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    1. Arthmoor


      I read the Nexus thread for performance tips. In it you mentioned the cache files in Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\HelloGames\NMS\DefaultUser\cache as no longer getting generated with the Beyond update. Just wanted to let you know that those are regenerating but I have no idea why because the .dds files it's making can't be opened in anything I have installed. There's not a lot of them but they are there and they do return on fresh games after the folder has been cleared.

    2. alt3rn1ty


      Oh .. I quit Nexus so cant update it anymore :facepalm:

  1. Love open source




  2. I just uninstalled Skyrim SE, Fallout 4, got Steam to delete my Steam account, and uninstalled Steam.

    Wrye Bash, LOOT, SKSE and all the xEdit tools no longer live on my HD.

    Bethesda modding support now ceased completely, all mods and backup files deleted from my HDs.

    Freeeeeedom! :)

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    2. Leonardo


      It's sad to see you go, but anyone has a RL to attend to I guess.

      Does this mean you won't playing any TES games in the future, I mean TES 6 is announced to be released in 3-5 years?

    3. alt3rn1ty


      Yep, no more Bethesda games for me. Wasted too much life time on waiting for the typical 6 year cycle :

      TES 6 = In about 14 years time when the community has fixed all it can with the game, we might be able to fully enjoy it by then, because no doubt it will introduce a whole heap of new technical issues not encountered before, aswell as adding the usual vast array of issues which get left behind.

      Once I know a game has bugs, I really do not want to play it until they are all fixed, so the cycle with Bethesda goes ..

      1. Release, much applause, and then all the usual flow of thousands of bugs get discovered over the next couple of years. All the mesh issues, the complex scripting issues which only people like Sclerocephalus are capable of fixing, all the quest issues, all the texture issues, all the sound issues, all the looped model animation and timing issues which hardly ever get fixed because there simply aren't any community members with the knowledge and relevant software, etc etc etc.

      2. An unofficial patch begins (hopefully someone has enough determination to see it through to completion, we have been fortunate so far having Qarn, Kivan and followed by Arthmoor at the helm, and a lot of community support along the way).

      3. Another hopefully, we have some in depth enthusiasts to fix the not so easy issues with the game, such as SKSE team and people like Sheson

      .. All the above understandably takes a lot of time and is very much appreciated - But the thing is, Bethesda do so much to get the game (again hopefully) free of CTDs (although having experienced the Dawnguard C++ r6025 issue for a few years, and the LOD issues Sheson gave Bethesda enough information for them to solve their problems, and Bethesda completely just ignoring us since 11.11.11) .. I now think they just get to a certain stage and dont give a rats arse afterwards, evidenced in the fact that every re-release of Skyrim for different platforms still have the same issues we have been reporting for about 6 years.

      The only time they do updates now, is to add content that gets more money, ie the Creation Club updates. There have been ample opportunity during all of the CC updates for Bethesda to fix some long standing issues, but they just havent. And the CC updates are now coming at a time when the community needs a stable game to develop the more long term community complex projects, instead of needing to respond to game updates which necessitate community executables to be once again updated, and the knock on effect of that to dependant plugin .dlls (example = SKSE needs updating every time a CC update comes along, no simple task, then PapyrusUtil plugin needs updating in response to SKSE again no simple task, then major projects like DynDOLOD (solving all the games horrendous LOD issues) needs updating in response, again no simple task .. Meanwhile thats another couple of month waitting for updates so that our modding can continue, at a stage in game development (long since finished) when we should be getting comfortable with a stable setup

      Basicly .. I'm done with supporting Bethesda with my time and money, which I would rather devote to other games companies who do come good on after sale support fixing the vast majority of their bugs with their own time and money, and respond well to our reports / concerns. And dont just try and cash in on your devotion by trying to milk the cow for more while ignoring outstanding issues, and laughing it off at E3 with a cheeky "Apparently we have bugs" <rolls eyes>. That little moment was the turning point for me, our collective modding communities have made Bethesda games a lot more lucrative and long lasting than the games would have been on their own, if Todd does not appreciate that he can take a long walk off a short pier backwards. Since 2006 when I became involved with Bethesda games, all I have seen is the same cycle of events repeated with each new game. No more for me :)

      Edit : I also think its now getting to the stage where if you havent been modding this game series for at least 10 years, you really need a degree in modding. I used to enjoy explaining and helping new modders, these days I look at a question and think "I really cant be arsed with the long winded explanation this deserves, which will probably not be entirely understood anyway"

      TL:DR ..


    4. DayDreamer


      I'm having much the same feeling. The CK tells where the navmesh are bad and so many other things, and they don't run their own tools. When Dawnguard came out, I wrote that I'm not buying an expansion until they fix their bugs. Then later had to buy all the DLC to be able to keep up with the Unofficial Patches. But I'll never buy a CC, even though some of them look interesting. At my usual billable rate, I've put over $400,000 of time into the game. Never again. But starting with 11.11.2018, I've doing my first (and probably only) run-through with only my mods, USSEP, and CRF. After over a month and ~123 hours, I'm almost to level 20, and not even started Bleak Falls Barrow. There's so much to the game!

      Anyway, I've appreciated your reviews of other games. I'll be trying them eventually. Nice to know there are developers who stand behind their products. The one good thing is that fixing Bethesda games has built a fine community. Hope it lasts.

  3. Lizzy Yarnold Golden girl again :)

    :clap: :celebration::dancing:

  4. @Arthmoor <Jaw hits the floor after seeing the UL uploads> I wish there was a RL medal for "Diligence and unprecedented ability to Up-keeping Outstanding Mods" - You would be awarded it yearly. :unworthy:

    Edit : #NotTakingThePissTheManIsDedicatedToTheCauseLikeNobodyElseEver + #MuchThanksOwedFromSoMany

    1. Arthmoor


      Sadly it was not done purely for the sake of doing it. It was an act of preservation that really should not have been necessary.

  5. CBBE SE Diffuse Maps v1.4 relz for CBBE 1.2 compatability

  6. Peter Capaldi = Best Dr Who ever, the Bill Potts story line made the room smoky a few times, a bit dark too for the intended audience age group.

    Star Wars - Last Jedi = Again surprisingly good considering Disney took it over, it does not disappoint.

    1. Sah


      and don't forget about Rusty the good Darlek

    2. Sah


      yes Peter was the best, he gave his best even when some of the episodes where not so good he saved the day like a good Doctor dose, I just hope its not going to be a full season without the TARDIS and that it shows up quickly

    3. Sah


      the big question is how dose the new female Doctor break old male habits like 900 years of leaving the toilet seat up :facepalm:

  7. If you are like me and have seen and been a fan of the Star Wars films since seeing the very first one in Cinema - The new Rogue One is well worth seeing :), I just saw it in 3D, loved it.

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    2. Sah


      did it have a Death Star?

    3. alt3rn1ty


      Cant say, spoilers dont work here :) - All I will say is it was a hell of a lot better than my expectations of a title being taken over by Disney. It has everything a Star Wars film should have.

      And in hindsight after recent very sad news, a bit of a moment that will probably bring tears to the eyes now ( actually, there are quite a few watery eyes moments )

    4. BlackPete


      Ah, so all of the people saying it would be lame because it wasn't part of the new trilogy were trolling. Figured that was probably the case. I'll probably go see it at some point soon; was planning to anyway.

  8. Delete · Lock 23 Dec alt3rn1ty If you are like me and have seen and been a fan of the Star Wars films since seeing the very first one in Cinema - The new Rogue One is well worth seeing :), I just saw it in 3D, loved it.

  9. If you are like me and have seen and been a fan of the Star Wars films since seeing the very first one in Cinema - The new Rogue One is well worth seeing :)

  10. No Mans Sky for PC is released - https://www.gog.com/game/no_mans_sky - And the performance patch everyone was waiting for is now on the streets :D, this game is going to be a long term favourite

    1. Elgar


      I agree, great game ! I love it.

    2. alt3rn1ty


      New Atlas Rises update takes NMS to "everything I wanted it to be" stage imho


  11. No Mans Sky for PC is released - https://www.gog.com/game/no_mans_sky - And the performance patch everyone was waiting for is now on the streets :D

  12. Rio begins .. The Olympic flame Cauldron is beautiful

    1. Hana


      GO TEAM CANADA! \o/

  13. elliptical cross trainers hurt

  14. Happy 4th ( getting rid of us Brits ) Amexit day :), think I will do a fire pit and BBQ aswell today

  15. Happy 4th ( getting rid of us Brits ) day :), think I will do a fire pit and BBQ aswell

  16. Happy 4th ( getting rid of us Brits ) day :)

  17. I need shock absorbers to absorb the shock of the price of replacing 4 shock absorbers O_o, nearly had heart failure :)

  18. I need shock absorbers for the price of replacing 4 shock absorbers O_o, nearly had heart failure :)

  19. Good grief we are leaving the EU O_o ..

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    2. Donnato


      Yup, the shizz has hit the fan across the pond.

    3. Sigurð Stormhand
    4. Nebulous112


      I'm not usually a religious man, but I said a little prayer for the UK when the BBC called it. :-/

  20. What happens when BGS Old forums lock down, you cant change your details, and it gets hacked ?. I gave mine an invalid email address and a long random password https://www.grc.com/passwords.htm - Its now Perpetually Validating :)

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    2. Arthmoor


      Won't the old forums simply be read-only? If they completely block logins I hope they at least give us a warning. I may go in and provide a bad email address myself if they're going to completely lock it out.

    3. VaultDuke


      Better save than sorry

    4. VaultDuke


      Apparently it's safe

  21. GitHubs Calling

    1. Arthmoor
    2. alt3rn1ty


      The status things says "Whats on your mind" .. I need to get another account I think its been bugging me since I deleted it. You try to unhook yourself from too much stuff and then end up wanting to go back :)

    3. lmstearn


      Like flies to the Git trap.

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