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  1. Yep I really have to resist temptation for giving any spoilers with this game, feels like I have an Angel and a Devil on each shoulder whispering at me
  2. Edit: Double post due to some strange lag in hitting the save post
  3. I can't recall much about the original BG1 + 2, but have seen dedicated fans describing BG3 as feeling more like a Neverwinter Nights sequel than BG3. Story wise I don't think its spawn of Bhaal, but who knows we beta testers need to be fed more than Act 1 ... mooooar! Visually it's Larian's D:OS style, feels like NWN, but more advanced with the D&D 5e ruleset. Edit: Oh and height is much more of a thing, pushing NPCs off ledges occasionally, puzzles with how to move some things .. Personally I am just accepting it for what it is, developed by a different company than the original, if you have no BG series hopes / expectations its a very good game, but probably a bit dissapointing for series fans. Well, until they play it for a while I reckon opinions will change in the long run and this will become another nostalgic favourite. But still a few years development yet I reckon. No idea when its going to come out of Early Access, so I am mostly playing other games for now so as to leave enough new experience for when it does go live.
  4. Still Early Access, but Patch #5 is public, huge fix list https://baldursgate3.game/news/patch-5_38
  5. Version: 4.10 Beta 4 (451232) - 2021-07-14 https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=192&t=405397&sid=85de8d1ca05029528a7784089a2c7cdc
  6. Moooar fixes, the graphics engine overhaul of v4.10 upset the apple cart a bit. Version: 4.10 Beta 3(450056) - 2021-07-07 https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=192&t=405397&sid=aea59783566309bf2258cdc1843cc28a
  7. You could use USOD as a swear word when it happens YOU SOD!
  8. There's an issue with scrolling the apps list in 4.4 https://github.com/bleachbit/bleachbit/issues/1203 Just click on any app entry and use the keyboard scroll arrows until its fixed.
  9. Bleachbit 4.4.0 released https://www.bleachbit.org/news/bleachbit-440 Changes These are the changes since version 4.2.0: Add cleaner for Brave browser (thanks to ibilux). Clean the last location of the File - Save As dialog in Google Chrome(reported by arnstein99). Clean session for Thunderbird (thanks to pas-calc). Add new command line option --all-but-warning to enable all cleaners that do not emit a warning (suggested by zero77). Add preference option to remember window geometry (suggested by madjoe), which means whether it was maximized and the last window size, if it was not maximized. Fix ResourceWarning message when cleaning Firefox URL history (reported by ancar7). Fix: do not clean bookmarks in Firefox (reported by TelsaMagic, fixed by rados). Add warning when cleaning Thunderbird - Index (reported by Gittyperson). Fix wiping free space on FAT32 partitions with more than 4GB of available space (reported by ediowar, fixed by Marvin0401). Fix "About # minutes remaining" was not translatable into any language (reported by reportxx). Fix ResourceWarning message when downloading chaff (fixed by mkhon). The menu item Diagnostics was replaced with the term System Information. Specific to Linux Add ability to clean the profile of the unstable version of Google Chrome (thanks to pitsi). Clean more with System - Recent Documents (reported by pas-calc). Correctly detect that Thunderbird is running (thanks to pas-calc). Correctly detect how much space was freed by journald (reported by leminhson2398). Adjust spacing so the scrollbar does not cover checkbox with some GTK themes (thanks to vilhelmgray). Improve AppStream metainfo (thanks to andrewtoskin). The GPG key used to sign releases was extended to May 2023. Specific to Windows Avoid accidental installation into c:\program files(x86) without subfolder, and when uninstalling, delete only the files that were installed (reported by maxhaz, fixed by rados). Increase speed of first start (reported by gitthepie, fixed by rados). Clean Code Cache folder for Google Chrome (reported by LifeIsADeflatingVest). Fix detection that Microsoft Edge is running (thanks to WildByDesign). Fix integration with Windows shell ("right click") (fixed by rados). Fix handling of situation that the TMP environment does not point to a directory that exists (reported by Dilbao, fixed by rados). Fix TypeError: 'int' object is not subscriptable message when wiping files with administrator privileges (reported by Surfride10, fixed by Marvin0401).
  10. New version 471.11 Release notes https://uk.download.nvidia.com/Windows/471.11/471.11-win10-win8-win7-release-notes.pdf
  11. Version: 4.10 Beta 2 (448717) - 2021-06-24 https://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=192&t=405397&sid=e70d7bfbc7aec04fc5d8505dc9700f30
  12. X3 Terran War Pack is cheap as chips (fries) on GOG right now https://www.gog.com/game/x3_terran_war_pack And they just recently added the DevNet Community developed project Farnhams Legacy (they have been adding / refining this over the last five years). Second bugfix patch was included either today or yesterday, which concludes the development of this free update to the game. The normal Terran Conflict and Albion Prelude are as bug free / polished as they are ever going to get by now.
  13. Haven't played it recently, but more fixes have been done : https://www.cyberpunk.net/en/news/38612/patch-1-23 v1.23 public
  14. v3.53 public (seemed to be no Experimental beta for this one as its just more fixes) https://www.nomanssky.com/2021/06/prisms-patch-3-53/
  15. I'm going to wait and see how development goes for Linux support for the couple of games I use long term, but apparently Pop!_OS is pretty good https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pop!_OS https://pop.system76.com/ Libreoffice, Chrome, VLC, GIMP, and either AMD or NVidia support out of the box + Vulkan. And more importantly an LTS (Long Term Stable) version. X4 Foundations is (as of a few years ago) Linux compatible. A few users on Egosoft forums reckon it performs better than on Windows 10 No Man's Sky, they never mention Linux is supported but in the past there have been fixes for Linux compatability from Hellogames, probably run via Proton .. Anything else I want, well you can install Steam and Valves development of Proton with Vulkan (Wine fork). I will probably get a Steam account just to add to the Linux sales and help promote the development. I might just give it a go, backup my Documents / Emails etc, I have a USB Recovery stick for Win 10 if anything goes wrong, and completely wipe the SSD with a Pop!_OS installation. When dual booting Windows + Linux in the past I always found Linux OS's had a better file system which was quicker than Windows, and obviously less intrusive with background services, unlike windows anything not necessary by default is not running. I am veeery curious to see how much better that will be on my 970 Evo Plus SSD. And Malware .. Its a lot less of a concern for Linux, Win 10s Defender has been superb in recent years, but that will be another one less thing needing to run in the background. Edit: Hmm just a thought, better if I let the warranty run out first on this laptop
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