have linked you to a page you may not have seen before (although it has been presented I think in the Wrye Bash documentation a bit less fleshed out), which is a general guide to Wrye Bash BAIN Install Order (as opposed to Load Order) The site was very well researched at the time, and has some gems of information among pages which may take quite a lot of looking through, a lot of people found it very useful .. But I dont know how up to date it is, so some info may be a bit behind the times for current Wrye Bash developments. Anyway thought I would link it as a possible useful resource which may not be easy to find on The Assimilation Lab forum, if you dont know it is linked there to the WIKI
  25. For your Modding web sites section here's a few more I know of .. CanadianIce & Howndogs Place The Grotto at CanadianIce & Howndogs Place Emma's Elder Scrolls Site (Emma of Vilja fame, but also has a history of Morrowind modding Companion mods / houses / quests) Forum at Emma's Elder Scrolls site

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