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  1. Yeah, that's what I meant. Looks like you (or someone) fixed it. Thanks!
  2. When you enter a number into the "View Bug" box in the Version History, you are directed to an HTTP page, which fails. If you change that to HTTPS, it works fine. Ironically, if you click "View Bug" with nothing in the box, it correctly directs you to an HTTPS warning message.
  3. "Riekling" is misspelled "Reikling" in a couple of different places in the game. (It's also misspelled once, not counting quotes, in the UDGP version history, if you care. )
  4. I just discovered a Scripts.rar file in my Skyrim\Data folder. It looks like that contains every script imaginable. Not sure why they went that route all of a sudden, but it looks like the deleted scripts can easily be restored from that.
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