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  1. For my last two playthroughs i had this oddest of bugs in the Helgen intro sequence. Leaving character creation would force me into third person view up until the point where my bindings got removed, after which i could freely switch between the two views. I never thought much of it because it was quite the novel experience to watch everything from a different perspective. Today, as the last step in rebuilding my mod list, i was cleaning the mods that LOOt had flagged as dirty and to my amazement the bug was gone. Everything was back to first person. Now, out of curiosity
  2. I'm five days into rebuilding my mod list and i noticed something troubling. Two of the mods in my load order are missing Update.esm as their master, one of those two doesn't even have Skyrim as a master. From everything i've read over the years i gathered that every mod should at least have Update.esm as a master file, let alone skyrim.esm, for the sake of stability. So, should i add them myself using SSEEdit or should i leave well enough alone? (I did not mention the mods by name because i do not wish to point fingers but i will if it is required for troubleshooting)
  3. Ah okay, thanks for clearing that up. I suppose there's some solace to be had in the knowledge that it was all inevitable in the end. (it also means i should contact the hit squad i sent to Bethesda headquarters and point them to Valve instead)
  4. Since i'm new here i do not know if i'm allowed to post more than once so i'll reply to everyone in this one post, hope that's okay. I am grateful to every person in this topic who was kind enough to answer my question, thank you! I think it would be best to start over completely because on top of the Gray Cowl issue i mentioned there was one other item of importance that i forgot to include. Apparently Bethesda has struck a deal with Steam to force-update their games when those titles haven't been updated for a while. It happened to my Fallout 4 game about a week ago (i'm stil
  5. I found out today that a player home for the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal mod suffers from the Underscore bug resulting in my saves not appearing where they should. When i tried to fix the problem with SSEEdit by removing those underscores from the cell and worldspace names of the player home i discovered to my horror that the main mod is riddled with them too. Now what? Removing a mod of this caliber is not an option unless i want to truly break my saves and keeping it will sooner or later start to corrupt those same saves if i'm really unlucky. Reverting to an earlier save is not doab
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