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  1. From the album: MadCat's WIPpage

    Last one for now... I baked a softened edge normal baseline for the iron setting part. The glass part will remain with hard edges since that suits it better. Some of the edging looks a little rough, but I think that suits it nicely: it's a consumable object, not much artisan effort is needed to produce it. As to why it needs a rather ornate setting to begin with... well... hmm... maybe it needs to be shaped like that to properly channel its energies on discharge.
  2. From the album: MadCat's WIPpage

    Game world view of the Varla Stone.I also managed to get Havok to play nice and get a working custom convex hull working for it as well.
  3. From the album: MadCat's WIPpage

    Screenshot in inventory close-up view of the V-stone. The screenshot doesn't show it well, but it has an ethereal shimmer effect similar to the Paragon gems, Auriel's Shield, and Aetherium in Dawnguard.
  4. From the album: MadCat's WIPpage

    A WIP of a Varla Stone mesh for the Skyrim AMIW Revamp project. Instead of soul gems, these will be the means to convey the aetherial energies into an AMIW sword. I'll be investigating means to have it function much like the V-stones in Oblivion, or at least maybe have it accelerate self-recharging in any AMIWs you have.
  5. ...Nevermind, Nico. Looking at the proverbial voodoo rituals you had to do in order to bake new terrain, I decided to just take a wild jump and splice the mesh directly into the BTOs. Not sure if you have access to the USKP file uploads, but check it out here: http://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/files/file/853-temple-of-miraak-lod-splice/
  6. Am I allowed to reveal the existence of your LOD gridmaps to SjoertJansen, Nico? I am going to PM him, partly to inform him that there may be a clash with his Solstheim LOD texture in SkyFalls, and partly to ask him just how the heck to go about baking new LOD meshes/textures. Also, a question to Arthmoor: Would this qualify as UDBP-worthy? Is it a valid omission bug? And lastly, a textured LOD mesh:
  7. I am seeing options for texture compiling of some manner int he LOD generation window for the CK. Also, the final LOD texture is separate from the textures that individual meshes are made from, much like the LOD meshes. We'll see what happens...
  8. Finished mesh here. Final tri-count is 2790 triangles.
  9. Some WIPpy screenshots of the Temple of Miraak LOD mesh... First, a screenshot of the original I am using as a guide: Next, the LOD WIP: It weighs in at 6000 Tris at that point, and that's before I start cutting out the broken crumbled bits. First, I need to UVW the one pie piece I've cloned all that from though. Think I could cull some more from the arches and towers? EDIT: Aaaand I just noticed I have too many weird inner spike thingys.
  10. I let the Temple of Miraak LOD bit slide because last I heard there was no progress in figuring out the LOD system. If this works, then I can pick it back up. Not sure how to integrate it into the Solstheim LOD texture, unless textures can be separated... I think it may be best to just have the outer ring be LOD-enabled and integrate both the inner and outer meshes into one. EDIT: After investigating some myself, it may not be possible to automatically generate a LOD mesh with separate textures from the main LOD texture file. However... I am thinking... it may be possible to manually splice them in. I am looking at Whiterun's Gildergreen circle in the LOD files, and I suddenly got the idea... put in a tree LOD mesh directly into the file and then save it. Worth a 'speriment... Or would it auto-generate a merged LOD texture in the process? Also, it turns out you don't even need to change their file type extensions, you just need to associate them with NIFSkope, and it'll figure it out from there. Also, have you revealed this resource to the mod community at large?
  11. Once it's confirmed to work with the Gildergreen, I'll polycull the Temple mesh.
  12. Some progress may have been made: http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1445803-relzwipz-unofficial-dragonborn-patch-thread-3/page__view__findpost__p__22389796
  13. Hana would have to do that, I haven't done anything with the Temple of Miraak LOD stuff. The temple is actually two pieces... would it be better off if only the outer piece has the LOD for both and the inner one does nothing?
  14. Presumably, if you made new LOD terrain, the only files that would deviate in filesize from vanilla are the altered ones. Is there some means to filesize check/checksum/whatever multiple files efficiently? Look for ones that are different in filesize (or significantly different if the very act of regenning alters filesizes). I'm willing to strip out geometry from the Temple of Miraak, but there's no point until this LOD business is sorted out. Crazy idea... Ask. We drop a line to GStaff (are there other Beth CMs?) and ask him to pass along an inquiry as to how distant LOD filenames/coordinates work.
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