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  1. An idea i threw around for post quest dawnguard victory but didnt have the abiility to do in such a quest ridden muck Dawnguard sets up a fort in the old stone tower and the rear port of the castle Serena and her mother live in the castle proper even if the dawnguard win possibly Vampire refugees or POW's or some kind are confined to the castle.
  2. Bethesda do inconsistent buggy but somehow functional code? NNNOOOOOO!!!!!
  3. Noticed this on my first trip to Raven rock but the orc morgul in his tavern wench outfit has a gaping hole.....not where you think....its in his torso.... Renaming the wench outfit folder in your mod fixes this issue
  4. As an aside if you dont like dawnguard install it, get timing is everything and set the dawnguard start to lvl 99 XD
  5. Just noticed a few things wrong with the Vigilant of Stendarr start 2 Barrels are still showing as stealing if taken C77D2 C7827 and You are allowed to sleep in the wrong bed, when you start you cannot sleep in the bed you spawn by but you CAN sleep in Keeper Carcettes bed? I know shes a kinky keeper but i have my standards!!!
  6. Something i meant to ask earlier but is this separate from the Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM by Brumbek?
  7. I like it in fact used the original patch to restore them before CRF XD It is different but if you think about it this allows you to see what shield the enemies have too.
  8. Decorator Assistant - SKSE and Vanilla Versions by fg109 Description =========== Gives the player greater precision in placing objects than by using the grab function. Tried this out myself, requires a little bit of a learning curve but FAR more control then the FUBAR grab system for vanilla
  9. hey its a legit site to fund things like this. As long as your open and up front i see no issue with this request but sadly i broke
  10. is this seperate from the USKP patches? (the fixes anyway)

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