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  1. I decided to just go back to the ways of cleaning with older versions of SSEEdit by applying the filter for cleaning and only getting rid of ITMs and deleted records, as this new auto cleaning tends to have more side effects as it does more than just ITMs and deleted records. Like what we all used to do during the Oldrim days before SSEEdit 4 came out. Decided to use SSEEdit 3 instead.
  2. Does it also fix issues with removing navmesh edits made by the DLCs? While I know the DLCs do have total duplicates of navmeshes in the DLCs and those ones are supposed to be removed, the officially released version of 4.0.3 was also removing navmesh records from the DLCs that actually are edits as seen in yellow of navmeshes from Skyrim.esm and they are not the deleted ones either.
  3. Ok so here is an update. If you happen to clean the master files the old way by using older versions of SSEEdit such as like a 2017 or 2018 version by apply filter for cleaning > remove identical to master records > undelete and disable references, then you are ok. This issue only appears to happen if using later versions of SSEEedit such as a 2019 version and after. I think the guides on cleaning need to be notified here.
  4. So while all this time every time I do an update, and I've been doing this since Oldrim. And while I never had issues in Oldrim in cleaning the masters, I have so in SSE. The Dragonborn DLC specifically. I ask, should we really clean this one? I was in the Apocrapha dungeon and I noticed something odd right at the beginning, something looked to be missing but I was like "eh whatever, I'll ignore this". Now, I go through the dungeon like normal until I make it to the word wall in chapter 6, the area after the book puzzle and I notice that the floor and everything else is missing as soon as you walk through the door on the way to the word wall. I went back to restore the uncleaned versions of the master files for Update, Dawnguard, Hearthfires and Dragonborn, I go back into the area and I see everything is all normal now. This was all done on Skyrim SE Version 1.5.97 which is the latest version. So I ask, is cleaning them really worth it?
  5. Sorry, I forgot to mention this, but I notice that most of the crashes I have had happened right after killing any type of LvlPredator such as an LvlForestPredator. Shortly after I kill any predator, the game crashes but I noticed a pattern and almost all my crashes happen if only a predator is killed and nothing else. I do not have any mods that touch predators and this happens mostly with wolves, bears and trolls which are vanilla enemies, I have no mods touching those either. Is there anything that needs to be fixed in the predator script that USSEP has? I can confirm that there are no monsters from any creature mods around me when this happens. Like I said, it mainly happens to LvlPredators if they are wolves, bears and/or trolls.
  6. One final thing. I have finished both Project AHO and Carved Brink as ESM versions of the said mods without any trouble. The masters were provided by their mod author and the mod author has a regular ESP version of those said mods too. So for my next play through, should I keep the ESM version of those 2 mods or switch over to the ESP versions instead? Like I said, I finished those 2 mods without any issues and both mods have both ESP and ESM versions that were provided by the mod authors and not other players.
  7. Also, should I demasterfy Molag Bals Inferno and Gray Cowl of Nocturnal? I know they were masterfied by their mod authors but also, I do not know if they should or shouldnt as they do touch navmeshes in the Tamriel worldspace. The only reason why I had to demasterfy Molag Bals Inferno was just to save it in the CK and then I mastered it back to what it originally once was. I did one of those scripts that counts the refs, mine is 240188. Now I do not know why, but I bet the reason why the esp version of these mods goes into the middle of the load order may have something to do with them having Navigation Mesh Infomap but I could be wrong, I need verification of this first.
  8. Ok, so I was playing around with my load order and I redownloaded all my mods that I ESMifyed. Project AHO, Darkend and Carved Brink were up top as master files as we can obviously see. But this time I downloaded the non master versions and they on the other hand are being placed by LOOT around not the top nor bottom but the middle of the load order. Helgen reborn is not too far from the top, JK's Skyrim and Magical College of Winterhold are placed by LOOT near the top. I'm so confused here as I do not know if I should use the ESP or ESM versions of Carved Brink and Project AHO as they are huge. And how do I know that mod authors have botched up their mods by making them masters? Mod authors can make mistakes with their mods too. I do appriciate your advice though and I believe you, but I also question many mod authors too for those who masterfied their mods.
  9. I have Project AHO, Gray Gowl of Nocturnal, Carved Brink and Molag Bals Inferno, all which were ESMs when I found them. I had to convert Molag Bals Inferno into a regular ESP just so I could save it in the CK and then I set it back to ESM. Didn't make any changes either. There is also a mod called Magical College of Winterhold and that mod has both an ESP and ESM version for download. I never had any issues with any mod made into an ESM. I did convert Helgen Reborn, Darkend and JK's Skyrim to ESM but I never had issues with those mods regardless if ESP or ESM. Every mod I used to ESM, I used this tool as it fixes characters related to quests. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/28046
  10. Hi, so awhile ago I posted something in the bug tracker and I got this response but what is so bad about turning esp files such as Helgen Reborn, Darkend, Magical College of Winterhold though that was already ESM when I downloaded it and JK's Skyrim into ESMs? I know that there is a tool you can use called ESMfyer, or something like that to where you can safely convert ESPs to ESMs and I did it with Helgen Reborn with no problems and I beat the mod too without any issues. I also have RDO which the description does say that the mod should be near the top, which LOOT will do however LOOT likes to place Alternate Start Live Another Life near the bottom and the description for RDO says to place RDO below Alternate Start so therefor RDO must be at the bottom according to the mod author of RDO when it comes to having both RDO and Alternate Start. Palaces and Castles Enhanced's mod author also says to place Palaces and Castles near the bottom too despite where LOOT likes to put it at the top. I am very late in my game and I have had no broken quests at all. (moderators, I overlooked the mod discussion board, please move this thread there. My bad for posting it here lol)
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