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  1. Trigger 1 starts the quest (DN011), trigger 2 waits for one second (to give the quest the time to run its startup), then fills the ref of the intercom in an as yet empty alias. Finally, trigger 3 sets a quest stage that activates the ref in that alias. If you pass the distance between triggers 2 and 3 in less than one second, the whole "ingenious" construction stops working and you get this: https://afktrack. afkmods.com/index.php?a=issues&i=23757

  2. Best choice is glass.


    Copper will do it for all mineral acids except nitric, concentrated sulfuric (100% sulfuric acid does oxidize copper, but loses this ability when just a little diluted) and mixtures such as aqua regia.


    Most polymers ("plasrics") are not acid resistant either but will slowly deteriorate over time because of additive leaching.

  3. That would be great, as I wouldn't have to make a demo myself (and I'm not really good at creating immersive interiors anyway).


    I could probably upload all finished meshes within two weeks or so. I'm currently working on the correction of minor issues with UV and/or vertex colors, and I would prefer to get this done before release.


    I also need to write a documentation, i.e. a guideline on how they are meant to be assembled. Due to the vast number of meshes, one could easily get lost otherwise.


    With all this done, it should be ready for use, although there's still a minor issue: not all staircase meshes have been tested yet in game collision-wise (there are 4 different designs, plus variations). Not likely to happen (as I have made sure that there is enough space by building the basic layouts around actor meshes) but without testing, I cannot fully exclude that NPCs may get stuck in some places, and If that happens, the offending mesh would need to be fixed, so this might delay the timeline for release of your own mod.


    Plus, there are a couple of meshes that actually belong to the package but are not ready for release yet. These would have to be released at a later date:

    (1) railings for exterior walkways

    (2) a walkway stairs, to allow for quick access of an upper walkway level without having to run once around the house

    (3) interior dividers. some are already finished but there will be a set of basement dividers to allow for subdividing the basement into cozy rooms of various sizes and these are still almost completely missing (an earlier concept didn't work as expected, so I had to start again from scratch).

  4. Thanls.


    The concept is to have a set of interior segments for every external modification, so you can make a matching interior for any combination of exterior meshes. Plus, all exterior segments come with their own LOD meshes (so the LODs will be assembled too).


    Interiors are three units wide (two in vanilla) and can have an upper floor: you can choose whether you want a full floor, a half-width floor or no floor at all.


    So far, there are >500 new meshes (LOD meshes not included). As I said in the header to the gallery, it went a bit over the top.

  5. Developing a patina only requires time and oxygen. If the environment is humid, it develops even faster. Burying metallic objects in an old ruin for a long time will corrode them significantly.


    Making it look realistic requires some knowledge on how the metal/alloy will behave in which environment. That's why I ask (I'm chemist, you know ?)

  6. "I'll be investigating means to have it function much like the V-stones in Oblivion ..."


    To make it automatically recharge any magic items in your inventory when used ? There's a slight problem here with accessing the references of objects in your inventory. This doesn't work like in Oblivion. You'll also need SKSE to modify an item's charge.

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