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  1. Files for fixes are deleted by Arthmoor once they're integrated into the Patch in order to reduce clutter in that download forum.
  2. I don't recall if I made this feature request or not, but... can havok hulls have a transform apply spell? Chunk Extractor or Chunkmerge (don't recall which) doesn't account for this, and the hulls are zeroed out in position. A prime case of this is the Jorrvaskr grounds mesh (meshes/architecture/whiterun/wrterrain/wrcompanionbase01.nif). I want to fix some conspicuous lack of stairs in the hull on some parts parts that make actors on that part look like they're floating, but since the transforms aren't zeroed out, and positional values don't seem to be 1:1 between havok and the NiTriShapes, things get outta positionally.
  3. Is there a way to select vertices for something other than XYZ translation, like for vertex coloring?
  4. I think that the statue is supposed to be of Archmage Shalidor...
  5. "DynDOLOD". Such a fun word to say.
  6. So apparently I forgot I installed a lock bash mod for Dragon Age Origins... so now Young Lady Cousland in her pretty noble dress is punching the locked doors and chests around Castle Highever open.

  7. Dammit, Septimus, what did you do now? Anyhoo, what's this for?
  8. I use it just to look at layout and see what parts are where on the texture if I'm working on the texture in Photoshop without having to fire up Max too or get all involved in exporting a UVW (which is a rigamaroll for NIFSkope). The bug precludes that.
  9. Have the screwy material names in the XML been sorted out and restored to their previous state? They clash with all the Chunk tools. That and the loose texture BSA loading problem are why I reverted to Dev 3.
  10. Err... what does the White Phial have to do with khajiit tail obspace normal maps?
  11. So... Green or orange?

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      i know team red, team green and team blue. but who's orange?

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      The protestant Irish.

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      Oh... it was Saint Patrick's day...

  12. Well, anything inside a multibound is automatically tied to it... unless some wonkiness occurs and you need to force the issue. So "Manual Multibound" maybe?
  13. I think I have discovered the function of an unknown flag in the Skyrim REFR record header flags: Unknown 31. In diagnosing and trying to solve the bug with the Riften flags, a workaround solution was to manually assign them to roombounds in the CK REFR form's MultiBound tab. All I did was to make that assignment, but in TES5Edit, it reveals that Unknown 31 flag is enabled in addition to the multibound ref being filled. I think it is a hidden flag for the engine to determine if its roombound assignment needs to be automated or has a manually assigned roombound. The USLEEP TracDown ticket with a link to the module is here: http://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/tracdown/issue/19916-usleep-regression-double-sided-banner-fix-causes-riften-banners-to-vanish-inside-mistveil-keep/
  14. I can't do FO4, so I'm not able to test.
  15. Could a Transform Apply function be made up for BHKRigidBodyT sub-objects? I am intending to do some chunked static collision mesh fixes for a few terrain pieces in Whiterun, but I discovered that they're not zero'd out: there's a nonzero value for its Z position. NifUtils Chunk Extractor does not seem to take this into account (unless I'm missing a setting somewhere), and the ration between BHKRigidBodyT translations and actual extracted mesh translations are not 1:1.
  16. Something happened between Dev 3 and Dev 4 that makes it balk about MD5 hashes with FX meshes. It does this on a number of magic FX meshes, and then it orphans a NiPSysData sub-block or two from... somewhere. The file I most recently had this happen to is a Skyrim vanilla-extracted mesh: Meshes/magic/FirewallFX01.nif I opened the same file with the last Dev 3 and got no such error, and no orphaned NiPSysData sub-block.
  17. Version 1


    ==================================== DAWNGUARD ARSENAL ==================================== Author: MadCat221 (MadCat221@gmail.com) Version: 1.1 First release: January 24, 2016 1. Introduction 2: Installation 3. Version History 4: Credits =============== 1. INTRODUCTION =============== The Dawnguard. Skyrim's last best hope against the Volkihar Clan menace. They have a variety of specialized tools of the trade. However, this arsenal seems... incomplete. They have a Crossbow, a War Axe, a War Hammer, and a small collection of Sun Damage spells. This mod aims to expand their arsenal. The melee weapon set is now complete, the Sun Damage spell is now nearly as complete as the main line Destruction spells, and the arsenal is now doled out to the named Dawnguard members as well. A list of changes: * Dawnguard blade weapons. These were made from scratch. A dagger, arming sword, and greatsword, each at Dwarven tier base damage like the two original Dawnguard melee weapons. They all have the Dawnguard emblem on the hilt, and Arkay's braided knot on the pommel. * Dawnguard Battle Axe and Battle Hammer. There is now a 2H axe, and in place of a mace is now a 1H hammer. When all you have is a Dawnguard Battlehammer, every vampire looks like a nail. These weapons have been interspersed to a few weapon racks in the fort. ** For a War Axe that isn't absurdly thick on the cutting edge, check out my other mod, Skyrim Weapon De-LARP-ification Project: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/16072/? * Dawnguard melee weapon special damage has been improved. Instead of a measly +5 damage against only vampires that is easily outdone with plain Silver weapons, it now behaves like Silver weapons (with +20 damage against a wider variety of unnaturals). Against vampires in particular, it has more stagger power (except daggers) and inflicts a bleed effect. * Dawnguard weapons are now craftable, and have "Elite" versions available as well, boosted up to Glass-tier. These can only be forged at the Dawnguard smithy. Compatibility version with Ars Metallica is available. * Sun damage spells are fleshed out and added to Florentius's inventory. In addition to the original Sun Fire, Vampire's Bane, and Stendarr's Aura, there are now the following: ** Sun Ray: The piddly little Novice concentration/spray spelll. ** Meridian Rune: Granted by Meridia, the Daedric Prince of Light, this proximity explosive rune burns undead but nothing else. Hey, the Dawnguard takes whatever help it can with the Vamprie menace. ** Holy Ground: The hazard spray spell. Bless the ground so that nothing profaned by undeath may walk upon it. ** Gaze of Arkay: The big daddy master spell. Unleash a torrent of sun damage in a manner not unlike Lightning Storm. It'll be available at the same time as Expert-level Restoration spells. * Existing sun damage sound effects have been adjusted to be more appropriate. * Several Dawnguard members have been uprated: ** Isran should now sport proper heavy armor, and his warhammer has been replaced with a new Greatsword. ** Sorine should now start with a Dwarven (standard) Crossbow and some steel bolts. ** Gunmar should now ditch that butterfly swatter axe and have a proper Dawnguard axe. ** Florentius will now have robes that don't clip with his armored boots/gauntlets, and will get rid of his junky iron sword for a Dawnguard sword. ** Many other less prominent members have had armament switcheroos as well. ** Ideally, these will work with a New Game. However, I have made a retroactive script that should effect these changes as well. Much of the aspects on the NPCs in question that I altered may be baked in data in the save. * Dawnguard armor only now requires at least three pieces to gain the Vampire-resistive effects. This allows you to go hemletless but still have the body, boots, and gloves components and gain the Vampire resistance. =============== 2. INSTALLATION =============== Unpack the ESP module and BSA archive into your Skyrim/Data folder and activate. If you use the latest version of Ars Metallica, it is strongly suggested to use the compatibility patch, have Dawnguard Arsenal load after Ars Metallica, and the patch load after both. ================== 3. VERSION HISTORY ================== v 1.0: * First release. v 1.1 (Jan 25, 2016): * A method to have sun damage spell impacts create light has been devised. All light spells will now have a actual (brief) light flash at the point of impact in addition to the existing impact mesh. * Gaze of Arkay has been rebalanced to be more in-line with existing Destruction damage/magicka ratios (IE: roughly 50-60% the base cost for the same base damage) * Gaze of Arkay had to have its effects reconfigured to remove an un-circumventable bug where it would cause aggro despite causing no actual damage to the naturally living. As a result, there can be no more explosions at impact point. Please report back on visuals: Too bright? * Sun Ray's projectile light has been toned down. * A few USLEEP fixes have been carried over into override forms. No dependency requirements added. ========== 4. CREDITS ========== Leather texture by Tsabo6 (Alexander Nanitchkov): http://www.deviantart.com/art/Leather-texture-82368154 Metal texture by Nobiax: http://nobiax.deviantart.com/art/Commission-Medieval-textures-406572548 Ars Metallica by Arthmoor, compatibility patch made with permission: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/16084/?
  18. It seems that I am getting this error message upon attempt to enter the chat room: Is this happening to everyone or just me?
  19. From the album: MadCat's WIPpage

    The textures are in a passably complete state; in that screenshot, they have a game-prepped set. I'm still working on things, however... I may work on the DG emblem on the hilt, and the metal pattern overall needs to be a bit more busy because it kinda looks plain. I got that Arkay emblem on the pommel nut, though!
  20. The subrecords are in a nested configuration in xEdit, including conditions. Go to the level superseding the individual conditions, and simply drag'n'drop that into AFT.
  21. No more "4097", Nico. It now actually labels what the flags are. If you copy-pasted "4097" to quickly enable full tanspace array sets when prepping meshes for gametime, you can still do that. Simply copy the text in the field after you switch it over (like the shader flag dropdown checkbox menu) and paste like you did with 4097. That's fine for consulting vanilla assets, but some asset replacers have them loose. Modders may also want to use NIFSkope's UVW tools on their in-production assets while working on them and having to BSA-pack it after every texture file alteration is just extra hassle and is counteractive to streamlining the workflow.
  22. Urgh. That wrong-sided bolt knob. One of many signs of the CODification of Fallout. They just had to make it SUPAR AKSHUN KEWL by making the bolt discharge the spent casing right in your face and taking the rifle off-target because the hand supporting the body needs to work the bolt action.
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