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  1. He reminds me of kids in first grade telling others they will call their father to teach them a lesson... Doesn't he has any grip on reality?
  2. Welcome to the people directed here by Giskard. I hope you will take time to read everything posted from the beginning and will finally see the light. If not, well... goodbye :)
  3. The beast is back with a Revenge on intelligence as always :facepalm:
  4. There is always internet and torrent websites :) Would you pass a chance to piss off Giskard by ripping off his copyrights on the movie sale?
  5. Makes you wonder who would he prefers to play his character in the movie... Wait, there is no movie about this??? :whistle:
  6. Well I don't have google-analytics on ad-block but surely on Blocked Script and untrusted site to never bother with. I don't know if that does change anything but well I'm sure no script from it will play tricks on me. Whatever the tricks may be.
  7. Poor Conner. I believe, now that's me assuming things that might not be true, that Vorians was just kidding when he was telling you that he had to use Google translate to understand American English. It was just a follow up on your own joke about translation from British to American for Giskard's mods, implying that we couldn't honestly do the job because neither of us are American so it is a "foreign language" for us :P Now run that through google if you don't understand what I'm saying. I'm sure it is funny in spanish :biggrin:
  8. Oops. I forgot to log in again for my previous comment. I know you didn't meant that literally Conner but with the zaelots lurking around we must stick to the facts or they will launch another campaign saying that we admitted something while BC Team never touched his mods.
  9. [url=http://www.theengineeringguild.co.uk/news/707-feedback-links-back]Mysteries inside Mysteries[/url] [quote=Giskard]It seems some of you have managed to reach me anyway so I am restoring the feedback links, seems pointless hiding them when its not stopping the emails. I will remind folk that the feedback links are logged and you can be traced via them. So best not abuse them. I could clear up some rumours that have spread but since my rights mean nothing to Elder Scrolls people, I am not going. (Edited: Have fun.)[/quote] So it seems he is already back. But what are those rumours he is talking about? That sure sound ominous. Take cover people! [quote=Giskard]How you destroy your community is no concern of mine any more so I'll leave you to do what you do best.[/quote] That the new addition to his previous post. So we drove away the only person who could help rebuild the community. Can you believe that? Are we just insane???
  10. [quote=AnonymousForAReason] As you can see I've formalized things. Its kinda fun chatting to the 'evil bad guys' :biggrin:[/quote] Ok now that we got you in our nest: Hand over your mods so we can rip them off!!! [quote=PetrusOctavianus]Personally I've downloaded the entire threads where he has badmouthed me and the other "trolls", "fcom guys", "mod cleaners" and "better city people". It's funny just how nasty the leader of the friendly ("or else!";) EG can be while he constantly breaks his own rules.[/quote] If you want I can put them on my Better Cities server for free access to pure trolling.
  11. [quote]He's purged all blog and news posts relating to TES, so (as I expected he'd do a long time ago, surprised it only happened now) he's removed all evidence from his site of badmouthing us. Any links on Samson's blog post here will no longer work.[/quote] This is exactly the reason why I have been quoting the articles I linked because I know he can remove them or rephrase them at will to make us the bad mouthing persons in the story. With that kind on madman you can never be too sure. Of course he can still change his post and say he never said what was quoted in the first place but I wont take screenshots like he does. Useless waste of time. Also, let people who want to stay anonymous stay that way. It is their choice.
  12. If it was a show we would made you pay for it!!! and call MPAA to protect our sacred copyrights.
  13. Well we didn't actually fight but more pacified his tools for war aka CUO cities, making them fit in our cities without the need of fighting. But he was at war. So now that he left the battlefield he made, we are left as winner :)
  14. [url=http://www.theengineeringguild.co.uk/news/704-waving-good-bye-to-the-elder-scrolls]We won the war!!![/url] [quote] Due to the continued abuse from trolls like the Open cities and Better Cities people who as recently as yesterday decided to access private posts on my private forum (which is private for a reason) and post them on their public blog just to cause trouble. And given their statements about feeling free to continue to ripping off and stealing any mod I work my ass off to create. I feel it best to simply stop making mods they can rip off and use as excuses to cause me trouble. After all if I do not make anything they cannot steal it. So I have decided to stop making mods for Elder Scrolls fans and will be moving on to more friendlier communities.[/quote] Well do not rejoice too hard because he has the bad habit to come back and back again after saying the very same things over and over again. Anyway, it is a cause to celebrate once again as we sure did won the war he declared on us just by patching his mods so that everyone can access them even with Better Cities. The last straw was the post of that dear Anonymous from inside his own forum. So whoever you are, thank you for reporting this to public view so that everyone could see in the open what we were trying to say to everyone about him. Just a side note, We ARE NOT ripping anything from you. Your esp/esm stay as they are. We DO NOT touch them. But yet this is lost on you. Good riddance I'll say and you can quote me all you want :)
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