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  1. Should probably post here since it hasn't been cleared up in this thread. The arch in proudspire was removed because it is deleted in hearthfire and would cause a ctd if the user had no cleaned Hearthfires.esm. Not sure about the others. It may be fixed again in future versions if the USKP is made to be a false esm file.
  2. Okay, so I checked version 1.0.0 (where the arch fix was first implemented) and it is included in that version. Now to narrow down where it went missing
  3. There are archives, though I'm not certain they're available publicly. I'll take a look though.
  4. Okay so it looks like this was fixed before: The three new chairs around the living room table (D89D2, E2CB4/5) will no longer be embedded in the new chairs when the Living Room upgrade is purchased due to missing enable parenting, flipped the backwards chest at the foot of the master bed (9DA07) and eliminated a large arc of Z-fighting intersection on the wall by the mannequins (5F0B1) in Solitude's Proudspire Manor (player's home) However, that arch hasn't been edited inside the 1.3.3 files. Hopefully Arthmoor sees this as that's presumably not a good sign
  5. I don't know about the others but I recently just fixed the arch in proudspire and after look inside the 1.3.3 file I can see it hasn't edited the arch. If it was fixed previously then it's either gone missing from the file or was fixed by moving something besides the arch. I'll check the change log
  6. Message added to reflect, I should probably play DB at some point so that I know what is for that DLC
  7. Possibly made obsolete, was adding it to BOSS and had a quick search of the USKP changelist to check but couldn't find anything. You probably have a better idea of if it has been fixed though Esp is in the list and named: "Severin Manor Music.esp"
  8. As far as BOSS goes, I believe BOSS V3 is going to support morrowind (there was a discussion about supported games recently in the new thread), which should provide more help than the current iteration since it will be somewhat automated.
  9. Could be better quest objectives if you're on an older version. I remember an issue with it causing the crimson quest not to start when you first pick one up too. EDIT: Nevermind, I checked and it was only a certain patch which isn't in your load order.
  10. Who won a copy of Oblivion GOTY...? ;)

  11. SilentSpike

    render LP

    I agree, the detail is great! How long did this take you?
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