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  1. Version 2.50 Beta 6 (347849) [Beta 6] Removed blueprints for Teladi Trading Station that should not have been available (problem introduced in 2.50). [Beta 6] Fixed not being able to recruit crew without also changing equipment on ship (problem introduced in 2.50). [Beta 6] Fixed interact menu not working in certain situations.
  2. Bad update alert, anyone playing 2.5 beta 5 .. Dont buy any blueprints and use them, your build UI will be messed up
  3. Version 2.50 Beta 5 (347623) [Beta 5] Improved Tobii eye-tracking support (new feature in 2.50). [Beta 5] Improved cockpit glass transparency. [Beta 5] Improved fight-or-flight decision-making to only call for help if help is to be expected. [Beta 5] Updated external links to wiki and manual. [Beta 5] Fixed automatic resupply option not being displayed correctly (new feature in 2.50). [Beta 5] Fixed some player-owned ships with inventory being missing from Ships with Inventory tab (new feature in 2.50). [Beta 5] Fixed being unable to apply saved station module loadouts (problem introduced in 2.50). [Beta 5] Fixed editing ship shopping list not working (problem introduced in 2.50). [Beta 5] Fixed station modules sometimes being constructed and recycled in a loop. [Beta 5] Fixed stations potentially building turrets and shields on modules being recycled. [Beta 5] Fixed station modules which were destroyed appearing as operational while recycling. [Beta 5] Fixed Teladi Trading Station not being able to repair its modules. [Beta 5] Fixed XS deployables launched from some capital ships getting spawned away from ship that launched them. [Beta 5] Fixed some capital ships having too much S ship storage. [Beta 5] Fixed some capital ships being unable to store docked M ships in internal storage. [Beta 5] Fixed player being stuck in wrong position when getting up while external view is active. [Beta 5] Fixed bullets not hitting when viewing a remote battle in external view. [Beta 5] Fixed ships launched from launch tubes not immediately folding up their landing gear. [Beta 5] Fixed ships sometimes getting stuck while docking. [Beta 5] Fixed several cases of formation wingmen going through geometry. [Beta 5] Fixed ware exchange failing in some cases when involving one ship docked at another. [Beta 5] Fixed free traders preferring low-volume wares. [Beta 5] Fixed rare case of free traders choosing a now-disadvantageous trade over a trade that had improved over time. [Beta 5] Fixed station module search not being localized. [Beta 5] Fixed freeze when there is a police ship belonging to a faction that no longer controls any space. [Beta 5] Fixed non-factory stations gifted to other factions not updating their name correctly. [Beta 5] Fixed laser towers displaying a ship icon as their target element in the HUD. [Beta 5] Fixed weapon aim indicators being displayed when a menu is open.
  4. I have no clue, when I took that screenshot I thought it may have been a special version of Mordhau aswell as the original, but they both led to the same game page .. So yeah, I think you are right it was really number 3 at the time. Its number 5 today, and the second Mordhau is gone.
  5. No Man's Sky is now half price on steam .. And is No.4 on the global selling list https://store.steampowered.com/search/?filter=globaltopsellers&os=win
  6. In other news, its half price on steam (it was also half price in the GOG Indie sales a few weeks ago) .. And its No.4 on the global selling list https://store.steampowered.com/search/?filter=globaltopsellers&os=win
  7. Update: 14/05 We have updated the experimental branch build: Improved vsync on AMD. Fixed some rare crashes. Fixed some windowing issues. Also there was an update to the nvidia driver last week which addresses some issues.
  8. Version: 2.50 Beta 4 (345748) [Beta 4] Improved Tobii eye-tracking support (new feature in 2.50). [Beta 4] Improved lockbox collection (new feature in 2.50). [Beta 4] Improved behaviour of carriers and resupply ships executing the Get Supplies order (new feature in 2.50). [Beta 4] Improved behaviour of ships docking at busy locations. [Beta 4] Improved guidance for the find crate missions. [Beta 4] Improved station mining subordinate behaviour when station resource requirements increase. [Beta 4] Fixed needed resources for station building not shown (problem introduced in 2.50). [Beta 4] Fixed being unable to purchase ships from Hatikvah or Scaleplate wharfs when loading savegames (problem introduced in 2.50). [Beta 4] Fixed stations with workforce of multiple races not ordering all resources to feed them. [Beta 4] Fixed trade context menu not working if no player ship is available. [Beta 4] Fixed ship being teleported when disabling Flight Assist from the quick menu while near a station. [Beta 4] Fixed traders that are subordinates of stations sometimes purchasing wares that are not required by their commander. [Beta 4] Fixed newly constructed shipyards and defence stations not being named correctly. [Beta 4] Fixed ammo/units not being added to Encyclopedia when included in loadout on player-owned ship. [Beta 4] Fixed wrong text displayed for police faction in encyclopedia. [Beta 4] Fixed Empire Menu breaking if menu attempts to display other menus. [Beta 4] Fixed possible system memory leak when low on graphics memory.
  9. Vulkan update has had another update on the beta Experimental Vulkan : Update: 29/04 We have updated the experimental branch build: Falling back to CPU memory is now handled better on low-VRAM cards, this may fix some stuttering issues. Reports of old or failing drivers have been made clearer. Game now prefers GPUs with up-to-date drivers when making first-boot GPU selection. Fixed a crash caused by certain very old drivers still being present on system even if not used. Fixed HDR support not being detected on beta NVIDIA drivers. Fixed certain effects being brighter than intended. Fixed a banding issue in brightly-coloured skies. Fixed an issue that caused text entry boxes to only show for one frame so you could not rename things. Fixed an issue that could cause poor performance on the controls screen.
  10. Version 2.50 Beta 3 (344497) [Beta 3] Added notification if ship finishes Collect Lockbox order or Deposit Inventory order and doesn't have any orders in its order queue (new feature in 2.50). [Beta 3] Added information about missing licence for buying blueprints. [Beta 3] Added basic set of blueprints to Hatikvah and Scaleplate faction representatives. [Beta 3] Added wanted ware amounts to trade context menu. [Beta 3] Improved selection of supply source for ships automatically getting supplies from carriers or resupply ships (new feature in 2.50). [Beta 3] Improved presentation of Collect Lockbox entry in interact menu if selected ships do not meet requirements to complete order (new feature in 2.50). [Beta 3] Improved info menu storage display for carriers and resupply ships (new feature in 2.50). [Beta 3] Improved storage capacity of carriers to help them fulfil their supply function. [Beta 3] Improved faction logic to attempt to rebuild shipyards after their destruction. [Beta 3] Improved information menu presentation of cargo storage on ships. [Beta 3] Improved collision avoidance in specific situations. [Beta 2] Improved CollectLockbox order behaviour. [Beta 3] Changed faction representative menu to still show owned blueprints. [Beta 3] Fixed encyclopedia not working in ultra-wide resolutions (problem introduced in 2.50). [Beta 3] Fixed missing updates of supply information in certain cases (problem introduced in 2.50). [Beta 3] Fixed Hatikvah and Scaleplate ships being unavailable from their shipyards. [Beta 3] Fixed Xenon being unable to repair or build certain station modules. [Beta 3] Fixed supply information in Logical Station Overview not updating. [Beta 3] Fixed research menu not showing completed research if it finished while menu was not displayed. [Beta 3] Fixed capital ships undocking from each other potentially failing without recovery. [Beta 3] Fixed being able to Board abandoned ships. [Beta 3] Fixed being able to Claim ships that are currently being boarded. [Beta 3] Fixed lasertowers being allowed to receive orders that they cannot complete. [Beta 3] Fixed station drone removal when target amount is zero. [Beta 3] Fixed wrong interact menu options for lasertowers. [Beta 3] Fixed inability to Comm carriers and resupply ships from map. [Beta 3] Fixed interactions on docking bays of capital ships that are themselves docked. [Beta 3] Fixed certain research activities being cancelled when loading a savegame. [Beta 3] Fixed interact menu option to Deposit Inventory being available for ships that have nothing to deposit (new feature in 2.50). [Beta 3] Fixed icon of the "Ships with Inventory" category in property owned list (new feature in 2.50). [Beta 3] Fixed ships automatically going for repairs at carriers or resupply ships not getting all damaged components repaired by default (new feature in 2.50). [Beta 3] Fixed blacklists not working after loading a savegame (new feature in 2.50). [Beta 3] Fixed missing resources for station module loadouts sometimes not being listed in menus. [Beta 3] Fixed build storage not correctly taking future module and loadout resources into account while a module is being recycled. [Beta 3] Fixed incorrect requirement to own at least one ship blueprint of a certain ship size before this ship size can be upgraded at player-owned shipyards. [Beta 3] Fixed ships not upgrading/repairing if piloted by player with unrelated orders on order queue. [Beta 3] Fixed trade/equip orders being ignored if assuming direct control of a ship with such orders. [Beta 3] Fixed sending ship to repair multiple components only repairing the first queued component. [Beta 3] Fixed planned loadout changes on station modules marking all following modules as changed. [Beta 3] Fixed repair menu showing completely wrecked surface elements on ships as having no damage. [Beta 3] Fixed menu crash when upgrading a damaged ship and then trying to select a different ship. [Beta 3] Fixed case of player falling through floor of flying ships. [Beta 3] Fixed not being able to use the joystick POV for cockpit camera movement. [Beta 3] Fixed some Teladi NPCs not moving their mouths when speaking. [Beta 3] Fixed Split female eye blink animation. [Beta 3] Fixed inability to remap some camera controls. [Beta 3] Fixed incorrect carriage return in version number in start/options menu (Linux only). [Beta 3] Fixed several causes of crashes.
  11. No Man's Sky is currrently £19.99 (UK price) on GOG (Its "Indie Week Sale") https://www.gog.com/game/no_mans_sky Some very nice updates are coming this summer (see the latest posts in this topic), so if you ever fancied getting it when its cheap, now would be a good time (But wait until the Beyond Update comes before you settle into a serious playthrough) The current beta Experimental which has changed the game engine over from OpenGL to Vulkan is very nice, but the summer "Beyond Update" promises to have a lot more in the "improving performance" department (it needs it for VR to be implemented). I dont see any similar pricing on Steam at the moment, so if thats your preference then you probably need to wait until they have a sale.
  12. Well for those that do still have it installed and beta testing - Another update today : We have updated the experimental branch build: Fixed a bug that could cause artifacts around the edges of objects. Fixed a crash that could occur on Windows 7. Fixed an issue where the game could appear on the wrong monitor after switching to fullscreen. An error message will now show up if old drivers are detected. It's likely that the game will crash following this error message. To remedy this please update your graphics card drivers: Nvidia[www.nvidia.co.uk], AMD[www.amd.com]. Fixed some other rare crashes. HDR:We wanted to clarify some points about the HDR implementation. HDR is a new display standard that has been featured on many new monitors and TVs in the past few years. It allows monitors to display brighter colours than were previously possible.We have supported HDR on consoles for a while, but have been revisiting it in the last few months to take advantage of more recent techniques. The result of this work has been building an entirely new implementation that also works on PC. We want to eventually roll this out cross-platform, but we are keen to preview it and have your feedback. As such, we have integrated it into this experimental Vulkan build.If you have an HDR monitor you will be able to turn on HDR mode in the Windows 10 Display Settings control panel. If the game detects that HDR is available, you will see a new option in the game graphics settings which can be set to either HDR400, HDR600 or HDR1000. These are presets we've tweaked for the 3 most common HDR monitor standards, and relate to the peak brightness that the monitor can achieve.We're excited to know how you get on with this, please reply here to let us know.
  13. Yes I also wish every game would just dump OpenGL and DX, and adopt Vulkan instead. This has been one very nice update, couple of things to do when you have the Vulkan Update installed : You can delete all the old files in .. No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\SHADERCACHE\ You can delete all .dds files in .. C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Hellogames\NMS\Defaultuser\Cache\ And recommend deleting your old settings files in .. No Man's Sky\Binaries\Settings\ The cache and .dds files used to all get regenerated (typically you would delete them after graphics drivers updated, and the regeneration of those would really slow down the game starting up for the first time after (the star field intro would get laggy) - Now the game does not regenerate them at all, so if for no other reason but cleaning up the HD, these files can all go. The Game settings files - The engine now better detects your machine and how to set up the default settings, and probably Vulkan needs a few things set a little different too. Deleting them will just get the game to regenerate them (similar to bethesda game ini files) with more appropriate settings for the update. imho the game is noticably smoother after the Vulkan update. I do not use any mods still for this game, so anyone using them may have a different experience, but they should get checked by their respective authors and updated as necessary for the Vulkan update first before playing with them installed. And well, this is just one of the changes towards improving performance, there's still all the Beyond update improvements to come
  14. They are changing the game engine from OpenGL to Vulcan And its going into beta testing for us PC Experimental test players before the Beyond update, should also benefit AMD machines for performance benefits. I suggested this a long time ago on via the Zendesk Feedback and suggestions, I was hopeful but didn't think it would come true .. https://www.nomanssky.com/2019/04/vulkan-update/ Update your graphics drivers before this one Hello everyone, We were thrilled by the response to the announcement of Beyond and the news that the game will be coming to VR. Bringing a game like No Man’s Sky to VR is a colossal technical undertaking, requiring major improvements to and optimisation of our engine. Your enthusiasm and excitement means so much to us as push on with this difficult task, and we will share more as soon as we are able. In the meantime, we have some news for players on PC. As part of our optimisation work, we have added Vulkan support to the game. We have been able to do this not only for Beyond, but for the current live version of the game. As such, we wanted to release this to you as soon as possible. Final Vulkan support will bring many PC players an immediate performance improvement, but it also helps us increase our options as we continue to make significant engine changes. It is only one portion of a large body of work that will see technical improvements for all players on all platforms. We have also added support for crash reporting. In the event of a crash, callstack data is collected via Steam (we already support this on other platforms). This will enable us to more quickly identify and respond to serious issues. We have updated the EULA to take this into account. As this is a large change – a complete overhaul of the graphics API – we will roll it out first to the PC Experimental branch, whilst we perform wider compatibility testing with the help of the brave experimental branch players. In future it will be rolled out to all players. The patch notes are as follows: OpenGL has been replaced by Vulkan. Many players, particularly players with AMD graphics cards, should see a performance improvement Revised HDR support, updated output curve in line with advances in HDR calibration Adaptive and Triple-Buffered V-Sync are now selectable from Graphics Settings Players with more than one GPU can now select which is used from Graphics Settings Changing the following settings no longer require restarting: Window Mode Resolution V-Sync Shadow Detail Reflection Quality The ‘LOADING SHADERS’ load step has been removed, improving the loading experience. Crash data is gathered via Steam to help us track down and fix issues. As always, thank you to all players who use Experimental and take the time to report any issues you encounter. Accessing the Experimental Branch More so than normal it’s important that you update your video card drivers. Nvidia: www.nvidia.co.uk/Download AMD: www.amd.com/en/support Please note there is the possibility that experimental builds may introduce new issues that haven’t been caught in test. We’d like to recommend that all players back up their save files, by making a local copy of the st_[userid] folder found here: %appdata%\HelloGames\NMS\ Note that we don’t anticipate any issues here. However, performing your own backups could mean the difference between resuming play immediately, or waiting for the next patch. If you decide to opt out of experimental and return to the main branch, we strongly recommend resuming from a backed-up save from the main branch, rather than taking an experimental branch save back to main, which may cause unexpected behaviour. Feedback and reports of new bugs/issues being found on Experimental are welcome, so please submit a ticket to hellogames.zendesk.com with the phrase “Steam Experimental Vulkan” in the ticket title. If you are running any mods for the game, please list them along with your bug report. To play in Experimental, right-click on No Man’s Sky from the Steam library page and select “Properties”. Among the available tabs will be the “BETAS” tab. Enter “3xperimental” in the textbox and click “Check Code”. “experimental – Experimental” will now be available in the dropdown menu under “Select the beta you would like to opt into”. ---------------------- The beta is live on GOG Galaxy As per the those ^^ instructions update your graphics drivers first And backup your save games Go into GOG Galaxy, select NMS, use the drop down menu "More", and choose settings At the top right, select Beta Channels to ON Enter the password 3xperimental Then in the Channel drop down select Experimental Beta you should now get updated to the Vulcan update to beta test it. Any issues as per the instructions in the link above report it to the Zendesk, and use the Label "GOG Experimental Vulkan” to distinguish your report from the steam beta testers reports. I dont normally use the GOG Galaxy client, but now have it installed, and re-installed the game via Galaxy just to test this beta out
  15. More beta testing started https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=192&t=405397 Version 2.50 Beta 1 (343159) - 2019-04-12 Edit : BETA 2 - Hell, with NMS new update today aswell there's too much to test Version: 2.50 Beta 2 (343559) New Feature: Resupply ships are now available and carriers can also resupply their fighters. New Feature: Sector blacklist settings to prevent ships entering certain areas. New Feature: Inventory management with lockboxes in space and inventory storage at player HQ. New Feature: Tobii eye-tracking support (Windows only). Added images and background information relating to star systems and planets in encyclopedia. Added logbook entries for NPC ships being built, restocked or repaired at player shipyards. Added note/hint while mouse direct steering mode is active. Added more variations for Build Station, Rescue Ship and Scan missions. Added new global orders section in player information menu. Added options for ware transfer and trade with build storage to docked menu. Added inventory information to player-owned ships. Added categories to object list and property owned in the map. Added options to sort the object list and property owned menus by name, size or hull. Added warning in trade menu if a ship cannot transport a ware. Added possibility to cancel builder ship assignments before ship deploys at station. Added current build progress information to the module type summary lines of station entries in the map. Added option to configure autosave interval (and prevented autosave immediately after a manual save). Added information about hacked research module to research menu. Added information about hacked production modules to info menu and Logical Station Overview. Added ability to configure Logical Station Overview graph data for each station individually. Added wreck filter option to map. Added interior sounds to rooms, shops and ship bridges. Added mining and resupply tutorials. [Beta 2] Improved CollectLockbox order behaviour. Improved selection of multiple wares for behaviours and map filters. Improved out-of-sector firepower calculations. Improved resource preview in the ship build/upgrade menu. Improved satellite deployment tutorial. Improved performance of loading and saving. Improved interface for dropping player inventory. Improved map object list performance when looking at many player stations. Improved faction behaviour when dealing with ware shortages. Improved ship formation behaviour when flying in travel mode. Improved controller support for initial ship type selection in ship build menu. Improved ship docking and undocking movement in certain cases. Improved behaviour of free-flying police. Improved defence drone handling by capital ships in combat. Improved mission reward text for paint mods. Improved updating of wares to be traded or harvested by station-based trading ships and mining ships. Improved Logical Station Overview graph data selection. Improved AI station generation logic to make selection of large habitation modules more likely where appropriate. Removed Fly To objective from Build Station missions. Removed ability to load construction plans that contain more venture modules than the player has available. Removed ability to move an empty station plot after paying a cheap licence to a location with an expensive licence without repercussions. [Beta 2] Fixed greyed-out save loadout button when purchasing ships (problem introduced in 2.50). [Beta 2] Fixed wrong text showing HQ research module was hacked if a project is in progress (problem introduced in 2.50). [Beta 2] Fixed sector owner icon in map object list always showing player logo (problem introduced in 2.50). [Beta 2] Fixed Missile Storage encyclopedia heading having accidentally been changed to Turrets (problem introduced in 2.50). [Beta 2] Fixed new ware multi-select buttons being off-screen for some combinations of resolution and UI scale (new feature in 2.50). [Beta 2] Fixed resupply ships and carriers sometimes showing trade offers when not performing a supply order (new feature in 2.50). [Beta 2] Fixed lore inconsistencies in some system entries in encyclopedia (new feature in 2.50). [Beta 2] Fixed missing access to inventory storage in Boron tank room at player HQ (new feature in 2.50). [Beta 2] Fixed carriers not having ship-trader computers (problem introduced in 2.50). [Beta 2] Fixed mouse-over text not being updated in certain cases when scrolling a table. [Beta 2] Fixed resource display showing amounts up to 100x too high when removing station modules. [Beta 2] Fixed moving of station plots potentially resulting in incorrectly placed build storage. [Beta 2] Fixed faction representatives selling ship blueprints of other factions of the same race. [Beta 2] Fixed ware exchange between capital ships getting stuck. [Beta 2] Fixed shield generator obscuring space suit docking bay on Behemoth for existing ships (was fixed for new ships in 2.20). [Beta 2] Fixed deployables launching from ship getting stuck when boarding operation against that ship succeeds. [Beta 2] Fixed doors on docked ships sometimes not opening when the player is nearby. [Beta 2] Fixed getting stuck in elevators that are going up. [Beta 2] Fixed ships getting stuck during flight in certain circumstances. [Beta 2] Fixed Kha'ak stations offering missions. Fixed issues with moving station plots during Build Station missions. Fixed Rescue Ship mission potentially creating unowned ships which don't get cleaned up. Fixed Rescue Ship mission reward calculation in the variant where the ship must be delivered. Fixed warping to a different sector when getting up during specific stage of HQ mission. Fixed missile range calculation for dumbfire missiles. Fixed very slow mission offer display if many offers are known. Fixed menu errors when opening information menu for ship under construction. Fixed huge player-owned stations not displaying all stored wares in information menu. Fixed encyclopedia links to ships not working correctly. Fixed NPC buy/sell orders not honouring minimum amounts. Fixed ships stuck waiting for upgrades. Fixed error messages when attempting to unlock EMP-induced data leaks on ships. Fixed dock speed limits being applied when travel mode is active. Fixed ships docking at moving objects appearing to strafe very quickly at certain times. Fixed police ships remaining in space where they no longer have police authority. Fixed some factions' police ships not being named as police. Fixed defence drones belonging to Teladi Trading Stations not docking after completing their tasks. Fixed stations potentially trying to trade with other stations when they no longer have any available cargo drones. Fixed ships built for invasions sometimes not performing their intended orders. Fixed subordinates not responding to attacks in some cases. Fixed ships attacking targets outside their engagement area when on their way to their engagement area. Fixed squadron subordinates getting distracted by hostile targets encountered while on their way to join their commander. Fixed subordinates of carriers waiting for the player's permission before undocking to attack if player is on board the carrier. Fixed station-based miners and traders not updating their range when they or their manager improve in skill. Fixed construction vessels not always being unassigned when a station is destroyed. Fixed NPC ships not firing their weapons when attacking under certain circumstances. Fixed turrets set to Fire on my current target only firing sporadically when current target is a station. Fixed turrets set to Attack my current target periodically stopping firing. Fixed player-flown ships with turrets set to mining mode only acquiring asteroids 3km away regardless of mining turret range. Fixed mass traffic sometimes using the wrong ships directly after loading a savegame. Fixed asteroids in certain regions sometimes ending up with negative mineral yields. Fixed incorrectly-scaled rendering of paint mods when redesigning certain ships. Fixed promotion of crew to pilots removing existing pilot from ship. Fixed object selection failing in the map when switching between tabs. Fixed cases where map continued panning/rotating even after having released all mouse buttons. Fixed station building menu asking to confirm loss of changes if nothing was changed. Fixed station building menu not updating when a module build finishes. Fixed returning venture ships sometimes being displayed in an incorrect location on the map. Fixed map object list not showing the correct player logo for player-owned sectors. Fixed supply settings for Drones and Missiles in Logical Station Overview. Fixed workforce information in Logical Station Overview being greyed-out Fixed player map icon being very large in certain situations. Fixed external view on surface elements. Fixed targeting while in spacesuit. Fixed loot-magnet sound stuck after auto-save. Fixed tooltip text getting stuck in the station build menu when using the controller mouse emulation. Fixed various NPC pathing issues on platforms. Fixed NPC rubber-banding when talked to while walking. Fixed detached habitation modules during AI station construction (existing station layouts are not affected). Fixed factions building more defence stations than they should. Fixed situation where ships could appear stuck in internal storage. Fixed missing localisation of several texts in menus. Fixed several localisation issues in mission texts. Fixed being able to fly into planets. Fixed NPCs walking in front of pilot in Demeter and Hermes. Fixed Pulsar's right weapon being visually disconnected from hull. Fixed Nodan lights not turning on. Fixed missing mode visualisation in Nodan cockpit. Fixed Xenon capital ship engines not having animated exhaust flames. Fixed duplicate display on panel in Kestrel cockpit. Fixed missing geometry on side of Discoverer Vanguard. Fixed missing external geometry when standing on Incarcatura bridge. Fixed Incarcatura bridge location. [Beta 2] Fixed missing ID code panel on Odysseus. [Beta 2] Fixed being able to walk through desks in engineering section. [Beta 2] Fixed blue-haired Argon characters (problem introduced in 2.50). Fixed menu crash when opening the map legend in certain cases. [Beta 2] Fixed changing certain in-game graphics settings, such as AA, causing graphical issues or a black screen (problem introduced in 2.50). [Beta 2] Fixed game freeze in certain situations.

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