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  1. I've worked extensively with patches to software projects in the past (what with working with Linux distro projects). Can definitely tell you that any delta-based patch will still be licensed under the same terms of the original work, and thus be a derivative in some way. Usually in those cases its to forward fixes from later versions or add specific functionality required or desired by the distribution, but the work is unambiguously under the license of the original application. It's still gonna be the same for Skyrim mods, making a patch to alter one original mod into an altered version is still gonna be a derivative and still going to be licensed under the original terms the author put on the project, just by existing. And to be frank, you might as well just make a override plugin that depends on the original mods to make your desired changes. You'd get the original mod the attention it needs, and it's more honest about it being a derivative work. Plus most mod authors will be fine with these kinds of overrides, after all it still depends on the original files Modifying the original file by way of patching it into a replacement plugin is still gonna derive from the original plugin, it's not that much different from downloading and installing a plugin replacer.
  2. (Late response, but) I meant Book Covers Skyrim. Not Better Skill and Quest Book Names. You should still use the patch from this mod, if you aren't using Book Covers Skyrim.
  3. The main issue with the Soul Trap spell happened with mods that altered the Soul Trap magic effect, or created a new spell that used the Soul Trap script, but didn't use the USKP paramaters. SkyRe and Mighty Magic are known to do the former, while the Apocalypse spell packages includes a spell that is known to do the latter. (That specific spell being "Cloak of Souls") If there is no log spam from both of those cases, then I'd consider the USKP script to work. Otherwise, it will need more pounding.
  4. I admit, I'm suprised not to see my name credited in the readme, even though the basis of the Soul Trap fixes in the USKP are from my Enhanced Projectile Soul Trap mod.
  5. Might want to mention these two per the v2 Soul Trap changes: Enhanced Projectile Soul Trap: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/30087 Soul Trap Hit Effect Fix: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/37514 By the way, thanks for using EPSG as the reference implentation for the Soul Trap fix.
  6. If I get lucky enough to get a invitation to the beta (if it's still ongoing), then I'll dip my fingers into it. Otherwise, no, just no. In fact, the only MMO that I have a vague interest in is the Guild Wars series, and even then, I've got tons of other games to waste my time on.
  7. Yea, Hexaae, surely you can say Arthmoor started drama in the first cited bug because he inferred that you were mass hex editing a bunch of nif files blindly. I wouldn't call it drama, I'd call it justified human reaction.
  8. ...even though I did go and change the version of the AFK mods copy, thinking that I have updated the mod on this site. Updated anyway.
  9. Version 1.5.8a


    Let's face it, vanilla quest objectives are terrible. Want to turn off the quest markers because you want to have a more Morrowind feel? Good luck! Whickus attempted to fix this before with Better Quest Objectives, but he abandoned the Nexus in early 2012. So, this mod is to pick up where Whickus left off, applying unofficial patch fixes, making compatibility patches for mods - I bring to you, Even Better Quest Objectives. Covering 250+ quests in the vanilla game, and more to come, it makes your life without quest markers a lot easier. And I mean by a lot. Comes with a installer for NMM and Bash, so if you are using Bash like I do, you aren't left in the cold. A few things to consider: Some quests with ambiguous descriptions are left alone because they are meant to be riddles. They will not be modified - it's as likely as me cutting myself on a sharply observed portrait. Also, quests with journals that give information about the locations have the journals themselves edited instead of the descriptions. Also, this mod does modify some of the vanilla scripts relating to some of the radiant quests. This is done so that the location would be properly displayed in the quest objectives. For now, only the scripts relating to DA09, DA10, MGR20, MGR20b, MGR21, MGRArniel04, and MGRitual05 are modified, as well as one Dawnguard quest. I hope you enjoy! AFK Mods will be my secondary site for uploading - so if the Nexus is being uncooperative, you can instead download my files here.
  10. Heh. Something wants me to see Argonian Sneak Tail Twist Fix in the USKP... now that I think about it...
  11. St. Louis isn't that bad of a stretch to get to from Wisconsin - sure, it's a 5 hour and 30 minute drive both ways, but I've been driven farther before. Plus, I'm intrested in going to St. Louis anyway, so the location really works for me.
  12. Version 1.2


    The disease descriptions in the vanilla game weren't that descriptive - they only gave you the mechanical effects of the disease and not what the disease actually is, nor its symptoms. A earlier mod on the Nexus known as Disease Descriptions (made by Funsize_360) attempted to recertify that problem, but it felt like to me it was taking one problem and replacing it with another - in this case, the descriptions of the mechanical effects. So, I decided to start my own version. Without blackjack and hookers, because that won't make sense. What this mods does is add descriptions to the diseases in the vanilla game and the official DLCs, when available, and when I can get my hands on them. These descriptions retain information about the mechanical effects of the diseases, but also have a fluff description. This is really beneficial if you want to be really immersed into the game (or you are LPing it), as you would know how to react to whatever diseases you get. Comes with both a Bash and a NMM installer, so users of either mod manager (or Mod Organizer) would have a simple installation procedure. Includes compatibility with Realistic Needs and Diseases, and any official DLC I can get my hands on that introduces diseases.
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