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  1. I really am leery about extracting BSA data into my Data folder. Could an external BSA extract archive be designated? I already have it all extracted into a folder completely separate from my Data folder. Arthmoor and Hana have done the same, as I'm sure many other modders who work with assets have done.
  2. Can this disregard the 2048-vertex hard cap that the CK has for LOD meshes?
  3. I think the random thief one is bugged as well, on account of thieves not typically being steadfast foes. When faced with a mark that's too tough to rough up, a thief would rather run away and live. There's also the "toll-taker" bandit at Valtheim Towers. She has a rather high confidence score too. (Or I think it's always a woman... is it always a redguard woman for everyone else too?)
  4. Okay, the moment of truth: Riften Gate Guard. Level 23, Confidence 4 Foolhardy (Crap...), my level 23, my speech 36, no perk: FAIL, both in dialog and in check, Same as above, with 100 Speech and the regular perk, FAIL again. With absurd-ized perk to 10x, still FAIL. What the hell...? With 50x, SUCCESS in both dialog and console checks. The NPC_ base form for it is GuardRiftenGateNorthStartup, so if we disable inheriting AI data from template on it, we can then directly control the confidence to a level where one might actually pass it without being uber-leveled. Dig deep enough into the template nest to the level where the Confidence setting is Foolhardy to refer to for the rest of the AI Data tab info (as the nested leveled list in between just reads default values since they become variable due to the leveled list).
  5. Tetsting to absurdity is to just see if things work at all. Since it's done its purpose, I think it's not needed anymore (unless we're doing repeatability), since it's shown that Foolhardy targets can return a successful intimidate roll.
  6. And something that may indicate that Foolhardy != autofaill intimidation... Target is a bandit that was part of the Companions quest to kill an escaped prisoner from a hold's dungeons. Level is 19, Confidence is 4 (Foolhardy), player level is 22, player speech is 36, no Intimidation perk. It failed. But then I boost speech to 100 and add the 50x absurdity Intimidation perk. It succeeded.
  7. More data for the pile: Dwarven Centurion Master: Level 36, Confidence 4, Player Level 22, Player Speech 36, no Intimidation perk, FAIL. Did it again with Intimidation perk added and set to 50x Absurdity, and again, FAIL. Garthand had a hypothesis that Confidence of 4 (Foolhardy) may autofail intimidation checks. A thought occurred to me... If you have any mods that fiddle with Speechcraft, check all their perks in the CK or TES5Edit to see if there are any Intimidate modifiers on perks other than Intimidation. Check that perk to see what the perk entry is. Just to account for any outside influences...
  8. Welp, two bits of good news: It responds in the console, and my first target got a success. Target: Ghost of Katria (the Aetherium archaeologist lady). Her level was 15, my level was 21, her confidence was 3 (the one right below Foolhardy which is 4), my speech skill was 36, and I did not have the Intimidation perk. The console responded "player intimidate try: success" I'm gonna check the Riften gate guard to see how he responds in the dialog itself, testing with the console beforehand, once I've cleared Arkingthand. It'll be a test to see if it actually reflects what happens in-game.
  9. Intimidate speech options seem to fail more often than not when chosen. When delving into dialog conditions, it's revealed that there is a condition function "GetIntimidateSuccess" is at work. Consulting the Creation Kit Wiki reveals absolutely nothing but the glaringly obvious, so that's no help in figuring out how it works. Is it even functioning properly? I PM'd SmkViper, one of the BGS devs that is active in the forum, and he had the following reply: So... four factors to play around with to see what's up. Garthand said that Lynly Star-Sung seems to have a passable intimidate check. Looking at the "Gut you like a fish" random encounter thieves, it seems that it has a level mult of 1.1x, min 6 max 45, and Foolhardy confidence, which would explain why passing theirs never seems to happen. Why would a thief be Foolhardy anyway? Oversight bug? One would think that if a mark was too tough that they'd high-tail it outta there instead of fighting to the bitter end. That's what Warriors with their "honor" do, not thieves looking out for themselves. I've thought of a few testing methods. Altering the Intimidation perk's value from 2x to 50x is my first idea; basically changing values to absurdity. If anyone else tries this, be advised: Some perks bake in their effects even after RemovePerk-ing them again, so don't save with that perk altered so, in case that its entry point effect has such a problem. Another method that I thought up: See if "GetIntimidateChance" works in the console. Choose a soft, perishable NPC (like the kind that Run For Your Lives or When Vampires Attack is meant to protect) even if they have no Intimidate dialog options and try it as a console command. Check their level, confidence AV, and GetIntimidateChance success. Record your current PlayerChar level, speech skill, and whether or not you have the Intimidation perk (and whether you set it to absurdity or not). Then do it again on a hardier NPC (like a guard or a follower character). If it returns 1, then I think it is indeed working and the problem is that most of the NPCs that have an intimidate check are just too high-level/confidence for it to succeed.
  10. Aaaand REL'd: http://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/files/file/992-true-circlet-gems/ Circlet retex mod compatibility will come later.
  11. Version 1.0


    ==================================== TRUE CIRCLET GEMS ==================================== Author: MadCat221 (MadCat221@gmail.com) Version: 1.0 November 11, 2013 1. Introduction 2: Installation 3: Credits 4: Version History =============== 1. INTRODUCTION =============== Circlet gems... What the heck is up with them? They just look like chunks of colored polished plastic. Clutter gems... shiiiiinyyyyyy. Now THOSE look like gems! The flare, the glimmer... This mod aims to adapt the setup that the clutter gems use in order to make all circlets that have gems (not onyx or moonstones) uses it, in order to truly look like gems. As the lighting angles change, the flare within the gem will change with it. Additionally, the gems are no longer completely opaque, and also have an enviro reflection effect on them. Circlets for all races are adapted, including the recently released corrective female elf circlet meshes that are part of Unofficial Skyrim Patch 2.0 (as I'm the one that made those meshes). The provided screenshots don't really do it justice. Unlike other circlet mods that attempt to solve the lack of gem flare by putting it directly into the diffuse texture, this mod will make the gem flare glisten as the position of lighting, gems, and camera POV change, on both the outer and inner surfaces of the gems; in essence, dynamic gem flare as opposed to baked-in-texture flare. =============== 2. INSTALLATION =============== This is a module-less mod, intended as a replacer. Install the enclosed Meshes folder into your Skyrim/Data directory. Say "yes" to any overwrites. If you have any circlet retextures, some texture wonkiness may occur, as I have not yet made compatibility patches. I do not foresee anything too badly out of place, however, as all metal circlet bands use the vanilla texture paths. Basically, unless you unpacked your BSAs and tossed them (which you really shouldn't have, you will NOT get faster load times), you will only get at worst some mismatched normal maps. ================== 3. VERSION HISTORY ================== v1: Initial Release.
  12. Good news, everyone! You are now reading my post in the voice of Professor Farnsworth! And I did a crash test on all the meshes I've altered, and none of them brought the whole works down! One minor mixup with materials on the Jade Sapphire Circlet on the Khajiit M, but nothing a quick NIFSkope fix can't handle. Now comes getting the damn rubies to look good, and then compatibility with circlet retex mods.
  13. Now if you don't mind, I have a giant ruby to keep.
  14. The gems on circlets are... not gems. They're gem simulacra. They're opaque, and look more like plasticky chunks. Observe my custom-textured Ebony Diamond Circlet, before I had at it in Max and NIFSkope for this project: The gem diffuse texture is basically the vanilla circlet gem texture completely desaturated so they're gray. The rest of the texture set is the same as the original circlet gem (in particular, the Copper and Sapphire circlet). I decided to do some Maxery, and managed to mimic the way that the clutter gems (flawless diamonds in particular) are set up, to create more "True" gems in the circlet: I basically capped the back border on the existing circlet gems, pulled out the bottom cone so it's all gem-like, and then pulled back the circlet's gem sockets so it wasn't clipping. On the clutter gems, there's an alpha-less normals/facings-inside-out mesh that is part of the gem effect, I replicated it for this too. It looks even more spectacular panning around it so its enviro cube reflec shader does its thing. Color is now handled as a vertex color instead of a texture, and it has a completely new shader setup; basically the same BSLightingShaderProperty from the flawless diamond with some specular/enviro tone-down so it's not brightblasting in light, and with the Skinned shader flag enabled. This is a proof of concept, now comes the long slog of adapting the setup to all of them. I surmise that ring gems might similarly be modifiable. shhhhiiiiiinyyyyyyyy....
  15. From the album: MadCat's WIPpage

    My endeavor to make the circlet gems actually look like gems. My custom personal Ebony Diamond Circlet, now with more realistic looking diamonds. I used the Flawless Diamond clutter mesh as a reference for how the mesh and shader settings were configured. It looks even more spectacular when panning about so the enviro cube reflec and specular shine make the facets gleam.
  16. From the album: MadCat's WIPpage

    My endeavor to make the circlet gems actually look like gems. My custom personal Ebony Diamond Circlet, before my effort for comparison. They look like plastic or opaque glass or something...
  17. When attempting to enter the chatroom, I am getting the following error: Is anyone else getting the same?
  18. From the album: MadCat's WIPpage

    In this screenshot, it shows that the pauldron animation bug affects the male animation sets as well. Note how the right pauldron is clipping downward into the shoulder. With the standing idle animations for both males and females, you can see the bones move quite abruptly into their askewed position when transiting from animation sets that do not have the bugs.
  19. From the album: MadCat's WIPpage

    Here, you can see that the pauldron animation bug is not all-encompassing. The running animation has it in its proper place, and it seems weapon animations properly animate the pauldron bones too.
  20. From the album: MadCat's WIPpage

    Another screenshot of the screwy pauldron bone animations for walk/stand female/male animations. Here, you can see the pauldron bone over-arc and end up causing clipping into the shoulder.
  21. From the album: MadCat's WIPpage

    A screenshot of the Skewed Pauldron Animation Bug. Walking and standing sheathed-weapon animations for both male and female animation sets have a skewed pauldron. Note how the pauldrons are misaligned, and note the especially conspicuous detatchment of the pauldron's main plate from its harness ring. That should not be happening.
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    When you see it, you'll lol.
  23. Alright... So you managed to get your havok-enabled item to flop about properly in the game. Woo! Your NIFSkopery skills have increased a level! But then you notice that it just doesn't rest on the surface, even a surface that everything else rests flat on. Arg! Despite re-exporting the havok profile repeatedly and splicing it in, making it smaller each time, it continually just floats there. What to do? I had that situation recently, when making the Varla Stone (check my image gallery). While on the verge of saying "screw it, it's stuck that way"... I noticed that "Radius" in the bhkConvexVerticesShape block was not grayed out... it was a manipulable value. The NIFSkope descriptor is "The radius of the sphere that encloses the shape"... but that's a bit confusing. It'd be more accurate to say "the distance from the havok profile's surface where collision will occur". This value is present in kinds of havok mesh data blocks other than bhkConvexVerticesShapes as well, and likely havs the same function with them. Fiddle with this value in NIFSkope until you get it to rest properly on a verified flat surface like a tabletop, either in-game or activating havok mode in the CK. Many USKP fixes pertaining to floating havok-ey objects at rest have already been done since this discovery was made, and will be in the big V2.0 patch coming up.
  24. Use SQV CR13 to see which of the Bros is currently alias'd by the Purity quest. Use PgUp and PgDown to page through the SQV dump. It'll be a HexID code, so you'll have to cross-ref to see which of the Bros is it. After that, get a Glenmoril witch head and try asking them. If not, keep doing other jobs until they do ask. (SQV = Console shorthand for ShowQuestVars)
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