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  1. AMD GPU here. Loose archive extraction for Skyrim. Also happens to vanilla BGS Skyrim NIFs, so it's not a specific mesh that's the problem. I'll try wiping the reg entry.
  2. Oh my, the LA dot got even bigger. I guess people were waking up and reporting since they're two hours behind CST zone. Anyhoo. It's restored... for now. It had three intermittent outages last night, and apparently a lot of the local channels here are FUBAR'd on the cable service too. One of the intermittent outages last night happened when we were talking about Tsun and stuff in the chat (which is why I asked what the last thing I said was). So I may go dark again still...
  3. So... A massive charter outage has struck... Everywhere. Google "Charter outage map" and see the massive red blob that St. Louis is under. So I might be scarce for a day or two... How am i posting? Smartphone LTE is a hell of a thing... This kinda puts a crimp on my mom's Etsy business though...
  4. It seems that Pre-Alpha 4 has a broken UVW render window. The UVW strips all appear in-place, but the texture does not render. Both Arthmoor and I see this bug exhibited in our copies. Is this a bug, or is something not configured properly on our end?
  5. It seems that "Flip Faces" doesn't work in-game with Skyrim. It renders in NIFSkope with inverted faces, and flipping the normals works as well (both in-game and NIFSkope), but in the game itself, the faces still face outwards. If I run them through 3DS Max in this "broken" inverted face state, exporting will have them facing properly.
  6. SLSF_2_Double_Sided isn't quite perfect. If you want both sides to truly be double-sided, you'll need to create the second surface to face the other way. Otherwise, both sides will have the same lighting hue as the front side of the faces in question.
  7. The bowman bowed on the bowsprite. That mine of mine is full of mines. What's the bearing on that bare bear with a heavy load to bear? Today is a fair day to pay the fare to visit the fair.

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  8. I noticed this is being showcased on a FO4 mesh. Will Skyrim/FO3NV/Oblivion meshes have selectable verts too?
  9. OMG OMG OMFnG Also, I often export meshes from Max with vulgar file names like DD does when meshes are being pains in the ass as well. It's a good outlet of frustration. How will overlapping vertices (like how NIF exporters handle UVW seams) be handled?
  10. Can TES5Edit detect conflicts in AddonNode index entries? It is possible for two mods to use the same AddonNode index number. There is no oversight for them like there is for the BGS devs.
  11. A conversation comprised entirely of "Mhm"s ensued.
  12. Version 1


    ==================================== DRAGON ASPECT ENHANCEMENT ==================================== SKYRIM NEXUS MIRROR: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71686? Author: MadCat221 (MadCat221@gmail.com) Version: 1.0 First release: November 30, 2014 1. Introduction 2: Installation 3. Version History 4: Compatibility Issues =============== 1. INTRODUCTION =============== Does Dragon Aspect seem a bit... dorky-looking to you? Dragon head hands, dragon head codpiece (whut?), no legs, no feet, no love for archers or destruction mages for kill skill enhancement... Meh. So I fixed it. I did some overhauling of a lot of the meshwork: * Hands are now true 5-digit appendages instead of dragon heads (spliced from the chitin heavy mesh if you wish to know). * There are now leggings around the knee and lower leg. * There are now feet. I originally was gonna get permission to use Grimoa's Plantigrade Beast Feet for a basis, but no response was forthcoming so I made my own. * A dragon aspect tail! This required assigning the beast skeleton to all the non-beast races, read below in compatibility issues. * Some overall tweeking all around for better conforming (such as bust space for the female DBA chest portion). * A low rumble and distant dragon roar to accentuate your invoking the full power of the Dragon Aspect. * Ancient Dragonborn Helpers are now sexually dimorphic (randomly chosen) and have under-bodies as well as all the above visual enhancements. They also have an ethereal axe now too. * Miraak is enhanced too! As for the gameplay buffs, they are largely identical to what I have for it in Dragonborn Ascendant (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/17010/?): * Magic armor buffs all around * Inclusion of damage buffs to all kill skills, not just melee power attacks. =============== 2. INSTALLATION =============== It is just a module and a BSA, so install as normal. This mod requires both Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs. ================== 3. VERSION HISTORY ================== v 1.0: First release. ======================= 4: COMPATIBILITY ISSUES ======================= Because I had to alter the RACE records, there may be compatibility issues. I built in compatibility with Left-Handed Rings. Because the tail skeletal armature was needed, I changed all non-Beast races to use the Beast skeleton. Alas, because of something going on in the tail HKX project files, it precluded the tail working with pre-existing beastfolk tails, and thus only the Ehlnofey races (Men and Elves) will have a dragon aspect tail. Sorry... It will in all likelihood NOT be compatible with other Dragon Aspect mods.
  13. I thought they left it alone because it had become memetic...
  14. When in doubt... turn it off and see what happens. It might have something else involved with the hair shader.
  15. It in all likelihood won't show on NPCs unless you re-bake their heads. Unless you tweek the shader flags on the existing baked heads...
  16. I think I (at least partially) figured out what Assume_Shadowmask does when I was troubleshooting a problem with Saerileth's Gemling Queen Jewelry mod (which derives and expands upon the "true circlet gem" effect I first implemented) Essentially... I think it's involved in a setup where there's an envirocube reflection setup *and* alpha transparency. Eyes have alpha transparency too, since the eyelashes are part of the eye NiTriShape and the whole eye NiTriShape has the alpha property. The "outward" gem NiTriShape was essentially invisible when illuminated by an interior shadowcaster light (but not a non-shadowcaster light, or by exterior cell ambient lighting from weather systems... go fig ).
  17. It seems if you zoom in enough in Orthogonal view mode, a negative zoom wedgie occurs. Could a limiter be put on how far in you can zoom to prevent this? It causes facings to invert and some other glitching in the rendering.
  18. Do you have to tell it to load a BSA to get textures, or will it be more automated? That's a more succinct rephrasing... should have started with it. As for the tanspace problem, I know a prime candidate: the dwemer centurion bust. In USKP, I corrected a rather unsightly concave pair of large triangles on the back sides, but the mirror UVW seam down the center has a noticeably different rendering in the normal map compared to the original with the bad concavity, despite the normal vectors being the same. Tangent and bitangents are Any mesh with unified normals that went through a modder's import/export will probably have a split tangent/bitangent along the split UVW seams that NIF exporting seems to do. Ever since... I don't remember which version, I don't trust the 3DS Max exporter to export the tangents and bitangents properly, so I export with just normals and use Update Tangent Space in NIFSkope to generate the rest of the tanspace (after setting BS Num UV Sets to 4097... anyone know the labeling for that bit flag?) Packing the original and USKP'd versions up... EDIT: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/36069651/DweCenturionBust.7z
  19. Ahh, you're back! I think the BSA should be listed in the "recent files" since the NIF and textures being loaded are part of it unless extracted. On BSAs... will it automatically parse all BSAs in the data folder or will NIFSkope need a command to load specific ones to find textures (or other referenced files)? A bug and a few feature requests... The bug: If nodes are set to be invisible, selecting one will make it visible and highlighted yellow. If I set nodes to visible, selected nodes do not turn yellow anymore. And feature requests: When looking at a vertex color array, is it possible add a feature so you can click on a specific vertex in the model view pane and have it selected in the array in the block details pane? Vertices are made visible when in a vertex color array, and specific vertices selected in the block detail array are highlighted in the view pane. However, the list for them can be huge, and finding a specific vertex you want to change is practically impossible unless it's a very low vertex count. Masically, my request is to do this in reverse: select in the view pane instead of the array list. Also, are you able to set up "Update Tangent Space" to detect if two overlapping vertices have the same normal vector? If so, could you make that function also give them the same tangent and bitangent vectors? They do cause normal map rendering issues, though nowhere near the degree that bad normal vectors do...
  20. That's why I wasn't gonna do the Barenziah stuff: Saerileth already jazzed it all up.
  21. Can Wrye Bash open fomod installers? I may be switching over to completely use Bash from the looks of things, because even if NMM doesn't completely emulate the way MO works, I don't want to throw the monkey wrench of uninstalling/reinstalling all the NMM packages again.
  22. Windows in real life are not, however, and the windows are like that in Skyrim because the interior cells are only linked by a door teleport marker to the exterior cells. They are not suited for MLP.
  23. MLP works best on translucent stuff you can't see all the way through, like cloudy crystals or dirty ice or stuff like that. Window panes don't really fit with it, as you can see through them.
  24. Gonna go ahead and start collating meshes to touch with this. Feel free to add any others to the list. Done: Soul Gems (already REL'd) Stalhrim weapons Aetherium Crown Ideal Master Gems Aetherium Crest Ice Wraith Teeth To Do: Stalhrim Armor I decided not to MLPize Stalhrim armor for a number of reasons. Raw stalhrim chunks in various places Aetherium Staff Aetherium Shield Aetherium bits involve alpha transparencies. Paragon gems? Illusion/Alteration/Conjuration/Restoration Staves Kagrumez gems? Staff enchanting table? Blue Disk Things On Dwemer Devices? Basically, if you see a glass or crystalline object that should be cloudy or translucent but then opaque at a subsurface level (like the Frost Atronach or other ice stuff), I can possibly MLPize it. If anyone can turn up a good subsurface tiling texture I could use besides my adaptation of the caustic wisp and the pre-existing frost subsurf textures, that'd be helpful too.
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