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  1. Wow! Yeah I'll bet I felt like I was uncovering some blast from the past nostalgia I wasn't even a part of haha! I'll bet there were tons but yeah thanks again for having all the details on it all and even replying to me on this old post. Love your mods thanks for what you and all the other great modders I'm sure you associate with do!
  2. Thank you for laying out the full story. I came across this in my play through from a mod I guess made by Giskard(which I cleaned with TES4 edit and added to my bashed patch). Reading this got me to delve into the history a bit and when I found that the better cities team and you were on the other side of the "reeee other people are mean" I was shocked. Thank you for all the modding work you and the community did and do.
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