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  1. Hi all, I'm working on a mod to improve the courier and while integrating fixes from the unofficial patch, I realized the courier didnt seem to be affected by crime. I've modified the script below to use IsChild since holds themselves are not the primary location of the cells the courier spawns in, which is likely the cause of the lack of crime association. Scriptname WECrimeFactionAliasScript extends ReferenceAlias {Based on the HoldLocationAlias property, puts the actor in this alias in the correct crime Faction} LocationAlias Property myHoldLocation Auto Location Property HaafingarHoldLocation Auto Location Property ReachHoldLocation Auto Location Property HjaalmarchHoldLocation Auto Location Property WhiterunHoldLocation Auto Location Property FalkreathHoldLocation Auto Location Property PaleHoldLocation Auto Location Property WinterholdHoldLocation Auto Location Property EastmarchHoldLocation Auto Location Property RiftHoldLocation Auto Faction Property CrimeFactionHaafingar Auto Faction Property CrimeFactionReach Auto Faction Property CrimeFactionHjaalmarch Auto Faction Property CrimeFactionWhiterun Auto Faction Property CrimeFactionFalkreath Auto Faction Property CrimeFactionPale Auto Faction Property CrimeFactionWinterhold Auto Faction Property CrimeFactionEastmarch Auto Faction Property CrimeFactionRift Auto Event OnLoad() Location myHold = myHoldLocation.GetLocation() Faction myCrimeFaction = GetCrimeFactionForHold(myHold) Actor selfActor = GetActorReference() ; debug.trace(self + "OnLoad() myHoldLocation: " + myHold + " means I should get the crime Faction: " + myCrimeFaction) selfActor.SetCrimeFaction(myCrimeFaction) EndEvent Faction Function GetCrimeFactionForHold(Location HoldLocation) {Returns the normal crime Faction for the hold} Faction ReturnFaction If HaafingarHoldLocation.IsChild(HoldLocation) returnFaction = CrimeFactionHaafingar ElseIf ReachHoldLocation.IsChild(HoldLocation) returnFaction = CrimeFactionReach ElseIf HjaalmarchHoldLocation.IsChild(HoldLocation) returnFaction = CrimeFactionHjaalmarch ElseIf WhiterunHoldLocation.IsChild(HoldLocation) returnFaction = CrimeFactionWhiterun ElseIf FalkreathHoldLocation.IsChild(HoldLocation) returnFaction = CrimeFactionFalkreath ElseIf PaleHoldLocation.IsChild(HoldLocation) returnFaction = CrimeFactionPale ElseIf WinterholdHoldLocation.IsChild(HoldLocation) returnFaction = CrimeFactionWinterhold ElseIf EastmarchHoldLocation.IsChild(HoldLocation) returnFaction = CrimeFactionEastmarch ElseIf RiftHoldLocation.IsChild(HoldLocation) returnFaction = CrimeFactionRift Else EndIf return ReturnFaction EndFunction
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