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  1. The only quests I know that can potentially break from doing the Civil War are the two-part Forsworn quest in Markarth, and the lead-in quests to begin the process of becoming thane.
  2. I don't even really care that much about the big overhaul mods for the Civil War questline, 'cause I'm not really into war games. The only reason I even have Open Civil War (and previously Civil War Overhaul) installed is because I want to experience the cut Markarth and Riften sieges, and literally nobody thought of making a CW mod that does that, and only that.
  3. I get the sense that the writers viewed the civil war questline less as a side story, and more as a b-plot to the main quest, with the two questlines running parallel to each other and acting as, more-or-less, one single questline, but for whatever reason (most likely time constraints forcing them to axe most of the Civil War-related content), they weren't able to integrate them as tightly as they wanted, resulting in a final product where what should've been an a-plot-b-plot story might as well be two completely separate stories.
  4. This mod might be to your liking then. (Jarl Balgruuf Dilemma)
  5. If you have the AE upgrade, it'll probably be at a higher number, 'cause it has some ESMs of its own.
  6. I think it's supposed to say the name of the city if it's one of the five major cities. Otherwise, it'll say "Skyrim" (or "Solstheim") unless specifically modded to say something else.
  7. I think they just stopped bothering to update the post, for whatever reason.
  8. If you have the Steam overlay enabled, you should be able to take screenshots via that by hitting, I believe, F11.
  9. I don't mean to derail the thread, but I never understood the rationale behind letting Vortex manage SKSE, simply because it doesn't work like ordinary mods. In fact, I'd argue that it's more of a wrapper than a mod.
  10. I think which series you prefer probably depends on whether you're more interested in sci-fi or fantasy. Of course, in my case, I've never cared for the post-apocalyptic-wasteland genre. Too depressing for my taste.
  11. I like how the main character is no one special. (i.e. they don't have special powers, nor are they the subject of a prophecy. They're just an ordinary person who happened to be in the right place at the right time.)
  12. I really hate people who think it's okay to punish the masses for the actions of a few. That's simply not punishment, but cruelty, and if anything, all it will accomplish is making everyone hate you.
  13. I agree, especially on the misinformation front. One of the most ludicrous claims I see is that the Creation Club stole from modders. I've looked over the creations in the CC multiple times, and THEY HAVEN'T STOLEN ANYTHING! Everything up there that people claim is stolen is either a) already Bethesda's intellectual property, b) so generic that multiple mods have done it in multiple different ways, or c) was created by the exact same person that created the allegedly stolen mod. Survival mode is a good microcosm of all of these. People claim that Bethesda stole Frostfall and Realistic Needs and Diseases, which falls apart when you realize: -Survival Mode was created by Chesko, who happens to be the same person that created Frostfall and Last Seed -Survival Mode already appeared in Fallout 4, so Bethesda's intellectual properties already included a needs system by that name -Claiming that Bethesda stole Frostfall and RnD through Survival Mode is just as asinine as claiming that isoku or Chesko stole RnD by releasing iNeed and Last Seed respectively
  14. Did anyone ever post this video here? I don't recall. Either way, I think it's worthwhile to link to it somewhere in this thread, because it's the most comprehensive run through of the Anniversary Edition content I've seen since it came out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dy1luAwX6Q
  15. Just want to say this here in case it got lost in all the posts, but since it sounds like you're just coming back to the game, be aware that the latest version of Skyrim SE adds some new stuff into the game that wasn't in LE, namely some new weapons and armors, some alchemical ingredients, fishing and needs management minigames, and two new questlines. The Anniversary Edition upgrade includes even more new stuff, a lot of which was originally released via a microtransaction store. And yes, it will save you money to just grab the upgrade as opposed to sifting through the store and buying points to buy just the ones that peak your interest.
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