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  1. Hello, I know this comment is super late to the party and I apologize for that. I had a question. I have not used this mod yet, but I have been trying to get alternative music to play within Skyrim. I have successfully replaced the vanilla intro theme with various songs. For some reason, I am unable to replace any other music for example the town or tavern themes. For example, I selected a song that I wanted to play in all taverns and I renamed it: mus_tavern_01.xwm, mus_tavern_02.xwm, mus_tavern_03.xwm, mus_tavern_04.xwm, mus_tavern_05.xwm and mus_tavern_06.xwm I know that without this mod, the vanilla music will still play, but I noticed that if I sit in a chair in the tavern for a long time, my chosen song does not play! It just cycles through the vanilla tavern songs...why is this? Is there something I am missing? I would greatly appreciate any help with this.

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