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  1. There was a major outage of Spectrum internet service in my area this morning of about 4 hours. Looking on my phone, the outage seemed to be widespread. After service was restored, I decided to try and download USSEP. First, I cleared all reserved space from the game. I was successful! USSEP is now in my load order! Thank you to all who posted here with suggestions and updates. Hopefully all who have this problem will have it resolved shortly. Thanks to ARTHMOOR and the community here for all you do to improve The Elder Scrolls series.
  2. This gives me hope! 😀 Still no go for me, I’m afraid. I’ll keep trying.
  3. I second this! Thanks for keeping us up to date. Skyrim is just not the same without USSEP and all your mods.
  4. No change for me. I tried hard reset again, reset my modem, unplugged everything for a full 30 minutes, changed internet connection to 2G from 5G, then back again after a no go download at 2G. (So. Cal with Spectrum ISP) Glad to see some of you getting it to work! Why is it just USSEP that can’t be downloaded? Wouldn’t other mods be affected if I’m downloading them on the same internet connection? Wouldn’t they be in the same AWS cache? This is just too weird. I miss Cutting Room Floor, Provincial Courier, not to mention all the little details that are fixed by USSEP. So frustrating.
  5. I had to look up AWS as I had never heard of that before. Thank you for all the help with this strange problem. I’ll try to download the patch in a few days and let you know what happens.
  6. Just tried to download at 1:03pm PST. Unsuccessful. Download stops at 87%.
  7. That’s very strange and quite the coincidence. I just now reset my Spectrum internet connection as I hadn’t done that before, and it made no difference. Download of USSEP progresses to 87% and then the process stops and the dreaded message appears. You have no idea how many improvements are made to the game until you have to play without USSEP. I really miss “Cutting Room Floor” and my other favorite mods that require USSEP to function. This problem is just too weird.
  8. I’m in Southern California using ISP Spectrum. Thanks for checking this out.
  9. I’ve just completely wiped my Xbox console and reset it to factory settings. Uninstalled, reinstalled SKYRIM, cleared all reserved spaces went on Bethesda.net and unsubscribed from all my mods. Went back on Skyrim Mods on my Xbox and attempted to download USSEP mod by ARTHMOOR. The download progresses to 87% and then quits and displays “ The operation could not be completed” message. Bethesda can’t help me. I’ve messaged Arthmoor and received an answer that it’s not on his end as he hasn’t changed or updated USSEP lately. Is anyone else on an Xbox 1 S having trouble downloading USSEP?
  10. I’m wondering if anyone is having this problem: I’m starting a new game, deleted all my reserve space and starting fresh with no mods downloaded yet. Went to download USSEP. When the download hits 87% it stops and I get the error message , The operation could not be completed. I’ve tried everything I know of to fix this, but I’m stumped as this has never happened to me before. Hard restart, unplugged Xbox, deleted and then reinstalled Skyrim itself. I can download other mods, just not USSEP. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have put in a trouble ticket with Bethesda. (Bethesda answered, they can’t help with this issue.) Thanks for any help you can offer. I’m just frustrated to the max as many of my favorite mods require USSEP to function.
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