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  1. Damn it Beth, why must you leave holes in everything
  2. Was not intentional, thanks for pointing this out
  3. They haven't caused bounties for me before, probably because of the faction settings, no?
  4. Nice in-depth tutorial Also loving the colorful robes, might we see these in a future release? Missed the download link at the top
  5. It's just image metadata, hardly a new technology. You can disable the location metadata in your phone's settings A classic example of people not being aware of how the technology they're using works. The fact that the police had never seen anything like it worries me really.
  6. That was actually an idea I had, will look into it (since this AI package stuff is still new to me it's not so easy to set up ). Would grant me the bonus of being able to move some beds to a more convenient location though.
  7. I'm with Arth and Andalay, no ads and no incorrect links. Very odd issue
  8. Decided to finally make this request. The mod adds a bedroll beside every innkeeper in the game and some AI packages to make innkeepers go to sleep at appropriate times. Currently in the process of testing + adding unique packages for every innkeeper so that they sleep at different times (most of them currently share a generic package). Here's a download for anyone who'd like to test out my changes. I'm not too familiar with AI packages yet, so there are likely to be some bugs - especially in instances where unique events might happen in an Inn. Any help or testing is greatly appreciated. USKP changes to actors and one scene in the bannered mare have been carried over.
  9. First question would be easy enough to solve, just needs a bool to be flipped on cell reset then used to check if the first part should run or not. Flip it back ir it does.
  10. I'm no papyrus expert so I can't say if it's working correctly, it looks like it should, but it does leave me with a few questions: If the cell hasn't reset then wouldn't the hive be set to remain stationary on the floor until hit? There is also a critter spawner for bees next to the hive, should that not be deactivated until the hive respawns? Finally, not a question, I can't see what would be causing it to fall to the ground after a cell reset has occured. Should probably make a test cell and try to see how exactly it behaves under those conditions. (Unless somebody else can see the issue already) These are just me writing down notes, questions are directed at nobody in particular, but feel free to answer.
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