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  1. Hello, Reinstalled Skyrim and tried without any mods and ony USSEP installed and its definately a patch bug Whevener i use a spell like firebolt/ball the sound effect won't stop if i let the projectile go as soon as possible after it charged up, the sound effect goes away about 1 seconds after i let the ball go(the full sound effect finished playing) , ice spells are affected too and all tier/elemental spells might be affected by this but novice rank spells seem alright. Not a worldbreaker bug i know but this really drives me mad after an hour spamming destruction spells. Edit: after some testing i figured that every spell which has the same charge like firebolt for example has this bug, its like the sound effect they start with cannot be cancelled even if you press the sheathe shortcut which in vanilla game stops the sound or by casting the spell before the sound itself would end.

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