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  1. Who puts an 'a' in 'definitely' is definitely an a-hole

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    2. lmstearn


      Does that mean those who put an 'e' in definitely are e-holes?

    3. MadCat221


      Defanately. Defanately an a-hole. Uh oh.

    4. Sclerocephalus


      What about an 'e' ? ... Well, it's just a mnemonic and nothing that should be stressed for logics. Like the one for discerning stalactites and stalagmites: tit(e)s are hanging down ...

  2. Electrophilic substitution, as explained to undergraduates: Himbeeren + Br2 -> Brombeeren + HimBr

  3. Imagine an empty room. If two people enter and three are leaving, another person has to enter to make it empty again. That's mathematics !

    1. lmstearn


      Pure mathematics. In reality is there such a thing as an absolutely empty chunk of space?

  4. Had an idea for a mod "Over the roofs of Windhelm", but abandoned it after a look at Beth's meshes

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