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  1. Thats is all right, I admit I had the previous version of the mod till recently then I have follishly saw that it had been recently updated and redownloaded deleting the previous version before noticing that it had relocated the building. Again thank you for your reply. Cheers MK
  2. I have been searching for quite some time and I would like to ask the author if he could rerelease the previous version of this mod with the original position by the bridges? I have started using the new Whiterun overhauo called capital city whiterun which is splendid but it has inn that is in the same place as is the new position of the courier service. And as this have been one of the essential mods adding to realism of the Skyrim I started searching for theolder version, but itwas quite suprisedfor me to find out that arthmoor had removed all previous version of this mod. Chee
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