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  1. Some teasers from a project I have been working on for the last 1.5 years. Went a bit over the top eventually, but should be ready for release within the next two months ... finally!
  2. From the album: Sclero's Farmhouse Kit

    An inn on the pass on the Whiterun-Markarth road.
  3. From the album: Sclero's Farmhouse Kit

    Full space divider mesh with stairs. For the finishing touch.
  4. From the album: Sclero's Farmhouse Kit

    Added a new set of interior roof section meshes that have spiral stairs for upper floor access mounted in gables.
  5. GetWarmthRating suggests that there's also a new sub-record in the armor form.
  6. From the album: Sclero's Farmhouse Kit

    ... and one of the interior segments needed to make full use of the new farm house geometries.
  7. From the album: Sclero's Farmhouse Kit

    One of several houses I made before moving on to non-vanilla dimensions. Those houses were never fully finished ... until recently.
  8. Move on to the next Beth disaster ....
  9. Well, you only would have to tell the script how to detect a deviation from the expected behaviour of the game. Which means that the script needs a reliable reference; simply speaking, it needs to have access to all the information from a fully patched game. Though, once the game can be fully patched, that script iwoule become pretty much superfluous.
  10. The only reason I can imagine is a script that tries to get a form from the master via a GetFormFromFile command.
  11. From the album: Bug Reports

    The 'windows' (wooden grates) have no collision.
  12. The traclker is currently being moved. In the meantime, report your bugs here.
  13. In the base game (i.e. without Hearthfires installed), are there any spawn points in the place where the house is supposed to be once Hearthfires gets installed ? If so, what happens when you move them out of the way (i.e. edit it in the base game and then let the DLC overwrite those changes - well, if that's possible at all) ?
  14. There are a lot of workshop expansion mods iny your load order, and I assume that you are making ample use of them. Expanding workshops beyond a certain limit will inevitably lead to certain glitches sooner or later. This is not a bug but a limitation of the game. What glitches to expect and at which point they'll start to appear depends on the preferences of the user and his individual playing style. This is because some workshop expansions have more impact than others. Focussing on specific features and keeping the expansions at a moderate level (compared to vanilla workshops) will help to avoid these problems. Though, trying to make full use of all available workshop expansion mods at the same time is very unlikely to work and may break the workshops beyond repair. To tell you anything more specific about the current state of your workshops, I need your workshop logs. To generate these logs, the workshop scripts have to be recompiled in debug mode. You can grab them here: Make sure that logging is enabled in the papyrus.ini, then start playing. All workshop activity will be recorded in separate logs that appear in a sub-folder of the script logs folder (the game will create that folder at run time). The workshop logs are rather lengthy, so be prepared that you may loose a few fps while you are running those scripts. To have the status of all workshops logged, the logs should cover at least one full game day (= 72 min real time). It would also be fine if you try to carry out some of the operations that apparently stopped working in your current game while recording the log (so we can see how the scripts are trying to process them). One final note: those scripts (because distributed as loose files) will override all other versions of the same scripts, including mod-added ones. That is, some mods may stop working. This predominantly affects those mods that modify WorkshopScript directly (e.g. workshop settlement attack overhauls, the food production surplus uncapper, and a few others). Due to the nature of those script modifications, those mods will work normally again once you're done with logging and remove the loose files.
  15. Version 1.1


    The workshop scripts (WorkshopParentScript, WorkshopScript, WorkshopObjectScript, WorkshopNPCScript and WorkshopAttackScript) from UFO4P 2.0.2, recompiled in debug mode. This is for helping to track down the causes of workshop-related issues. DO NOT USE THESE FILES IF YOU DON'T HAVE UFO4P 2.0.2 INSTALLED. For installation drop the pex files in your fallout4\data\scripts folder. Make sure that logging is enabled in papyrus.ini. To uninstall, delete the pex files that came with this download from your fallout4\data\scripts folder. If you have UFO4P installed, removal of the files won't have any consequences (if you don't, installation still works but subsequent file removal may irreparably corrupt your saves).
  16. To manipulate an object in workshop mode, its pivot must be within the brown box. If it's not, you cannot select it. Thus, manipulating anything outside of the vanilla workshop boundaries requires modification of the brown box. Which, btw, is not a good idea: There's a big risk of inadvertently breaking up a piss bomb (previs/precomb). Doing this at run time may not have the same detrimental results as breaking it in a plugin (only then, it will actually become disabled), but it may leave you with visual glitches. Guess where people report those issues (hint: it's not the mod author) ? The brown box defines the search volume of the engine to look for workshop objects when you call GetWorkshopResourceObjects() from a papyrus script. Of course, the engine is way faster than anything papyrus, and the additional work will likely be done in a fraction of a second, but it's nonetheless another fraction of a second of engine activity that is consumed for workshop-related tasks. The performance drawn from the game by the workshop system is high anyway (maybe too high even with vanilla size settlements), so one should take care of not further increasing the workload (or, at least, to keep it as low as possible).
  17. Small general update: The "gassy settler" quest was broken too (another one by KMK, btw). The stop conditions were all fine, but the script never checked them because the start fragment was missing.
  18. The scavengers are spawned by a quest that reacts to an ActorAttach event. This quest is not using a trigger. If you want to look into this further, recompile REParentScript, RETriggerScript and REScript in debug mode. When I implemented the fixes, I diverted their debug messages so as to get all printed on a separate comprehensive RE log. This log will tell you at any time which triggers are currently blocked by running quests.
  19. Not that log. If all was done correctly, the workshop system should create its own set of logs. They will appear in a sub-folder of your scripts log folder (Logs\Script\User - the game does create that folder for you). If t is missing, something apparently went wrong. I can make that easier for you. Give me a little time, and I will upload a pack with the properly recompiled scripts from UFO4P 2.0.1a. [NB: They will work in your game even if you do not have all DLCs (and are still running the old NoDLC version)].
  20. What is the size of your settlement ? How many settlers, crops, turrets, beds and stores (i.e. anything that runs a WorkshopObjectScript) ? All the information needed to understand what happens at that specific workshop is in the workshop logs. To get the logs, extract WorkshopParentScript, WorkshopScript, WorkshopObjectScript and WorkshopNPCScript from the UFO4P archive (into the Data\Scripts\User folder) and recompile them in debug mode (in the CK, open the 'preferences' window, click on the 'scripts' tab and select debug mode there). Make sure debugging is enabled in your ini file. It's important that you start playing from a save where you are not at the workshop in question (because we need the full log entries from the function that starts running upon your arrival). If that's not possible, leave (travel far away, spend some time there) and then return. At the workshop, do what you're usually doing. If the issue starts to manifest itself, play on for a while (because the logs may be written with some delay).
  21. On what issue ? The original thread was about a very particular issue where a flag on a package caused the engine to start running some code that slowed down any activities at the workshops significantly. Bethesda told us that this code should actually not even have existed in the game anymore, and they removed it later on in an official patch. We temporarily redrew that package (but did re-include it in UFO4P 2.0.1). That issue has been solved. So, to answer your question, there has been no progress (but what do you expect ?). Eventually, someone hijacked the thread to talk about an entirely different issue. That one was solved too, and there has been no progress either since (again: what do you expect ?). Settler assignment problems are both new to this thread and have nothing in common with any of the issues previously discussed here (please start a new topic next time !). Now, as it turned out recently, people may not even be talking about the same issue when they refer to 'settler assignment issues'. Which one of the following is your problem ? Also, be prepared that I'll have more questions once I know what we're talking about. You plant a crop in workshop mode, then tell a settler to work on it. No matter what you do, the message to tell you that the crop has been assigned will never show up. Occasionally, the settler may even walk to the crop and start working, but even then, the assignment message is never displayed. You assign settlers to work on some crops, the assignment message shows up and they really start working on them, but when you return later, none of them works on anything (instead, a different settler is tending the crops) and those you assigned originally are all unassigned [NB: the same may happen with guard posts, btw.] Early in the game, there are encounters where you can assist settlers in defending against wild dogs, supermutants, etc. If the settlers survive, an option may show up to recruit them for a workshop, which in turn brings up a drop down menu where you can select a workshop to assign them to. With some encounters, this option is missing though, and later on in the game, it will be missing entirely. You try to send a settler to a different workshop, but there's no selection of workshops displayed to assign him to (or, most of the workshops are grayed out). Something else ? (1) is the actual 'can't assign settlers issue' (at least, this is what most people referred to when they were talking about it in the past). (2) and (3) are working as intended. (4) stops working for a given workshop if the population goes beyond a certain limit. The code that decides which workshops are valid options and which ones aren't apparently checks a game setting, or a value that depends thereof (this runs at engine level, so we cannot say how exactly the threshold is calculated). Eventually, there may be no drop down showing up at all. Which means that this is working as intended too. (5) maybe your problem is none of these, and i simply don't know about it yet. If so, please give me more details.

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