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  1. Been thinking of converting my works to SE. This will definitely come in handy. Good to know that Bethesda has some rough edges worked out for the transition.
  2. Although we do not share the same view on paid mods, I understand your frustration of how Valve and Bethesda threw you and other modders under the bus just like that. But I am not a troll. Supporting a different side does not make one a troll. @alt3rn1ty I guess adding the donation option won't hurt, and a semi-nagging notification would help.
  3. I have loads of games on GOG, and they have continued to amaze me with more free (and good) games! I have both Mount and Blade, the original and Warband, and I can vouch for them if you like to play a medieval open-world game and make your own adventure.
  4. I really like the feather and ore vein. Thank you very much. Just curious, what is going to be next on your to-do list?
  5. Khrada


    This is used to show what the bug looks like for USKP project
  6. I did a rough check in Tes5EDIT with the files provided here, and I still cannot see the scripts on TREE, as they are IDMs. I'll start a new game and give it a run or something, but it seems like everything is fine according to the reports. This means we still need compatible patches or every plugins that created new harvestables, yes?
  7. Sure thing, I went to the SM Event Nodes in CK, I went to Add Item node, and found the node for WIAddItem07, then I changed the condition that checks the Acquire Type from 2 (buy) to 5 (container). The quest itself used this to start everything. Then I realized it only worked in exterior location, so I move the whole node for WIAddItem07 out of existing branches to a new empty branch and gave it only two conditions for that branch, one checking the container is not evidence chest, and the other checking whether it's from a follower (I think). Now it works in Warmaiden's (the interior space I chose), but still no luck in Ustengrav (the dungeon I chose). I understand the potential issue with coc'ing, so I also used an existing save for it, and the result was the same.
  8. Since it's quest related, I would guess quest is a good place for these kinds of issues. By the way, do these errors actually do something harmful to your save? Or it is just there saying "hey something is not working as it should"? I mean this kind of error, not the infamous save-bloating ones.
  9. Hello fellow members, I have recently tried my hand at changing the way the quest WIAddItem07 (Calcelmo buying Dwarven weapons and armors) works and ran into some problems. I wanted the quest to trigger when you discovered an Dwarven item in the chest instead of being bought (which makes the wording in the letter he gave you rather odd), so I changed the condition in the SM Event Node for that quest. Now the quest is no longer triggered when I buy a dwarven dagger from a merchant, but when I took it from a barrel. So here is the problem, I have noticed it does not like interior spaces. The test was conducted in Warmaiden's, inside and outside, and the quest triggers with no problem whenever I took the dwarven dagger out of the barrel next to the store, but it will not work when I took it out of the sack inside the store. That got my curiosity up and I started throwing the quest node around with less restrictive conditions, and I finally got it to work inside the store. However when I went back to my current playthrough in Ustengrav, the dwarven dagger I have found in the boss chest still failed to trigger the quest. Same result also happened when I coc'd from the main menu to Ustengrav and tried every kind of containers I can find with no avail, while it still worked with Warmaiden's. I'm here with this issue, wonder if anybody would be able to shed some light to this. Much appreciated. If this issue got resolved, I believe it is worthy of a fix, since the wording of the letter does not sound like it should trigger from a purchase at the market.
  10. Hello Sclerocephalus (I hope I spelled the name right), In the case of Ebony Blade, Keening, and other problematic items, you may want to look at this mod: Weapon Display FIX. I believe I have read the whole thread, and I don't think persistent reference status of Ebony Blade and Ghostblade is being discussed here.
  11. Well, they did said in a post that Legendary Edition will include patch 1.9, that kinda decreased the chance of us receiving more updates.
  12. Oh well Should I still make a ticket on it just in case? And thanks for the [ code ], now I can be more organized.
  13. At least they have heard our plea and fixed it, which is a nice thing. And Arthmoor, I think you have left a tiny detail out when you re-implement the Ancient Knowledge reward. After I loaded up the game, I get the message " added", which I later narrowed it down to be USKP, so I started looking at the source for the problem. It turns out that you did not block the "SpellName added" message like bluedanieru did. The code was: AddSpell(MS04RewardNoDisplay) instead of Addspell(MS04RewardNoDisplay,false) which should prevent the message from appearing. This is just a minor thing, but I just think it's worth letting you know. P.S.: How do you put a box around those codes?
  14. Since the Bethforum is locked at the moment (ouch), I'll make an observation here. I have noticed the Dawnguard version of PlayerVampireQuestScript cured more diseases than the vanilla ones, and from what I can tell they are all vanilla diseases. The cured diseases are as below: Ataxia, and the trap version of every diseases (includes Porphyric Hemophelia). Would it be appropriate for USKP to include this change?
  15. ==================== Longer Range for Zephyr and Auriel's Bow V 1.0 By Khrada ==================== ==================== Description ==================== I have not realized how pathetic Zephyr is when it comes to range until recently. Its range is only on par with regular hunting bow because they have the same speed. Auriel's Bow is even more pathetic, although it should be the bow that shoots arrow to the sun, it also has the same range as hunting bow. Now this is changed by setting the speed to appropriate values, and then attaching a script that gives out bonus speed when the bow is equipped. One minor downside of the mod is Zephyr now shoots a little bit slower than vanilla speed, because 0.75 (speed for Dwarven bow) multiplied by 1.3 (30% faster) isn't 1 (the vanilla value), I doubt anybody will be able to tell the difference, though. ==================== Feature ==================== - Zephyr and Auriel's Bow both have longer range now, while retaining their fast draw speed. - Zephyr's range is now identical to Dwarven bow, and Auriel's Bow to Daedric bow ==================== Requiremnt ==================== Skyrim, Make sure your game is up to date! ( when the mod is created) Dawnguard DLC ==================== How to Install ==================== Drop both .bsa and .esp files in your data folder, enable them and you're set! ==================== How to Uninstall ==================== I would recommend you not to remove it, since the mod involves script and scripts are known to leave footprints and still trying to execute them after they're removed. If you really want to remove it, however, I would suggest you to sotre Zephyr and Auriel's Bow away, disable the mod, and never use them again. But there will be no guarantee that your game will be okay afterwards. ==================== Compatibility ==================== Anything that makes changes to Zephyr and Auriel's Bow will conflict with this mod. ==================== Known Issue ==================== None so far. ==================== Permission ==================== Feel free to look at the mod and alter any values as you see fit. Let me know before hand if you want to use it on anything else. ==================== Credits & Thanks ==================== Bethesda for creating this game, and the Creation Kit. Nexus for hosting countless wonderful mods, which inspired me. ==================== Download Links ==================== AFK Mods Nexus

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